Kershaw County, SC
Filed 2 February 1818
Wills 1782-1868, p. 443-448

Inventory and appraisement of the Personal Estate of Burwell Boykin Esq deceased, shown to us by Thomas Whitaker, Starke Hunter & Samuel Boykin Executors of the Estate.

Three of Burwell Boykin's children were early settlers of Conecuh County, Alabama and later removed to Dallas County. These children were Francis Boykin, Elizabeth Boykin, wife of Starke Hunter and William Whitaker Boykin who married Martha Whitaker Rives. Martha Whitaker Boykin, daughter of William Whitaker Boykin married Stephen Decatur Miller, Jr, son of Mary Boykin Miller, sister to the above named Boykins. Stephen D. Miller settled the Nymph community in Conecuh County, Alabama.

House Servants, p. 444
Robbina fellow$850
Big Sallhis wife, and child, Valentine$750
Heallya carpenter$800
Philishis wife$600
Sarahat the plantation $600
Calebat the plantation $700
Lucindaat dos$450
Wally Jr.-$275
Anthonya carpenter$1000
Mollyhis wife$600
Jimmyat the plantation$450
Stephena carpenter$1000
Old Judyhis wife$500
Sylvia and her child Laura-$775
Greena carpenter$1000
Isaacat the plantation$700
Olde Jackgardener$575
Esasea boy$300
Mariaha girl$250
Smarta sickly man$500
Buckera Tom-$500
Old Sye-$400
Willa carpenter$1000
Slaves at Hickory Ridge Plantation, p. 445, Shackleford Slaves
Hannaha woman$600
Liddya girl$550
Peggya girl$400
Louisa boy$500
Billya boy$600
Boba boy$300
Mariah & child Greene-$800
Boba boy (Robinson)$475
Jim(Celia's son)$500
Jack (Robinson)-$475
Franka man$800
Pennyhis wife, Abram, a boy$750
Jima blacksmith$1000
Charityhis wife-
Georgea boy$750
Williama man$800
Jimmy his wife, Merier child$750
Anny a woman, Letty an orphan child$700
Molseya woman$500
Governora man$700
Charlesa bricklayer$1000
Louisaa woman$600
Cabbaba man$700
Amya woman$500
Jerrya man$600
Ferrabya woman$500
Puncha man$700
Charlottea woman$600
Scipioa man$800
Williama man$600
Benjamina man$700
Cabota man$700
Susseaca man$800
Lindera woman$600
Statiaa woman$600
Saraha woman$600
Mariaha woman$600
Chloea woman$550
Rhodya woman$600
Joshuaa lad$800
Henry (a tad sickly)-$700
Andrewsa man$600
Joea man$800
Maclieaa woman$700
Lizziea woman$600
Dave Potter-$800
Layera man$400
Suky a woman-
Jinnya child$600
Johna shoemaker$500
Milly a woman, very sickly$300
Rose a woman$600
Billy a boy$400
Caty a girl$325
Louisa a girl$200
Henryan infant$100
Dave a carpenter$1000
Sarah a woman$600
Rachael a woman$450
Liddy a woman$575
November a boy$275
Amey a girl$200
Swamp Plantation Slaves, p. 446
Old Daphne a woman$100
Tabby a woman$200
Chloe a woman$600
Adam a man$900
Adam a boy$700
Sunny a girl$600
Sye a boy$650
Stephen a carpenter$1000
Sampson a carpenter$1000
Lewis a carpenter$1000
Old Andrew-$200
Old Affy-$100
Caesar a man$800
Hannaha woman, and her two children, Peggy & Chaney$800
Neda Blacksmith$1300
Dolly a woman$475
Hector a boy$300
Guy a man$800
Sally a woman$600
William a boy$450
Milley a girl$150
Charlesan orphan boy$450
Yellow Phillisa woman$300
Judy a woman$600
Sylvia a woman$650
Nance & her child Phoebe-$700
Moses a man$400
Isaac Cook a man$800
Sam a man (shoemaker)$800
Henry a boy$500
Peggy a woman$600
Auston a boy$375
Catey a girl$250
Serenaa woman & child London$725
London a man$800
Limerick a boy$275
Fanny a girl$200
Boneater a man$100
Jacob a boy$500
Bella a woman$300
Job a boy$400
Edwin a man$700
Aggy and her child-$600
Beckie a woman$400
Celia a woman$550
Matilda a girl$275
Dick a man$550
Polly a woman$450
Limerick a man$850
Guinea Tom a man$800
Cherry a woman$450
Rhody a girl$150
Tom a boy$175
Polly a woman$600
Hannah a girl$175
Harrietan orphan girl$325
Stephenan orphan boy$500
Sandy a boy$700
Jim a man$800
Betty & her child Jim-$700
Rose a girl$150
Minta a woman$225
Abby a woman$600
Ephraim a boy$175
Statia a girl$125
Henry a man $800
Mary a woman$600
Rood a man$700
Martha & her child Phillis- $700
P. 447
Louisa a woman$350
York a man$700
Silla a woman$550
Jim a boy$175
Phillis a girl$300
Pleasant a girl$150
Joe a man$750
Sembo a woman & child Albert$600
Pleasant & her childCaptain $700
Tabby a girl$300
Caeso a boy $250
Hester a woman$450
Cloe a girl$300
Cate a woman$450
Ceasor a man (lame)$100
Stony Hill Plantation Slaves
Old Eley a woman$250
Jacob a boy$500
Will a carpenter-
Judah a woman$500
Tenah a girl$375
Panssy a girl$325
George a boy$325
Tyra a woman$600
Mary a woman$550
Eliza a woman$550
Moses a boy$300
Reuben a boy$175
Martha a woman$550
Eliza a girl$200
Thelma a girl$150
Viney a woman$400
Nelly a girl$200
Dicey a girl$500
Edy a woman$500
Judy a woman$600
Sally a woman$450
Nancy a girl$500
Linder a woman$500
Patty a woman$600
Fanny a woman$600
Diana a girl$400
Billy a boy$650
Monday boy$650
Ben a lad$650
Nancy & her child Patty-$700
Lucy a girl$300
John a boy$500
Dolly a girl$200
Renar & her child Lucky-$700
Mary & her child Mary-$650
Amy a girl$350
Lemal a lad$700
Summer a man$500
Charles a man$600
America a man$500
Flushing a man$600
Jim a lad$650
Lum a man$600
Winney a woman$500
Jim a man$650
Anmy and her son Dick-$700
George a boy$300
Jinney a girl$200
Sam Evans a man$900
Elec & her child Jim-$700
Sam a boy$400
Old Phillis-$50
Dicey a woman$600
Harriet a girl$450
P. 448
Sue a girl$400
Joe a man$700
Hector a lad$800
Jim a boy$600
Peter a boy$350
Allick a man$600
Annaky a woman$550
January a man$650
Sylvia a woman$550
July a man$750
Judy a woman$600
Johnny a boy$100
Tony a man$650
Hetty a woman$600
Dave a boy$150
Caesar a man$750
Jane a woman$550
Solomon a driver$900

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