BROWN - GRIFFIN - TAYLOR - 1827 to 1865 - TN to MS

BROWN Slaves; Henry County, TN & Holmes Co., MS

For what it's worth, in checking tax records and census records, I see where some of my ancestors had slaves. The best I can do is to give you the names and locations, but thought it might help a little.

Henry Brown is shown on the Henry Co TN tax records,1827 as having 4 slaves.

The registry of Grant Deeds, for 1827,, pp.152, is deed to Mary Ann Lawton, Ed Lawton, for ? MALINDA; and another to James Jones , Bill of sale , Dec 17, 1829, for negro girl, ELLEN 23, $375, witnessed by Edward R. Cotten, James Jones, clk of circuit court. ( beleive these were two seperate entries, but I'm not sure.)

This same ancestor, is listed on the 1850 census slave schedule for Holmes Co MS with 3 males and 4 females. His son, Henry W, on the same census, 18 males and 13 females.

The 1850 census shows another ancestor, Benjamin F. Griffin with 45 slaves ( also in Holmes Co MS). Apparently he was kind to his slaves, cause I remember my father saying that after the civil war, when BFG moved to AR, his slaves begged to go with him, and that many of them took his surname.

Another ancestor, Sanders Taylor, who lived in Marshall Co MS, circa 1824 to 1857, was probably not so benevolent. Rumor has it that his son in law was accidently killed by a gunshot wound, that one of the slaves intended for Sanders Taylor, circa 1830.

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