De Soto Parish, Louisiana Will

Petition of Joseph McMillan, death 4th October 1855.
Matilda Jane Collins, surviving widow, Burton Collins,
Thomas J. Collins,
Moses Collins, John H. Collins, Seaborn Collins, Betsy
Collins, wife of James
Chapman, Jane McMillan, wife of Petitioner (Joseph McMillan)
Rebecca Collins,
wife of Phillip Williams, Pamelia Collins, Widow of Thos. B.
Weaver and now 
wife of William Barnes, all non-residents of De Soto except
Jane Collins, Jane
McMillan, Rebecca Williams and Pamelia Weaver Barnes. 

Citation of attorney for Burton Collins of George Co.,
Mississippi, Moses I
Collins of Hinds Co., MS, Seaborn I Collins of Rankin Co.,
MS, Elizabeth Collins
wife of James Chapman of Jasper Co., MS, attorney Harris &
Graves appointed to
represent the absent legal tees viz:
Burton Collins, Moses I. Collins, John H. Collins, Seaborn
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, wife of James Chapman and Elizabeth May wife of
Hugh Chapman grand
daughter of dec'd daughter of Nancy Collins deceases - all
of the state of
Mississippi and Thomas Collins of the state of Texas.


9th October 1855		  22nd January 1856    Sold To
DAPHNEY, age 45 & children		            Thos. I. Collins
CAROLINE age 17			      				Elizabeth Chapman
CASHWELL age 11			      				Amanda Hollingworth
JOSEPH age 9 son of Daphney	                Thos. I. Collins
WILLIAM age 7			            		Thos. I. Collins
RON? age 3 daughter of Daphney              Thos. I. Collins
JASPER age 19			    	       		Jane McMillan
HOMER age 50			            		Thos. I. Collins
THOMAS age 52			            		J. I. Collins
DICK age 21			         not listed 	M. I. Collins
DUNCAN age 19			   	 listed			Amanda Hollingworth
MARTHA age 12			    	   "	 		  		  "	       
MARY age 8			               "         M. I. Collins
MATHEW age 10			         "   		John H. Collins
SIMON SR.age 68			         "   		Matilda Collins
SIMON JR.age 24			         "   		John R. Mason
STEPHEN age 33		               "         Amanda Hollingworth
ISREAL age 16			         "		     John H. Collins
GILLY age 62 woman		         "      	Matilda Collins
JOHN age 36			               "		  "          "
MARY age 29 & child                    "	 "	      "
JANE age 10			               "		M. I. Collins
ELIZABETH age 8  			         "	    Matilda Collins
MARY JANE age 6			         "		      "           "
JAUSAH age 5			         "		      "           "
GILLY age 3		            	   "		 "           "
IVANS age 40			         "			 E. B. Adams
SAM age 39       			         "		John H. Collins
VINSON age 40			   	   "			Moses B. Collins
MATHEW age 33			         "	    	John McMillan
JACK age 41			               "		Rebecca Williams
NANCY age 47	  		         "			Moses B. Collins
MILE age 38			               "		Rebecca Williams
JERRY age 45			         "			Moses B. Collins
JOHN age 1 son of MARYy		                Matilda Collins
PISSA age 1 child of DAPHNEY                Thos I. Collins

Not listed in either inventory but sold at sale:
BETEY age 20 and 2 CHILDREN, ages 2 & 3     William Barnes
This estate was finalized January 1857

Contributed by: LaDonna Elam McKelvey,