Slaveowners Name: James & Margaret McKelvey of St. John's
Parish, Beckley Co., SC
Will give you the way it is written in Last will and
There are no ages, just names and descriptions

Dick, a carpenter, Molly his wife, Supis a boy
Jesse a boy, Nancy a girl, Cuffy a boy
Dick a boy, Plenty a girl
Masey a girl.
Tom a carpenter and two children, Frank & Tom
Aleck a young Fellow, Jacob a boy
John a fellow, Phebe a winch, Silvia a girl
Josse a fellow, Clarinda & Stepney
Sally a girl, Jenny a winch
Rinah, Abraham & Chloc
Prince a fellow, Sarah a winch
Venus a girl, Sayey a girl
Will a fellow, Phebe an old winch
Tom an old fellow, Hester a winch
Abraham a young fellow
Will a boy, Andrew a young fellow
London & Phillis
Hercules a young fellow, Peter a young fellow
Crotta, Bassey, Guy
Guy a driver, Judea a winch, Abigal a child, Guy a boy,
Gracie a girl
Phebe a girl, Bob a boy
Joe a fellow, Satey a winch, ??? a boy
Cager a young winch
Isaac a fellow, Becky a winch, Munster a boy
Cork a fellow, Silvia a winch
Ceaser a boy, Jack a boy, Kate, Betty
John a fellow, Dinah a winch, Hanah a girl
Job a boy, Scipis a boy
Paul a fellow, Minder a winch, Yorky an old fellow
Sazel a winch
Ben a fellow, Sarah, Bellah girls
Arrow a young fellow, Curry, Harry, Titus, Same Davey, Bob a
young fellow
June, Young, Grace, Samb's, Phillis
Source Document: SC Dept of Archives and History, Coulmbia
State: SC
County: Berkley
Year of Source Document: 1777
How to Access Source Document: roll ST-492, ref: SC Court of
Ordinary Inventory Book "CC" pp. 396-398

There is also a copy of Inventory of James McKelvey 3 April,
1777 listing the same names of Slaves, this is found in the
same Document as above except on pp.384-385.

At this point, I do not know if this is my James & Margaret
Mckelvy, that I am looking for.  This pair was recorded in
1757 in SC and My pair did not come here until 22 June 1767
on the ship Nancy.

Two of the sons of James & Margaret, James II & John stayed
in SC.  One son, William went to TN, and my Hugh & Alexander
(sons #4 & 5) went to Randolph County, IL, and Alexander's
farm was part of the Underground Railroad System that went
through IL.

Contributed by:  "David McKelvey"