Kentucky, Shelby County, 1859
Black Births

From the Kentucky Births Record Book, Shelby County for 1859.  It appears that
"P41" is handwritten at the top of the page.  There are other pages in this
record book for other years and for this year.  I only photo copied the portions
that related to my ancestor, not knowing that someone else may be interested in
what's on the rest of the page.
This record book was found at the Allen County Public Library, in their
Genealogical Section.
(There are columns for place of birth and residence of parents.  I did not list
those because it was "Shelby County" for every person on this page.  There is
another column for born "alive or dead".  All entries for this page were
"alive".  I'm using "...." to indicate that there is data that I did not pick up
in my photo copying. Also, I'm only listing the black births since that is the
purpose of this collection on Afrigeneas.)

Date of Birth   Name of Child   Sex    Name of Father     		Name of
										 or Owner				Mother			

June 12         Harriet          F     William.....             Mary
July 15         Anna             F        "                        Hanna
January 1       Martha           F     Maria....                   Zena
July 5          John             M     W. D. ....                  Cloe
Sept 20         Patsey Wallace   M     N. C. ...                   Lucinda
June 27         Patsey           F     T. L. ....                  Sarah
June 7          Ann              F     Morris...                   Ann
Apr 11          George           M     Isaac...                    Harriet
Mar 30          Jessee           M     John....                    Jane
Dec 15          Scharlott        F     John...                     Ann
Oct 30          Agness           F     Simon...                    Lettie
Aug 17          Jane             F     John...                     Mary
Dec 7           John             M     Sophia...                   Lucinda
Mar 10          Martha           F     Caleb...                    Mary
Oct 15          Jane             F     Susanna...                  Louisa
Sept 15         Mary             F     W. J. .....                 Margarett
Dec 12          Grace            F     Sallie Moore                Bell
June 1          Sophia           F       "      "                  Rose
July 10         John             M     J. R. Jarvis                Ellen
Aug 7           Jane             F       "      "                  Mary
May 10          Jef              M     Jacob Harbison              Evelyn
Nov 16          Bob              M        "      "                 Melvina
Dec 17          Julia            F        "      "                 America
Apr 15          Agress           F     A. M. Willis                Emeline
Aug 30          No Name          F     L. G. Rutherford            Hulday
Mar 25          Henry            M     James W. Gill               Eliza
Jul 10          No Name          F     Elijah Vancleave            Charity
Jul 10          No Name          F       "        "                Charity
Nov 22          Susan            F     Robert Hanna                May
Aug 1           Jim              M     George Mils                 Jane
Mar 20          Julia            F     Thomas Williams             Margret
Sept 7          William          M        "      "                 Julia Ann
May 10          Jack             M     William Hamblin             Peggy
Oct 1           Paulina          F        "       "                Dorothy
July 10         Nancy            F     John F.M. Campbell          Lucy

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