Will-L.T. & T. Zachariah Booth,Sr.-Talbot County, GA.
Volume A, 1827-1856 - 30 Sep 1839 wife Penny, the following negroes:
JENNY, FANNY, JACOB, BUMBO, (?), SAM, HUMPHREY, GEORGE, PETER, LITTLE BEN, OLD SALLY, CLARY and her 6 children to wit BETTY, SARAH, HANAH, MILLY, JASPER & ISAAH, also BETTY's 2 children LOTHOTHA & VINY, MARY & her 2 children LEDICY & EDWARD, MANAH, ALLEN, EMANUEL, BOB, BECCA and her 3 children MOSES, SEABORN & CINDY, HARRIETT & her child HIRAM, CAROLINE & her child HENRY and their further increase. my adopted son John T. Booth.... the following negroes:
JOHN & his wife. CLOE, VICE & her son GEORGE, TOM, OLD GEORGE, NANCY & her seven children, MILLY, ANN, EMILY, LUCINDA, OWEN, ISHAM, LANG, SALLY & her seven children WILEY, BILL, COWRA, HENRY, MABIN, LITTLE JOHN and RACHAEL, RED, MINTH, HORACE, MABIN who is at this time runaway. adopted son John T. Booth out of which he is to pay the following sums to Mary a person of collar otherwise MARY BOOTH $50 per year for 10 years and to her four children BOLIVAR, otherwise BOLIVAR BOOTH, $1000 as soon as he shall have attained the age of 21 years; to ISHMAEL, otherwise called ISMAEL BOOTH, as soon as he reaches 21, $1000; to MALBURY, otherwise called MALBURY BOOTH, $1000 at age 21, to SANTONE $1000 as soon as she attains 18 years. I also give to MARY otherwise MARY BOOTH, one $50 horse, cows, calves, pigs, 10 barrels corn, 1800 lbs pork, and to SANTONE I bequeath head of cattle known as her cattle, and one feather bed and furniture in her possession.

Codicil: I have sold part of the lands bequeathed in the will and bought 5 negroes... I give unto my beloved wife Penny Booth, 5 negroes, to wit: SEABORN and his wife MARY and her 2 children, LODICY, a girl and ATWOOD,a boy and LABAN, a man.

I appoint John T. Booth & Obadiah C. Gibson guardians or trustees to MARY a free person of color & her 4 children, also free persons of color, to wit: BOLIVAR, otherwise called BOLIVAR BOOTH, ISHMAEL, otherwise ISHMAEL BOOTH, MALBURY, otherwise MALBURY BOOTH, & SANTIANA, otherwise SANTIANA BOOTH.

Proven in open court 2 Mar 1840. Rec: pgs 75-81

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