Emancipations-Bullitt County, KY

The following was transcribed from a county Will Book and then posted to the Bullitt County, Kentucky genealogy email list (kybullitt@onelist.com) by Anne Livingston (Livings1@aol.com).


Bullitt Co., Deed Bk C, p. 163
Know all men by these presents that we James CRENSHAW, Jonathan SIMMONS and Sarah WITHERS are held and firmly bound unto the Justices of the County Court of Bullitt in the penal sum of three hundred pounds which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our Heirs administrators.

The Conditions of the above obligation are such atht if the said CRENSHAW, SIMMONS and Sarah shall maintain feed and clothe any of the following Negroes To Wit: Pheby & Suck Billy Easther and little Phebe and all their increase whom James CRENSHAW has this day emancipated by a deed dated 9 Feb 1814 and shall Indemnify and prevent said Negroes or any of them from ever becoming chargeable in any wise to the County should they or any of them be or hereafter become infirm or decript then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue in Law.

Witness our hands & seals this 7th day of March 1814
Jonathan SIMMONS

Ratchel (mark) CHARLES
a signature that is totally a mystery - looks like gew J Treni wru !

Recorded 24 Nov 1814 Bullitt County KY Court

Bullitt Co., Deed Bk C, p. 232

Be it known that this day before one John LYND Esquire, notary Public in and for the City of New Orleans duly commissioned personally appeared William SNELLING of Christian County, State of Kentucky, owner of a Mulatto slave named Lucy about thirty years of age a native of Bullitt County in said State. now in this place in the service of this appearer and about to depart with him for Kentucky aforesaid and the said appearer declared that in order to recompense the faithful services of said slave he does by these presents emancipate and manumit her this said mulatto Lucy hereby declaring her to be from henceforth a free person and for himself and his heirs renouncing all right of ownership or other which he had of in and to said mulatto previous to the passing of this act and he further declared that neither he nor his heirs shall or will at any time hereafter call in question or oppose the verdict of this act nor ever claim the said woman as a slave before any Court of Justice.

Then done and passed at New Orleans this twenty second of March one thousand eight hundred and fourteen in presence of George POLLOCK/POLLOCH and Samuel HERMAN. Witnesses who hereunto sign their names with the appearer and me notary in faith Hereof I affix the impression of my Seal of office.

John LYNCH, Notr. Public
In presence of George POLLOCK and Saml HERMAN

I James HALBERT, Clerk of the County Court of Bullitt County in the State of Kentucky do certify that on this 8th day of July 1815 the within Instrument of Writing purporting to be a Deed of Emancipation given and granted by William SNELLING to a mulatto woman Lucy was produced to me in my office by the said Lucy and that --- truly recorded the same together with the testimony thereby attached as well as this Certificate given under my hand this 8th day of July 1815

Posted by: Anne Livingston, livings1@aol.com
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