McMillan & Gould - GA-1850 to 1942

1850 Montgomery co, Ga     393rd district

MCMILLAN, Archibald        59 b.  NC
Mary                                 57
Duncan                             30
Hector                            25
John                                  19
Margaret                            14
Caroline                             12
William                              27 b. GA  

1860 Montgomery Co. GA

MCMILLAN, Archibald     69 b. W   NC
Mary                              69 wife
Duncan                          40 son
Margaret                         26 dau
Hector                                    35  b. NC
and Family

William  H.  MCMILLAN     37  b. NC     family 
Mary                                26
Barbara  A                          7
Daniel A.                            6
John W.                              5
William H.                           2

Montgomery County, Georgia}  Inventory and Appraisment of
the Estate of Archibald Mcmillan.
Smart   a negro man----------600.00
Squire  a negro man --------1000.00
Jenny   a negro woman-----1000.00
Manda a negro woman------ 800.00
Wash  a negro boy------------700.00
Coot  a negro girl---------------400.00
Ellen a negro girl----------------350.00

This appraisement is very lengthly so I only listed the
slaves.  dated April 18, 1862.
witnesses  ??? Wooten, Jacob Clements, ??? McArthur,
Alexander Gillis and William McRae.
Signature of Daniel McMillan and John McRae. Recorded May
28, 1862

1862 Montgomery Co. GA  "Will"  July 25, 1862 of Archibald
wife  Mary
son  Daniel
dau  Delilah Richard
dau  Milanda Chaney
son  Archibald ------a negro named Copeland
son  Duncan ----------a negro Jenny
dau  Mary Jane -------a negro child Emily
son  William H. ------a negro boy Squire & negro boy
son  Hector ------------a negro man Smart & negro girl 
dau  Caroline G. ------a negro girl Ellen about 6 months old
dau  Barbara Ann MCRAE

Daniel MCMILLAN married Mary MCRAE July 7, 1842
1850 Census Slaves  394th district
Christopher MCRAE has 1 male  age  3 ,could this be
William?? his birth would be 1847

1860 Census slaves
William MCRAE has 1 male age 13, could this be William?? His
birth would be 1847

1870 census Montgomery Co. GA
        Lumber City
Family # 287   
         Daniel MCMILLAN     57    m. (W)                   
         Mary		                 46    f.   
         John A.                     26    m  
         Peter  (?)                   36    m  
         Smith Simpson           20    m
Family # 288
         Betsy Smith                35    f      Black house
servant     VA.
         Albert                           1   m             
         Billy  Smith                 16   m                
                       VA ??????????
         is this my grandfather
Family # 289
          George Goole                36  m    B.           
           Mary                            30   f           
           Caroline                        15   f
            Barbara                        11   f    
           Dillard                             9   m
           Washington                     7   m
           Andrew                           6    m
           Betsy                               3    f
           Lucy                               1/12 f

1880 Census Montgomery Co. GA  51st GA  Militia District
family #6       MCMILLAN, Daniel         68      m    W
                                             Mary    57     
 f                       wife
                                             E.j.     Megg? 
                                             Daurel, A      
                                             Sarah Peterson 
                 W. servant
                       W. servant
                                             ? Davis        
                       W. border
                                             Albert ?       
                       W. servant
                                             M?  Smith      
                     B. servant

family # 7  Phillip  Bacon
family # 8  Gould,                George              49    
Black    laborer
                    Austin,               Caroline          
 24   dau.
                    Frazer,               Samuel            

Family # 9  MCMILLAN,    William           27       Black   
                                        Barbara           21
                                        Mary Ann           2
                     Austin,        Frances              6  

family # 10  Rawls,            William            50    m 

You probably won't need all of this information, so use what
ever you need.  The reason I included all of it is to show
how I follow these slave owners to make the connection to my
ancestors.  It also shows that I lost the trail of my
grandfather in Treutlen Co. Georgia

Marriage License, State of Georgia, County of Montgomery
William B. MCMILLAN   and Barbara GOOLE given under my hand
and seal, this 15th day of October 1874
                                 s/ John A. Mcmillan  
                                       Ordinary--- Probate
I hereby certify that B. McMillan and Barbara Goole were
joined together in the Holy State of Matrimony on this 21st
day of October 1874, by me in the city of  not stated, 
county of Montgomery
                                   Signature of Officiant   
 s/  Robert Hamilton                                     

Please notice in the Will of Archibald Mcmillan he names
sons.  Daniel was married to Mary and they had only one son
John A. who was the Ordinary Judge who married William and
Barbara.  Also notice Barbara's last name spelling,

Registered No. 83
County of Montgomery, City of Ailey
Death record of Barbara is recorded as following:
Barbara Ann Mcmillan   female/colored/ married/ date of 
birth April 23, 1859/ Midwife/ birth place, Montgomery Co.
GA, father George Gould/ birth place SC, mother Mary Gould,

Informant A. L. Mcmillan, Ailey, GA    Burial Place
McRae Cemetery, Mt Vernon, GA   4/15/42.  Undertaker   Lige
Pughsley in Vidalia, GA.

Date of death April 12, 1942 @9pm.  Signed by Dr. J. W.
Palmer, Ailey, GA 
Filed May 9, 1942, signed A. H. McIntyre

Web site   Has a list of my
ancestors buried in the McRae cemetery and other listing
under McMillan.

My research  includes census record information on William
and Barbara 1880-1920
The 1920 census placed his living in Soperton Truetlen Co.
GA.  I lost him as far as verified documents are concerned. 
 Verbal information has it that he died at the age of 107 in
Montgomery Co. GA.   He was the father of 13 children, the
last one known to me was Florence Nixon Tobler,
4/28/18975/16/1994  in Ailey, GA   Florence has two
daughters , residing in Ailey, GA   Your help would be most

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