Will of Daniel Blue, Sr.
Written July 21 1842
Probated October 1844

In the name of God Amen - I Daniel Blue of the County of Richmond and State of North Carolina being of Sound Mind and Memory calling to mind the certaintainty of death and the uncertentainty of its approach, having in mind the arrangements of my temporal affairs, do publish and declare the following on my last will and testament in manne and form as follows (toloct?)

Item first. I Will and Bequeath to my son Malcolm Blue
... all my Negroe Slaves male and female and their increase, all my real Estate on each Side of Drowning Creek being the following tracts the McIntyre plantation I purchased of Lauchlen Bethune and the plantation I purchased from Daniel Blue my Son and all the Land which I own on the Spouth Side of Drowning Creek including the (Modedy?) and where I now live which I purchased of John B. Graham, all My Stock of Horses and Mules, Cattle, Hogs and Sheep My household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils all the Money on hand at my death and all the Debts then due me by Bonds notes on open accounts upon the conditions that he Suport and maintain his mother Catherine Blue as long as She lives, Suport and maintain My Daughter Christian as long as She lives a Singl woman and no longer, and pay the following Legacies hereinafter except the one given to my wife Catherine now paid her:

Item Second I Will and Bequeath to my wife Catherine Eight Hundred Dollars which Sum I have this day given her for her Sole and Separate use in payment for this Legacy and hereby discharge My Son Malcolm from the payment of the Same.

Item Third I Will and Bequeath to my Daughter Christian Eight Hundred Dollars to be paid her out of my Estate by my Executor hereinafter named.

Item fourth I will and Bequeath to my Son John Blue fifteen huhdred Dollars to be paid by my Executor

Item fifth I will and Bequeath to my Son Daniel Blue fifteen huhdred Dollars to be paid by my Executor

Item sixth. I will and Bequeath to my Executor hereinafter named In Trust for my Son Archibald's children fourteen hundred Dollars to be expended for the Suport and Maintenance of Said Archibald Blue's children Share and Share alike as in his descretion theire need May require.

Item seventh I will and Bequeath to my Daughter Mary McGugan Wife of John McGugan one dollar having already given her and husband their Share or portion of My Estate.

Item eighth I will and Bequeath to My daughter Isabella McGugan wife of Duncan McGugan Eight hundred Dollars to be paid her by my Executor hereinafter named.

Item ninth I give and Bequeath to each of My Daughter Sarah McGilvary's Children who may arrive at the age of twenty-one years the sum of One hundred Dollars each to be paid them by my Executor hereinafter named.

Item tenth I leave in the hands of my executor hereinafter to be named Eight Hundred Dollars to be by him applied according to his discretion and necessarily may require to the use and benefit of My daughter Flora McFarlan and Should be My Executor deem it advisable So to do he may lay on the Whole or any part of that Amount in the purchase of Land for the use of My Said Daughter Flora Which Land if this purchase Shall Vest at her death in the heirs of her body if any, then living But if not that Said Land Belong to her next of Kin and Share alike and my Executor to take title the land Accordingly.

I hereby nominate and appoint my son Malcolm Blue Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and and annuling all other wills and testaments heretofore Made and published by me ratifying and confirming this as my last will and Testament in Testimony Whereof I have unto Let my hand and Seal this the 21st day of July 1842.

Signed Sealed
Daniel (his X mark) Blue {SEAL}
Published and declared
In the presence of
(signed) James McDonald
(signed) Alexander McDonald

State of North Carolina Superior Court of Law
Richmond County, Fall Term 1844

Then the execution of the foregoing Last Will and Testament of Daniel Blue was duly proven in open court by the oath of James McDonald and Alexander McDonald, the subscribing witnesses thereto.

Certified by
James P. Leak c/c
Sept. 27 1844

State of North Carolina Court of Alear Dunster Ipion
Richmond County, October Term 1844

Then Malcolm Blue appeared in open court and was duly qualified as Executor to the foregoing will ordered to be

Recorded. G. A. Nicholson clerk

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