Will of Duncan Bohannon
Lincoln Co, GA
Recorded 2 Mar 1812

"I give to my son William Bohannon one negro man named Jacob.... and to his son Dunkan at his death one negro girl named Matilda...

"I give to my daughter Obedience Manning, wife of Edmond Manning, one negro man by the name of Joe...

"I also give to Simion Manning, son of the said Edmond, one negro girl by name of Prissy at the death of his mother..

"I give to my daughter Prudence Moss, wife of Alexander Moss, $50 and to their son, Dunkan J. J. Moss, at the death of his mother one negro boy by the name of Christos...

"I give to my daughter Piety Whitman, wife of Nathan Whitman, one negro boy by the name of Frank and to their two sons, namely, Bobby A. Whitman and Robin B. Whitman, at the death of their mother to be equally divided between them one negro girl by the name of Rose..

"I give to my daughter Mercy (or Massey) Moore, wife of William Moore, one negro man by the name of James and one negro girl by the name of Cealey ..

"I give to my daughter Christiana Bohannon one negro woman (no name given) and her two children, Antick, a boy, and Cealey, a girl....

"I give to my daughter Sinthey (this is probably Cynthia, who married John D. Overstreet) Bohannon one negro woman by the name of Hannah and her child, a girl named Edy..

Contributed by: Susan S. Buckley,

This is transcribed from a photocopy of the microfilm Dr. 16, Box 615, Ga. Archives. Comes from "Lincoln Co., Ga. Wills and Misc. Est. Records, 1800-1832," pg. 17.


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