Drewry, Richard-Weakley Co/Gibson Co,TN-Will
25 Oct 1845

   Will of Richard Drewry, Weakley Co TN, 25 Oct 1845
...to my wife Jemima all rights, titles land on Mill Creek
in Davidson Co and
whatever legal right I may have had to a negro woman, that
was reared in my
family by the name of CHLOE, be it known that the same has
long since been
relinquished, the right to her and her increase is hereby
confered to my wife
Jemima for her to dispose of at her own discretion

...my woman servant LACY, and my man servant JACK named to
my wife her natural
life, part of land living on loaned to son Richardson Clark
Drewry certain
improved lot in Nashville small tract of land in Davidson
Co, on the waters of
the Harpeth

...to surviving sons and daughters of my daughter Nancy
Murry Elam other divided
to offspring of daughter Mary Murry Wilson my servants, Viz.
ARTHUR, GREEN, VINCY and her six children, Viz. ADAM,
HENRY and ANARCHY, be disposed of to the
best advantage profits arising from hire of the more
valuable may be used as far
as may be necessary toward the helpless, and the net amount
arising therefrom be
loaned on interest well secured, and that they in like
manner be disposed of
yearly during the natural life of my beloved wife Jemima
Drewry at her death,
that LACY and JACK be numbered with the above named
servants, loaned to her
during life appoints grandsons John J. Drewry and James
Monroe Drewry executors
to this my will

..witnessed by
Cyrus Perry , James C Jones, Andrew Crabtree, Edmund Kemp.

Richard Drewry died 1850, Jemima Adams, widow of Benjaman
Adama, died 1857.

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