MS - Wilkinson Advertisments - 1830

The Woodville Republican and Wilkinson weekly advertiser, 

E. Davis, sheriff, Wilkinson county.  Will sell to the
high-test bidder, for cash, at the court house door, on 2
Monday in February, Negro who calls himself NATHAN and say
he belongs to WM. GILLESBEY, a trader from N. C.  Said Negro
is about 30 to 35, 5 feet, 4 or 5 inches tall, of a common
black color, and has remarkable large BLUE eyes.  He had on
him when committed, a cotton shirt and indifferent
pantaloons--had also with him, a roundabout coat, a small
hat and a knapsack with two good cotton shirts.
----not having been claimed in 6 months by his owner, he
will be sold to satisfy his prison food and other charges.

Escaped from Woodville jail--night of 27th Nov. last, Negro
man who calls himself WILLIAM and says he belongs to JOHN
FLETCHER of Adams County, 12 miles beyond Natchez: ----about
25 years of age, 5 ft, 1 or 2 inches high, remarkably ugly;
had on when he escaped, an old blue broad cloth coat,
swansdown vest and linen pantaloons.  --reasonable reward
for the apprehension and delivery--- BENJ. TURBEVILLE,
Jailer, W. C.  Dec 23  1829

Committed  to jail as a runaway, 11 Oct, 1929,  A Negro man
who calls his name WILLIAM, and says he belongs to FRANCIOS
CHRISTOPHER, being about eight miles from the Red Church on
the Mississippi River, Louisiana.
Said boy is about 21 or 22 years of age, 5 feet, 5 or 6
inches high; stout built, had on when committed, a homespun
shirt and pantaloons.  Owner is requested to call at said
jail and complying with the requisites of the law, take him
BENJ. TURBEVILLE, jailer, Woodville, Oct 12, 1829

Committed to jail as a runaway:
Negro man who says his name is SAM,  or  SAM MUNDAY.  and
says he belongs to a man living on the coast in the state of
Louisiana by the name of  Josey, but has seen said he was
Said Negro is about 25 or 30 years old,  5 feet, 10 or 11
inches high, and one upper tooth out.  Had on old homespun
shirt, coat and pantaloons.  JOHN SLADE, deputy for FIELDIES
DAVIS, Sheriff,  11, Jan 1830

committed to jail as a runaway slave on 2nd of Nov.  a Negro
man who says his name SAM and he belongs to a Negro trader
whose name he says is DAWSON, and left him on the
Mississippi  somewhere below Fort Adams and has been from
him week.  He is about twenty three years of age and five
feel 7 or 8 inches tall.  Clad in round a boat and
BENJ. TURBEVILLE, JAILER.   Woodville, Nov 2, 1829.

committed to jail,  11 April 1830, Negro man calling his
name JOSHUA.  5 feet, 10 or 11 inches high, about 30 years
of age. yellow complexion,  had on homespun shirt, coat and
pantaloons.  Says he belongs to MALLY BRADFORD, of  St.
Francesville, Louisiana,

committed to jail 17 May, by DANIEL BASS, Esq.  Negro man
calling himself  JOHN and says he belongs to a man in
Maryland, whose name is JOHN SOPER.  He had on an old
broadcloth coat, shirt and pantaloons.  He is about 25 or
26, 5 feet 6 inches high.

Runaway from subscriber, on night of the 16th instant, two
Negro men JIM & FREEMAN.  JIM  is of middling size, chunky
built, 35 or 40 years of age, very  bright mulatto--downcast
look, when spoken to--hair somewhat gray, and I think
branded on each cheek with the letters of J. E. FREEMAN is
of an ordinary size, rather slender of a sprightly or brazen
look when spoken to, tolerably long face, several of his
front teeth out, 35 or 40 years of age.  He is also a pretty
bright mulatto.
I have reason to suspect they have been seduced to this
course by some rascally white men.  If they have not been
taken off by some villain they will attempt to pass
themselves as free Negroes.,  As no doubt, there are
individuals who would not hesitate to give them free passes.
FREEMAN is a shred fellow, and I believe, reads and writes. 
they took with them a fine bay mare, 4 or 5 years old,
marked on each shoulder, apparently accosioned by the
incision of a knife.
They took with them their summer clothing, principally
white.  FREEMAN has a white hat and a fine broadcloth blue
frockcoat.  It any person will detect and secure one, or
both of them, and inform me of the same, he shall be most
amply rewarded.  M. F. DeGRAFFENREID   Woodville, May 17,

$50 reward:  run-a-way from my residence near Woodville,  a 
Mulatto woman named SEDNEY, bout  26 years of age, about 5
feet three or four inches high, and has very much the
features and color of an Indian.   and heavy built.  her
hair is like that of an Indian, her clothes mostly homemade
cotton.   JOHN SMITH

$50 reward for runaway from Fort Adams.  a Negro woman,
black and rather corpulent-- on the 7th instant.  When she
laughs, shows her teeth decayed.  Some marks on her neck. 
Allpposed to have been  inveigled away by some white man,
who preceeded with her, in the Lady of the Lake, as far as
Natchez and perhaps farther.   F. W. YEISER

$20 reward.  Ran away from Percey's Creek, in Wilkinson
county about the 15th of March last, Negro man named ROBERT,
about 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, 23 to 24 years old, has a
scar on one of his cheekbones.  Free spoken, Had on when he
went off, a white cotton roundabout, a new cotton shirt and
broadcloth pantaloons.  STEPHEN JOHNSON

