Slaves in Barren Co., KY 1814

Claiborne Bowles

1782-Claiborne born before 1782 father Elijah, mother Mary.Probably Richmond,VA.

1809-Claiborne in Barren Co, Ky.

1810- Barren Co. Census:Claiborne Bowles, Page #47, 20100-10210-06. Females first in Barren Co. Census.

1811-Claiborne signed Anderson Bowles Will.

1811-Claiborne bought Peters Creek, John Middleton settlement from Elijah.

1812-Claiborne signs for John Fleming to marry.

1812-P301-Wm McMurtry, Jackson Co. TN. to Claiborne Bowles of Barren Co

1812, 200ac Skagg's Creek; Hopson Kincaid's line.

1814-1819 Barren Co

Tax List: 1814,1815,1816 Claiborne paid on 200ac Skaggs Creek, 100ac Peters Creek, himself, 1 male slave over 16,total slaves 2, 6 horses 1814-15,4 horses 1816.

In 1817, 200ac Skaggs Creek; 100ac East Fork, himself, 3 males slaves over 16, total slaves 3, 2 horses.

In 1819, 100ac Skaggs Creek; 100ac Peters Creek , himself, 2 male slave over 16, total slaves 4, 8 horses.

1817-John Summers of Barren Co. to Claiborne Bowles, 1817. Waters of Big Barren - 100ac.

1819- P425- Claiborne Bowles to Zachariah Bowles 1819. Headwaters of Peters Creek, John Middleton settlement....teste: Leonard H. Maury, Henry Sympson, John Allen.

Contributed by: " Leathel Bowles "
By way of: (Linne Gravestock)


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