William W. Carney, Will, 1838

State: Caldwell County, KY

Willed to Wiley M. Carney, man named Arthur, negro man Jeff, negro woman Charlotte, negro woman Winney, negro boy Henry, negro boy Perry, negro girl Jenny, negro man Rueben, negro man Wright.

Willed to Jeanette M. DUNNING negro woman Rachel and her child Wesley, negro woman Edah and her child Lewis, negro man Elisha, negro man Jacob, negro man Orran, negro boy Joe, negro boy Green, negro woman Sabrey, negro woman Hannah.

Willed to Icey DUNNING, negro girl Stacia

Willed to William CARNEY negro boy George.

Willed to Barnabus CARNEY, negro boy Cullen.

Willed to Washington CARNEY negro boy Blake

My negro man Michael to work half time for Jeanette M. CARNEY and half time for granddaughters Pernecy, Aurora, Jane CARNEY

Willed to Sally BAKER, daughter of Seth BAKER negro woman Clara and her boy child Webb

Willed to Solomon BARNS or BARNES, one negro boy Calvin and at the death of my half brother (solomon) his son Wm. BARNS to heir Calvin.

My mulatto boy Jackson, who was born 17th day of July, 1835, to be raised by my daughter Jennett M. DUNNING, to be freed at age of 21, he is to be raised and treated as a white child and send him to a good school three years and he shall be raised and schooled on my property. To sd., boy Jackson, 260 acres of land to be taken off the north end of this tract I now live on, to be laid off by a line running east and west so as to divide the good and bad land. My daughter Jennett to have use of the open and on sd. tract by it being seeded in small grain and carefully managed until Jackson arrives at age for her care and trouble with him. Also, give to Jackson $2000 plus 6% interest to be paid when arrives at age; also good bed and furniture. I set free my yellow woman Judy during her life.

Source: Caldwell County, KY, Will Book B, page 28 and 29,
Year of Source Document: 1839
How to Access Source Document: Caldwell County Courthouse

NOTE:I am sending info to you to post. This is my 4th great grandfather's will. The last part about Jackson.....I have been trying to track him down. I believe this land was in Trigg Co. KY. I did find a Jackson GARNEY in the a book "Trigg Co. 1860 census" stating he was mulatto, age 30, born AL. I do plan on continuing the search for Jackson. I want to see if he did get his land and money. I will post a query about Jackson soon. I am just getting back to genealogy from summer reprieve. Let me know if you need anything else or if I need to send this somewhere.

Sincerely, Kerry in Michigan

Contributed by: khoward@mich.com (Kerry Howard)

Related by marriage KY lines: Keeney, Pruett, Robertson, McGowen, Boaz, Piercy, Etheridge, Hendrick, Higbee, McAllister/McCallister


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