Slaves of Dr. Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe, St. Mary's Co., MD

Slaves of DR. Walter Hanson Stone BRISCOE, son of William DENT and Sarah Stone BRISCOE. He owned Sotterly Plantation. This plantation was the former home of Governor George PLATER of Maryland.

All of these slaves were emancipated by the State of Maryland on November 1, 1864. Those slaves with the last name of "Cane" are the ancestors of Agnes Kane Callum. Information taken from the SLAVE STATISTICS OF ST. MARY'S COUNTY. This slaveowner's document was dated April 16, 1869.

Barber, CatherineF21-
Barber, Mary A.F2-
Barnes, Ann DeliaF21-
Barnes, GeorgeannF19-
Barnes, HenriettaF58-
Barnes, WilliamM52-
Biscoe, Charlotte AnnF14-
Biscoe, George W.M26In the article written by Page T. Faust, his surname was erroneously spelled as "Briscoe" when it should be "Biscoe". Both surnames exist in Southern Maryland. See p. 341, Chronicles of St. Mary's, Quarterly Magazine of the St. Mary's County Historical Society, Vol. 46, Winter 1998, No. 4
Brown, AndrewM6-
Brown, DickM33-
Brown, MargaretF3-
Brown, RebeccaF24-
Cane, AliceF16-
Cane, AliceF31-
Cane, ElizaF14-
Cane, EllenF24Married Jeff Johnson; their son Dixon Johnson age 34 (1864) widow, married Ida Chase age 23 (1875), daughter of Benjamin Chase & Minnie Grant , April 11, 1898 St. Nicholas Church
Cane, FrankM17-
Cane, GeorgeM20-
Cane, HennyF20Proper Name was Henrietta; Married Henry Wood
Cane, HilryM1-
Cane, MatildaF22-
Cane, SarahF12-
Cane, TemperanceF18-
Edwards, AlfredM17 (1847)Alfred Edwards, age 38 (1846), son of Lee Edwards & Priscilla Quantin married Alice Kelly, age 28 (1854), daughter of Lee Kelly and Celeste Butler Tracy, on March 18, 1882 St. Aloyious Marriage Records. They are in the 1910 census on Sotterly Road, line 72 #105-110, 6th Election District, St. Mary's County.
Edwards, CeceliaF19-
Edwards, HarrisM15-
Edwards, LeandaM52 (1812)Father of Alfred Edwards. Was the husband of Presella Edwards; however at age 60 he was a widow and then married Sophia Dunkinson, age 50 (1824) on 31 December 1874.
Edwards, MaryF21-
Edwards, PresellaF38Mother of Alfred Edwards; became wife of Leanda Edwards; died before December 31, 1874.
Edwards, SamuelM17-
Guyther, EdwardM28-
Guyther, FrankM2-
Guyther, SusanF22-
Hall, HenriettaF27Left the plantation on February 28, 1863, Not emancipated
Johnson, JeffM1-
Mason, ElizaF38Eliza age 37 (1837) a widow, married Isaac Brooks, age 35 (1839) (Isaac - a slave of Young P. Dawkins), on May 9, 1874.
Mason, LouiseF52-
Medley, AlexM52-
Medley, CharlesM2-
Millard, FrancisM6-
Millard, HoraceM12-
Millard, JamesM48-
Millard, MarieF23-
Millard, Mary AnnF47-
Millard, ThomasM17-
Plater, RobertM37 (1827)-
Plowden, AlexM2-
Plowden, NellieF29-
Plowden?, CeceliaF52-
Steward, HamiltonM49 (1815)-
Wilson, Martha AnnF28-
Wilson, Mary JaneF13-
Wilson, RebeccaF1-

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