KY-Church Records-1825-1897

KY Gunpowder Baptist Church, Boone Cnty

This information came to the Germana Colonies List today - I am forwarding it in case you may be searching for someone mentioned here.

The following is a transcription of the membership of the Baptist church at the Forks of Gunpowder, Boone Cty., Ky. This transcription was dated Apr. 14, 1865, many of the members listed were active at the church founding in 1825. I sincerely, hope some of the names present will be of some benefit to group subscribers. Some of the individuals death dates have been of some value for people unable to have indication of individuals deaths.

Bob England


List of the names of the persons of color belonging to the Church at the Forks of Gunpowder as transcribed by order of the Church April 14th 1865

Clarisa, belonging to Rouse, excluded July meeting 1866
Marge, belonging to Aylor, deceased November 1890
Fanny, belonging to Brady, excluded July meeting 1866
Rachael, belonging to Chenn, excluded July meeting 1866
Betty, belonging to Fowler, excluded July meeting 1866
Hannah, belonging to Yager, excluded Julymeeting 1866
Lewis, belonging to Willis
Lydia belonging to Webb, deceased

Other church members: 3rd Sat. 1825

John Undrehill, by experience & baptism, deceased June 2nd (1M Ephraim
Blankenbecker, deceased July 6th 1866
Elizabeth Balnkenbecker, deceased
Hannah Delph,deceased May 3rd (1869?)
Jonas Utz, deceased April 11th (1873?)
Elijah Rouse, deceased June 10, 1875
Peggy Rouse, deceased Feb. 5, 1875
Frances Holsclaw, deceased Dec. 18th (1877?)
Rhoda Aylor, deeased Oct 31st 1874
Lyster Aylor deceased Oct the second 1886
Stanton Aylor excluded by letter August 1865
Elizabeth A. Aylor excluded
Lewis Helm, deceased May 6th (1877?)
Nancy Snyder, deceased Sep the 1st, 83'
Rhoda Underhill
Jacob J. Carpenter, deceased April 15, 1884
Lucinda Rogers deceased Feb. 7th (18__?)
Polly Underhill, deceased
Alpha Utz, deceased
Elizabeth Utz deceased May 1870
Polly Johnson, deceased May 3rd 1870
Eliza A Deer, deceased March 1865
Joel Delph, deceased Feb. 20th 1874
Lucy Delph, deceased Sep 13 1876
Virginia Conner,
Levina White, deceased Aug 18-1889

3rd Sat. in Feb. 1858

Adaline Clore, by letter
Sally L. Montaque, deceased Nov the 8th 1868
Wilson Conner, deceased Nov the 10th 187?
Nancy Beeman, deceased October the 18 1866
Nancy Watts, deceased June the 1st 1875
Jonas Clore, excluded
Virinda Clore, excluded
Margaret Carder deceased August the 5th 1868

Page 409

Ephraim Helm, recpt-mar. 1863, by experience and baptism, deceased Sep 8th 1897
Eliza Jane Helm, recpt June 1865, experience & baptism
Ruben Acre, recpt experience & baptism, excluded
Alpha Underhill, 3rd Sat April 1825, deceased ? 18th 1854
Martin L Aylor, recpt Oct 1882, by experience & baptism, excluded
Mary Vaughn, by experience & baptism,
Jefferson Coh? recpt May 1889, by relationship, deceased
James Jarrell, recpt August 1889, by letter, deceased
Martin L Aylor, recpt August 1893, restored

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