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Last Will and Testament of Tabitha Oldham Lovelace Will Book 16,
pgs. 416-420, Halifax County, VA Will filed 23 September 1833

In the name of God amen, I Tabitha Lovelace being of sound mind
but aged and infirm in body do make and ordain this for my last
will and testament in manner and form following to wit: 1st. I
give and bequeath to my daughter Bridget Smith the wife of
William Smith the following slaves, Chaney, Eveline, Sillar,
Dicey, Henry and Margarett, and the future increase of the
females above named, from this date. 2nd. I give and bequeath to
my daughter Betsey Collins wife of James Collins during her
natural life, and free from the debts constricts or control of
her husband James Collins the following property; Charity and her
two children Violet and Matilda and Charity's child lately born
and their increase during the life of my said daughter - and
after the death of my said daughter I give the said Negroes and
their increase from this date to the children of my said daughter
and the descendants of those who may be dead, such descendants
taking the share their deceased parent would have had if living.
3rd. I give unto my daughter Anna Thompson Sindy and her child
Milly & whatever increase may have taken place from the said
Negroes since put into her possession and their future increase
from this date. I also give her old Winna the mother of the above
named slaves. 4th. I give unto Charles T. Harris my son-in-law,
Hannah, Edith, Daniel, Pamelia and Davy and their increase from
this date to dispose of as he may think proper trusting that he
will do equal justice amongst the children of my deceased
daughters Tabitha and Sally, his former wives. 5th. I give unto
my daughter Susannah Womack the wife of William W. Womack, Isaac,
Nancy, Lucretia, Winna a girl & Louisa and their increase from
this date, also a sorrel horse called "Farmer", a side saddle and
bridle now her possession and one feather bed, bedstead and
furniture. 6th. I give unto my son Nathaniel Lovelace, William
(son of Hannah). 7th. I give unto my son Thomas Lovelace, Negro
fellow Mark. 8th. I give unto my son James Lovelace Negro man
Andrew. 9th. I give unto the children of my deceased son Wm. O.
Lovelace Negro fellow Solomon and Negro Edmund and two cows and
calves. If any of the said children die before the age of 21
years or marriage such child or children's share to remain to
those who are alive and arrive at such age or marry. 10th. I give
to the children of my deceased son Charles Lovelace fifty
dollars. I give nothing more my son Charles having been advanced
by my deceased husband during his life. 11th. I give unto my sons
Nathaniel Lovelace, Thomas Lovelace and James Lovelace my tract
of land called "Whitworths" equally to be divided amongst them
with the exception of three acres on the road joining William W.
Womack, which I design for the use of the members of Polecat
Church provided a meeting house is built thereon during my life,
or in any reasonable time thereafter which said church or meeting
house to be free for all denominations of Christians. 12th. I
direct that all the residue of my personal and perishable estate
be sold and the money therefrom arising be applied in the first
place to the payment of my debts; that my executors then pay out
the balance if any the costs of walling in the family burying
ground, which I desire they may have done as soon after my
decease as they conveniently can; that they then divide the
residue of the moneys arising from such sale into six equal parts
and pay over one to my daughter Bridget Smith, one to my daughter
Betsey Collins, one to my daughter Anna Thompson, one to my
daughter Susannah Womack and the remaining two parts to my
son-in-law Charles T. Harris. 13th. The legacy of fifty dollars
to the children of my son Charles, I direct is to paid out of the
moneys arising from the sale aforesaid before any other legacy.
14th. And whereas by the will of my deceased husband Thomas
Lovelace his lands were devised to his sons and his personal and
perishable estate to his daughters after the termination of my
life estate therein now therefore it is my will and desire and I
do hereby declare that the legacies and bequests which I have
given above to my daughters and to Charles T. Harris intermarried
with Tabitha Lovelace and afterwards with Sally Lovelace are
intended by me in full satisfaction of any claim they or any of
them or the representatives of any of them may have against my
estate under the will of my deceased husband or that any of their
issue may have. As I have bequeathed to them and the
representatives of such are dead more than full satisfaction for
any such claim, and I further direct that should any person set
up such claim under said will and recover the same, it shall be
paid and satisfied out of the property so as aforesaid given no
such person or the representative of such person and the
remainder go as heretofore directed and I direct that my daughter
Bridget Smith shall not be accountable for any little advancement
she may have received from my husband as I have advanced the rest
equally with her, or nearly so. 15th. I revoke and annul all
other wills, testaments and codicils heretofore made by me. 16th.
I appoint William Smith my son-in-law and my son Nathaniel
Lovelace executors of this my last will and testament. In
testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal
this 10th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and thirty three.
Tabitha	X	Lovelace {seal}
Signed sealed published and declared
to be her last will and testament in
the presence of:
Th. J. Green, Charles W. Womack

At a court held for Halifax County the 23rd day of September 1833
The within written last will and testament of Tabitha Lovelace
dec'd was established in Court and proved by the oaths of two
witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded. And on
the motion of William Smith one of the executors therein named
who made oath thereto and together with Charles T. Harris and Wm
W. Womack his securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in
the penalty of $15,000 conditioned according to Law, certificate
is granted him for obtaining a probat of the said Will in due
form. Nathaniel Lovelace the other executor named in the said
will came into Court and refused to take upon himself the burden of the execution thereof.
Samuel Williams C.H.C.

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