The Monroe Mission Church Session Records ~ 1828 ~ Pontontoc
County, MS

Jan 5, 1828 ...Peggy, a black woman, was admitted to the
church privileges...

Jan 6, 1828 The ordinance of baptism was administered to the
following newly admitted members, viz: Prince, Sooky, Bekky,
Miney, Nelly, Leah, Sophia and Mrs. Colbert.

Jan. 20, 1828 Mr. Pearson's daughter, Mary Agnes, and Isam
and Leah's children, George and Elvira, were baptized.

March 29, 1828 ...Stephen, a black man, applied and was

April 5th, 1828 ...Mrs. Pearson, Catherine, an Indian woman,
Joseph, Mobile, Dinah, and Caroline were admitted on

April 27, 1828 Catherine's daughter, Nancy; Dinah's two
children, Valentine and Lelah; Jinney's child, Loraney, and
Caroline's children, Delilah, Linah, Gabriel and Hetty were

Saturday, June 14, 1828...Messrs. James B. Allen and Daniel
Carr, white men; James Colbert and Benjamin Love, natives
and Manuel a black man were admitted to the privileges of
the church...

June 28, 1828 ...Silpha, a black woman, was admitted...

July 6, 1828 James B. Allen, Benjamin Love, Manuel, Fanny
and Esther were baptized.

August 3, 1828 Henry Martyn, son of Samuel and Elizabeth
Pearson; Polly, daughter of Jack and Affy; Moses, son of
Silpha, and Fanny's children, Charles, Winchester, Lelah,
Nancy and James were baptized.

August 23, 1828 ...Mr. Henry Love, a native, Mr. Christopher
Moore, and Miss Polly Allen, whites, applied for admission
to the church...

August 24, 1828 The persons admitted yesterday were
baptized, also the following children, viz; Elizabeth
Mitchell, infant daughter of Rev. W.C. Blair; Sally and
Dorfhy (sic), children of Christopher Moore, Amanda, John,
Elvira, Overton, Charlotte, Frances, children of Henry and
Sally Love.

Sept. 14, 1828 The ordinance of baptism was administered to
Daniel's infant daughter Emelina, and Mimy's infant, Kitty.

Oct. 4, 1828 ...Four black persons, Manuel, Reuben, Jennet
and Chrissy, were admitted to the communion of the church...

November 22, 1828 Martyn, C.N.(Chickasaw Nation)...Mr. James
Boyd applied for admission to the church...

November 23, 1828 James Colbert's two children, Benjamin and
James Holmes were baptized

Dec. 21, 1828 Sandy, a black man, was admitted on
examination to the privileges of the church...

This concludes the year 1828 for the Monroe Mission records,
of the Chickasaw Nation.

Monroe Mission~1830-1831

April 3, 1830. Rev. Cyrus Byington conversed with the
following persons with reference to their admission to the
church, viz; Edmond Pickens, Sally Fraser, Nuseka Colbert,
Disey Colbert, Betsey (Creek woman) and Amy and Syke,
colored people....W.H. Barr's infant daughter, belinda, was

June 5, 1830. The following were received into the church,
viz: James Perry, Tuppeha, Ishtimayi, Tushkaiahokti,
Pohaiki, Mrs. Mary Colbert, Mrs. Charlotte James, Molly
(Creek woman) and Frances, colored woman. The following
children were baptized: Nuseka Colbert's two sons, Thomas
Stuart and George Washington, Betsy's(sic) son Alexander,
Tuppeha's daughter Venus, Mrs. James' son Walton, Sally
Fraser's two children, Benjamin and Elsey, Molly's children,
Caroline and Benjamin, Fraser's daughter Susan, Mobile and
Laney's daughter Louisa, Silpa's daughter Rebecca.

August 1, 1830. Polley Hogan, native, and Lydia and Lizzie,
colored people, were examined and received into the church.
The following children were baptized: Brother and Sister
Blair's infant daughter Katherine, Daniel and Cassander's
son, Isaac, Abram and Dinah's son Israel, Joseph's son John
Inman, Crissa's daughter Rose, Molly's daughter Delpha.

August 8, 1830. Mrs. J. Perry's two sons, Levi and Oliver,
were baptized.

October 1, 1830. William Colbert's wife, Kunnoeyi, and
Mercury, an old black man, were admitted to the church. The
following children were baptized: Dicy Colbert's son Slone,
Prince and Lydia's children, Almina, Robert and Tony,
Betsy's girls, Liley and Luicinda. AARON GLEASON, Clerk.

December 20, 1830. ...It having become notorious that the
following persons viz: Sam Pearson and wife, Reuben and
Sookey, black people, members of the church, are living in
open rebellion against God;...Also Lewis, who is charged
with habitual lying, and convicted thereof by sufficient
testimony, be suspended...

January 2, 1831. the above named persons were publicly dealt
with according to the decidion of the session at its last
meeting. Lillah, a black woman, was admitted and baptized.

