CASON - Pemberton

Slaves in Warren Co. KY,
Coleman or Haney or Hanor or Montague - KY
Court Records

If anyone has any of the people mentioned below, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Warren County KY - 29 Oct 1817 - Deed Book #8, page 188

Know all men by these presents that we Edmund CASON and Mary CASON his wife formerly Mary PEMBERTON and Harmon HAYNEY and Margaret HAYNEY his wife formerly Margaret PEMBERTON also of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky for _?_ and good causes we hereunto moving have made ordained constituted and appointed Harden DAVIS of the county of Warren our true and lawful attorney for _?_ in our _?_ and for our use to ask demand recover and receive of and from the heirs of the late Richard PEMBERTON deceased of the County of [left blank in document] and state of Virginia or from any other person or persons whatsoever having or holding in their custody or possession any slave or slaves to which we are entitled by law or a part of heirs _?_ legal representatives of the late William PEMBERTON dec'd late of the county of Spotsylvania and state of Virginia or as a part of the heirs of the late Fanny PEMBERTON dec'd of the county of [left blank in original] and state of Virginia giving and by these present granting to our said attorney sole _?_power and authority to take pursue and follow and legal courses for the recovery receiving and obtaining the same and _?_ all sum or sums of money or other profits arising from the hire or detention of the aforesaid slaves as we ourselves might or could do were we personally present and upon the receipt of the same accountancies and other sufficient discharges for _?_ and in our names to make and sign seal and deliver or also hereby _?_ our said attorney for us and in our names with full power of attorney to settle and adjust the aforesaid claim or claims by arbitration _?_ or otherwise as also _?_ or more attorney or attorneys under him to substitute or appoint and _?_ at his pleasure to revoke and _?_ to do perform and execute for us and in our names all and singular

__?__ Coleman
Mary Ann Coleman
Edmd Cason
Harmon Haney
Thos Coleman Comments: Someplace in my paperwork I have a Fanny BUTZNER marrying a Richard PEMBERTON, but I can not find the reference. Warren Co Deed Books (page 439) dated 15 Apr 1815 Thomas Coleman & Harmon Haner, heirs by marriage of William Pemberton, decd, of Spotsylvania Co, VA., appoint James Montague of Barren Co., KY, our attorney, to receive of Richard Pemberton's heirs, certain negroes. Contributed by: Deb Koplen/Texas Red,


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