Will of John Campbell-Bertie County, NC-April 1777

To Wife:

Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Martha, one negro boy called ANDREW, one negro girl called BETTY, children born of DINAH, my estate at Lasy Hill with the use of the following negros:


(DIANAH, AMEY, NANNY, LYNDA, VIOLET, LUCY, BETTY, HANNAH and OTHER CHILDREN belonging to them, all things to remain in the house to her use during the time said Martha continues my widow and resides at Lasy Hill

Also all the household furniture, plate, clock, glasses, beds, tools, utensils and other things left in the possession of my wife Martha to come into his possession after the marriage or decease of said wife Martha

My said grandson, John Campbell, all my lands, plantation now owned and in my possession at Fort Bridge, including both sides of the swamp or runn(?) called Chinkapin, including the sawmills, gristmills when erected and put in order together with all the stock of cattle, horses and other appurtenances that may be on the same and belonging to me at my decease, together with the following negro slaves employed there and elsewhere till my wife's marriage or death, whichever may first happen:
viz. FAFFEY(?), SAMPSON, _____, CAMBRIDGE, SIMON, HAMPTON, COLERAINE, RANDALL, KINGSTON, JACOB, CHARLES and MATTHEW makes home(?) _____ DIANAH and her child HANNAH, VIOLETT, LYNDA, ____ her increase NANNY and CHILD ____, ____ and AMEY females to him, his heirs and assigns forever after my wife's decease or marriage.

And my will and desire is that my said grandson be well educated and the expense defrayed by the income of the mills during his minority, and I do hereby appoint my executors his guardians till of age.

I give and bequeath to each of my granddaughters Brownriggs one NEGRO GIRL of these not mentioned to my wife and my grandson John Campbell of LUCY, NANNY, DIANAH'S CHILDREN, as my executors may agree to give them at marriage or coming to age of each said girls. Virginia

Entire will is in Bertie County NCGenWeb Archives

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