BEAN/BUCKMAN - SlaveHolders - Nelson County, KY - 1835-60

... I am a 6th generation descendant of slaves from Nelson County - KY (Bardstown): My ggg-grdparents were Harry BEAN (slave of the BEAN estate) & Mary BUCKMAN-BEAN (slave of the Nazareth Catholic Academy farm from apprx. ____-1865). All 14 of their children were born there (1835-1860) of which one was my gg-gm.

Mary obviously married a slave from a neighboring plantation belonging to a BEAN family and Mary must have belonged to a BUCKMAN family before becoming a Nazareth slave. The owners probably came from Maryland.

I've come to a dead-end in my search because I don't know where to look for a slave listing for these two families. I have records for all 14 of their offspring (born 1835-1860), but nothing about Harry & Mary's birthdates or birthplace. They were probably born circa 1815-1820.

I have retrieved names of white families during that time who had many of the same given names and surnames as my slave family (most are typical Catholic names) -- Catharine (my gg-gm), Josephine, Roseline, Mary, Harriett, Ignatius (Nace), Isadore, Theodore, Henry, Richard, Alphonsus, Martha, Paul, Christopher -- all probably named after BEAN and BUCKMAN slaveholders.

Any suggestions on how I can continue my search?

Also, I am looking for any descendants of any of these families (black & white). Names picked up later down the line were:
Bean>Douglas--(2nd gen. /slaves)
Bean>Watts--(2nd gen./slaves - KY>Chgo IL )
Douglas>Hamilton--3rd gen./free
Watts>Robinson--3rd gen/free

Contributed by: Annette Carter,


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