Runaway, about 2 months ago, from the upper half of  St.
James Parish, Louisiana, an very handsome Negro, a great
talker and loud, with a little mouth.  Very Black about 5
feet 10 inches in high and 21 to 13 years of age.  Much
marked with the whip on his back.  Calls himself TOM and may
say he belongs either to THOMAS JEFFERSON SMITH, JOHN
parish.  I will give $50 so that I get him again.  Address
DONAT LANDRY, Parish St. James, upper[ illegible]  HENRY
VOSE, Woodville, MS.  June 1830

Runaway in Jail.  committed on the third day of July, 1830,
Yellowish complexion, who says his name is TOM, about 26
years old and 6 feet high.  He is a  blacksmith by
trade--had on linen pantaloons, and cotton shirt--no marks
apparent.  He states he belongs to REUBEN PRICE, a Negro
trader in Virginia.

Committed to jail on the 10 day of July, 1830, a Negro man
who says his name is WILLIAM, about 5 feet 10 inches high,
stout built, dark complexion.  has a wild look in his eyes. 
Was wearing a tow linen shirt and pantaloons.  and drab
coat. Heavy iron on his right leg.  He says he belongs to
WAIDE HAMPTON, living on the coast of Louisiana.

Committed to jail on the 20th day of July 1830, a Negro man
who calls his name BILL PUCK, bout 22 or 23 years old, he is
a light colored Negro, had on a tow linen shirt and
pantaloons, and an old cloth coat.  Says  he belongs to
WAIDE HAMPTON on the coast of Louisiana

Committed to jail on the 21 day of July, 1830,  a Negro man
who calls his name GEORGE.  About 25, 5 feet and ?inches
high, light complexion, had on pair of  linssey woolsey
pantaloons, cotton shirt, and heavy iron on his right leg. 
said he belongs to WADE HAMPTON living on the coast of

Committed to jail, 12 Aug, 1830,  Mulatto man, WILLIS
OSBORN, belongs to a MR. BOGARE above New Orleans,  Willis
is a bright Malatto, about 30 years of age,  5 feet, 9 or 10
inches high, had on black bombbezett pantaloons, cotton
shirt, broad cloth coat.  Branded on the right breast with
O.B.E. or O. E. Y.

2,500 pairs of Negro shoes for sale, 5 cents a pair. 
Woodville, Gin Rand Leather.  JAMES LEEON

$60 REWARD:  Ran a way from the Plantation of Messes. BOWDEN
& ANDRESD, in the parish of Iberville, Louisiana, on the 9th
TARVER  was formerly the property of Mr. RICHARD SEGARS, of
the county of Wilkinson, MS and is about 6 ft, 1 inch high
and  a down look when spoken to.  The left forefinger is
taken off at the second joint.
STEPHEN is about 6 ft high, very black and formerly the
property of Mr. ALEXANDER BROWN.
BOB, also formerly the property of Mr. A. BROWN, is about 5
feet, 6 or 8 inches high and brown complexion.
Took with them a shirt of Kentucky brown linen, gensburg
pantaloons, palmetto hats, and leather brogans, nearly new.
The reward will be given to any person who will apprehend
and deliver them to  RICHARD SEGARS.  Or put into any jail
where I can get them.  $20 for one of them, $40 for two and
$60 for all of them.
TARVER may be lurking about Laurel Hill as his wife lives in
that area.

Runaways from T. B. ORY plantation in  St. James Parish,
WILEY, age about 23,  about 5 feet, 9 or 10 inches high,
speaks English only, bought of Mr. IRVINE
SED or SHED, about 30 years old, speaks English only, 5
feet, 5 inches, large beard and whiskers, bought from Mr.
TOMS COOK  ages about 30 years, large beard, stoutly built,
bought from Mr. WOOLFOLK.
The above Negroes have been run away for nearly a year.   
T. B. ORY.

Committed to jail 5 Aug. 1830, Negro boy, WILLIAM, said he 
belongs to Mr. JOHN HUTCHINS living below Natchez in Adams
county.   Said Negro is about 18 years of age, about 5 feet
6 inches in height and had on a white cotton shirt,
Pantaloons and vest and a blue nankeen roundabout coat.

Committed to jail Sept 1830, a Negro man, JACK TODD,  who
said he belongs to Mr. JOE DOWNS, of Alabama.   Said Negro
is about 5 ft, 4 or 5 inches, about 30 or 35 years of age,
dark complexion with a scar on his upper lip.
Had on a check shirt and leather pantaloons.

Committed to jail 14 Sept 1830, a Negro Man, WILLIS, who
says he belongs to WILLIAM WINSTON, living in Adams county. 
About 26 years old, 5 ft, 5 or 6 inches, had on a linsy
woolsey coat and pantaloons and a cottton shirt. Has a gap
in his upper fore tooth.

Committed to jail  8th Sept 1830,  a Mulatto boy who calls
his name SAM, and says he belongs to RICHARD O'BRIANT,
living on Cole's ' creek above Natchez, and that he has been
some time past, working at the carpenter's trade.  said boy
is about 12 or 13 years of age.  Had on  a checked gingham
woman's dress.  No particular marks except that he had been
lately most inhumanly whipped from this neck down to his

Committed to jail, Negro
girl who calls her name BEESEY and says she belongs to JOHN
LOBDELH, living near St. Francisville, Louisiana.  She is of
a yellow complexion about 22 or 23, about 5 feet, 3 or 4
inches.  Had no clothing on but a cotton shift.

Contributed by: (Virginia Ewing)