Will of Royal Bryan-Franklin County, GA

Wills 1824-1848, Page 127
The Last Will and Testament of Royal Bryan, State of Georgia

To beloved wife(2nd wife married in 1838) Harriet S.C. Bryan one Negro boy SAMPSON about 16 yrs old and one Negro girl MARY about six years old

I give to my son Robert R. Bryan one Negro boy ABRAM about 12 years of age

I give to my son George N. Bryan one Negro man PETER about thirty one years of age

I give to my son Thomas A. one Negro boy SOLOMON about fifteen years

I give to my son Pleasant H. Bryan one Negro boy ISAAC about 10 years of age

I give to my daughter Harriet C. Bryan one Negro woman SYLVA about 19 years of age and her two children, JACOB about 2 years and CHARLOTTE about one year

One Negro man RICHARD about 22 years old

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