Will-John Combs-Overwharton Parish, Stafford County.

	To my grandson Nimrod, son of my son John Combs dec'd., 10 shillings
sterling.  To my heir at law called John Combs, tho not christened, son of my
son John dec'd., 10 shilling sterling.  To my wife Seth Combs during her
natural life the following fifteen slaves (named) which were given to her
and myself by deed from her father Benjamin Bullet.

	To my son Cuthbert the land he lives on and which were conveyed to
him heretofore by me, and also 1/3 part of the slaves devised his Mother 
and their future increase, after the death of his Mother.  

	To my daughter Betty Callmers, Negro TIM, in the possession of her 
husband, which I formerly gave her, and 1/3 part of the slaves devised her
mother, after the decease of her Mother.  

	To my daughter in law Sally Combs, Negro JAMES during her widowhood
to support her children; & after her marriage or decease, I give said slave
to her children to be equally divided among all her children and their heirs,
which she hath had by my son John, as well those children born before as
after marriage.

	To all the children of my son John, as well those born before as
after marriage, their heirs, after decease of their grandmother 1/3 part of
the aforesaid slaves devised her & their future increase.

	To my son Joseph and heirs, Negroes JERRY, MELINDA and LEAH now in
his possession and their future increase.  Lend wife SETH during her 
widowhood the plantation and lands I now live on on the south side of Beaver
Dam run and after her marriage or decease I give the same to my son Joseph 
and his heirs. 

	To my son Ennis and heirs, Negroes HARRY, VENUS, HESTER and DINAH
and their increase, and also the tract of land he now lives on, and 803 acs.
of land in Kentucky, a part of the Negroes are now in his possession.

	To my son Benjamin Combs [This abstract stops here with the comment
that pages 303 and 304 are missing.] (Sparacio)

Note: This is apparently either in error, or this will is also recorded in
another county as an abstract by Combs 

Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews shows that following the last 
paragraph above (Benjamin COMBS) are mentioned additional devisees: 
son Fielding and daughter, Sarah. The will was witnessed by Cuth Bullet,
James Ford, Robert Ashby A Copy or transcript would be very much appreciated. 

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The will of John COMBS, Sr., signed in 1781, was not proved until sometime
before 13 Feb 1786

Ennis COMBS, married 20 Feb 1779, Fauquier County, VA. Margaret ROUSSEAU,
daughter of William Rousseau of Fauquier Co, VA: Fauquier Co VA Marriage 
Bond 20 Feb 1779. Ennis Combs & Margaret Roussau, daughter of William 
Roussau; Bondsman John Combs. 

(Researcher Becky Goodin)

Ennis and Margaret Rousseau Combs are also named in the will of Margaret's

(Fauquier WB1:130) 
Will-William Rousan-19 June 1792. 25 July 1798.
	Will of William ROUSAN [aka Rousseau]. Wife Prsicilla to have land
during her life, at her decease to be divided between 3 children - Henry,
Margaret Combs, Nancy Peters. Sons, John, William (wife Lydia), Henry
(wife Sarah). Grandson, William Rousan (son of William), a NEGRO. Daughter
Margaret Combs (wife of Ennis), a NEGRO. Daughter Susannah Payne and husband,
Benjamin Payne, to have possession of a NEGRO. Daughter Nancy and husband,
John Peters, to have a NEGRO WOMAN. Grand daughter Betsy Kerr to have slave
after decease of wife. Exrs: wife, son Henry, Ennice [sic] Combs (Abstract)

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