CANTRELL, Spartanburg County, SC

Wills of Spartanburg 1787-1840 "CANTRELL, ISAAC File #736. (Found the following abstract of a will mentioning salves, and hoped it might help someone. Don't have the reference for the book ... sorry.)

Will of Isaac Cantrell of Spartanburg District

... to my loving wife Mary Cantrell, all my real and personal estate during her life; at her decease to be equally divided among my children

... except my son Elijah Cantrells heirs, the two children he left at his decease, they to have ten shillings;

... I also except George Pirtle [1864] & my grandson Isaac Pirtle [1865], George Pirtle's son;
... to George Pirtle, five shillings
... to Isaac Pirtle five dollars;
... my wife is to have a child's part of the money;
... to my son Enoch Cantrell, after the decease of my wife, a negro boy Watt;
... to my son Lanceford, negro boy Sam;
... to my son Abraham, negro woman Poll except her increase;
... to my son Caleb the child the wench has named Will;
... my wife to give Nimrod, such necessities as the rest has had;

wife Mary Cantrell and George Pirtle, exrs. 23 Aug 1805
... wit James Ezell and John Pirtle
... signed Isaac Cantrell"

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