Martyn, April 30, 1831. Baptized Thomas C. Stuart, son of
Nancy and James Boyd; Luke, son of Christopher and Katherine
Moore, and David, son of Henry and Sarah Love. Session met
and was poened with prayer. Mrs. Tiney Pickens a native
woman, presented herself for examination with a veiw to
unite herself with the church.

May 1. The ordinance of baptism was administered to Mrs.
Pickens, also (her husband being present) to her children,
Rachel, Mary and David.

September 10, 1831. ...Silpha, a colored woman, applied and
was received.

September 11. Silpha was baptized, also the following
children, viz: Johnson, son of Edmond and Liney Pickens,
William son of Nuseka and Mary Colbert, Phillip, son of
Chrissy, and Martha, Esther's daughter. Session adjourned
sine die.

This concludes the year 1830-31 for the Monroe Mission
records, of the Chickasaw Nation.


January 14, 1832. The following children were baptized, viz:
George Clendenen, son of Mrs. Lillah Moore; Emeline H.
Richmond, daughter of Christopher and Catherine Moore.

January 15. George Duffield, infant son of James and Sarah
A. Homes, was baptized

March 10. ...Prince, a black man, was also restored. Titus,
an African, offered himself as a candidate for
admission...Lewis, who has been for some time under
suspension, and giving no evidence of repentance, but
continuing in sin, was excmmunicated from this church. It
having become notorious that Caroline, a member of this
church, is living in adultery, she was suspended from its
privileges. Tuppeha, giving himself up to intemperance, was
cited to appear before the session..., Primus, who has been
living in adultery (having taken a woman who was put away by
her husband) was cited to appear before the session....Mr.
A. C. I. Wetherall and wife, Martha, presented a certificate
of dismission in good standing from Palmyra Church in
Alabama, and requested to be received...

April 29, 1832. Martha Jane, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Wetherall, was baptized.

June 30. The session not being present, the Moderator
examined Mr. William Spencer and wife, Margaret, who applied
for admission to sealing  ordinances...

July1, 1832. Mr. Spencer was baptized. Agnes, infant
daughter of Benjamin and Lotty Love.

July 8 The following children were baptized, viz: Mary Jane,
Samuel Alexander, Margaret Coffee and Martha Gideon,
children of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer; Samuel, infant son of
William Colbert and wife, Kunnoeyi; Bankston, son of Moblie
and Laney; Lissis Jane, daughter of Silpha, and Hooper, son
Isam and Leah.

September 20. Caroline, who was suspended on a former
occasion, was removed by death.

Jan. 5, 1833. ...Ishthimayi, a native member of our church,
having for a long time absented herself from the means of
grace, ...Frances, a black woman, also excommunicated for
the sin of fornication.

April 7. Jim and Juda were baptized

June 9, 1833. Eliza Jane, daughter of Nuseka and Mary
Colbert, and Charles, son of Daniel and Kissander, were

July 7. ...Mrs. Lizzie Perry (a native woman) applied for

July 14. The ordinance of baptism was administered to John
David, son of James and nancy Boyd.

August 4, 1833. Juda's children, Violet, Phili, Philetus and
Eunice were baptized.

October 6, 1833. ...admitted to the church the wife of
Tuppeha, a native woman, She was baptized by the name of
Mary. Syke was erestored to the church.

October 7. A black child named Jinney, the daughter of
Joseph and ___?___, was baptized. Approved 21st of March,

April 5, 1834. Mr Benjamin Godfrey and wife, Lucrecia, and
son James Alfred, were certificate from the
church at Mayhew...The following persons, ...were solemnly
excommunicated, viz: Molly Gunn, Nancy Colbert, Sally
Fraser, James B. Allen, Benjamin Love and Saiyo.

Harry, an old black man, applied for admission...Edom, a
black man belonging to Mr Wetherall, who was formerly a
member ot eh Presbyterian Church in South Carolina...

July 6. ...George, a native man, was examined...Maj. John L.
Allen was also admitted...

September 7(1834). ...Mr. William Colbert, a membe, and
elder of this church...

September 16, 1837. ...The following persons were adjudged
to excommunication... Mrs. Betsy Cheadle, Tuppeha, George
and Sarah, natives and Molly, a colored woman. A resolution
was passed that the following members, who are about to
remove west of the Mississippi, receive letters of
dismission and recommendation, viz: James Perry and wife
Elizabeth, Tennessee Bynum, Daniel and his wife Kissander,
Harry and his wife Sally, Bob and Amy, Abram and his wife
Dinah, Agnes, Manuel, Juda, Apphia, Billy, Mimey Colbert,
Titus, Sally, Fanny and Silpha.

October 10. ...Jack, a black member of the church, ...Being
about to emigrate west of the Mississippi, her received a
letter of dismission and recommendation, also the following
members, viz: Samuel Cunningham and wife, John Cunningham,
and William Cunningham.

This concludes the series on the Monroe Mission of MS,
Pontontoc County.

The information contained in this listing was graciously
submitted by T.C. Patrick, genealogist following the
LOVE~COLBERT trail of the Chickasaw Nation. I wish to thank
her for the contribution, on behalf of all the members of
the Afrigeneas family and the slave data project.

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