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Slaveowner Name: Asa Bishop/Elijah Willis/John E. Willis
State(s): Alabama, Marengo County
Name of Slave: Stephen
Age of Slave: under 21
Sex of Slave: Male
Physical Description of Slave: Negro boy Stephen, son of Mary Source
Document: Will of Asa Bishop
Year of Source Document: 1840
How to Access Source Document: Marengo County Alabama, Will Book A, Page 212

The following is a abstract of the will. It is likely that the original is microfilmed and available through the LDS Family History Centers, if it is, I will be ordering it, and will keep you informed if it has any additional data on Stephen.

WILL: Pauline Jones Gandrud,
ALABAMA RECORDS; 1840-1841; Volume 29, Marengo County; Page 31;
Miami Dade Public Library System, No. G 976.1 A3166;
WILL BOOK A, Page 212, Entry: Asa Bishop.
Last will and testament dated 13 July, 1840;
Probated Apr. 19, 1841.

Wish to be buried by my children;

Grandsons, William R. Bishop, Robert Bishop, Asa Bishop and Clifford Bishop, heirs of my son John N. Bishop, late of Marengo County deceased;

Grandson, Bishop Fulford, son of my daughter, Polly Fulford, after the death of his parents, land;

Grandson, John Allen Styron, son of my daughter Esther Styron, after the death of his parents;

Grandson, Wallace Willis, son of my daughter, Sarah Willis, after the death of his parents;

Grandson, Josephus Willis, son of my daughter, Sarah Willis;

Grandson, Francis Nelson, son of my daughter Elizabeth Nelson, after the death of his parents;

Grandson, John B. Robinson, son of my daughter, Rebecca Robinson, after the death of his parents;

***Negro boy Stephen, son of Mary, to be bound to Elijah Willis or in case of his death, to his son, John E. Willis, until 21 and then to be emancipated;

To daughter, Nancy Lupton, living in North Carolina, all land I owned in that state;

Son-in-law Clifford Fulford, and grandsons, John E. Willis and John B. Robinson, executors, also son-in-law Abisha Nelson.
Witnesses: John B. Robinson, Elias Gable, Anson Harris.

***Why was Stephen given such careful consideration, and his freedom? My guess is that his father was Asa Bishop, or Asa's son, John Nelson Bishop. ***

I hope this is of use to your project.

Contributed by: DAVID LEWIS, thalassa@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us


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