From the will of William Cargile, dated 23 July 1842

Two negro men, JACH and ELLICH, bequeathed to his sons Lewis and Jason Cargile, with the son keeping both slaves to pay the other son $200. Lewis Cargile received 180 acres of land in the western [portion?] of Fishing Creek in Wilkes Co., NC. Jason Cargile received 142 acres of land lying on the waters of Roaring River in Wilkes Co., NC.

A negro girl, EMILY, bequeathed to his son Joel Cargile, along with the home tract of land containing 130 acres lying in Wilkes Co., NC on the Yadkin River.

A negro girl, MARY, bequeathed to his daughter Polly and her children. Polly was married to William Wood on 26 May 1826. At some point they moved to Clinton Co., KY.

A negro girl and boy, JUNE and JULIUS, bequeathed to his daughter Peggy and her heirs. Peggy (Margaret) married Adam Staley (Stailey). Moved to Clinton Co., KY between 1822 and 1828; settled on the Wolf River.

- On 26 Jan 1824 Adam Staley purchased 63 acres on Wolf River in Overton Co., TN from William Chilton.

- On 8 July 1838 Adam Staley purchased 100 acres on Wolf River bounded by the KY/TN state line and properties of William Wood and the widow Cargile from John Chilton.

- On 23 June 1840 Adam Staley purchased 70 acres on the KY/TN state line in District 12 of Overton Co., TN from George Gordon.

- On 27 Mar 1850 Adam Staley sold 100 acres on the Wolf River and the KY/TN state line in Overton Co., TN to James Gunnels.

Two negro boys, WILLIAM and ALBERT, bequeathed to his daughter Elizabeth and her heirs.

A yellow boy named EDMUND "which I give and bequeath to my worthy friend, Adam Staley, till the said EDMUND is 21 years old and go his security for his good behavior--he is 12 years old...." EDMUND was born ca 1830. Interestingly, Adam and Peggy Cargile Staley had a son named Edmund Staley born in 1834 in Clinton Co., KY.

William Cargile also had 100 acres in the South East fork of Fishing Creek.

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