BEDFORD CO, VA 1797-1840

Daniel Brown's slave POLLY was acquited on the charge of murdering a female infant.
Recorded November 30, 1797.
Order Book 11, page 235.

The executor of the estate of Robert Price conveyed a deed of trust, secured by slaves SAM, DICK, NELSON and FARO.
Signed April 10, 1818.
Deed Book 15, page 404.

Reuben S. Brown conveyed a deed of trust secured by land and slaves JULIA and her children SILVA, ABRAM and JOB, and by SULKY and her children ARCHA, FLANDERS. PIGGY and HARRY.
Signed May 26, 1819.
Deed Book 15, page 615.

Judith Brown conveyed a gift of deed to her nephew Thomas Whittington Jr. for slaves NAT, ROSE, CLARA, RACHEL, MARIA, LINDA, JUNO, RICHARD, JULIAS, HENRY, GRANVILLE, MARY and LENA. Susannah Cavanaugh released her interest in the slaves.
Signed June 14, 1819.
Deed Book 18, page 129.

Joseph Brown had conveyed a deed of trust for debts he owed Barnabas A. Eidson, secured by slave PHILLIP and carpenter tools. Eidson instructed Brown to convey a deed to William N. Sherman for the personal property.
Signed September 5, 1827.
Deed Book 20, page 332.

Robert Tinsley and his wife Judith conveyed a deed of trust secured by 800 acres near Walker G. Meriweather, and by slaves BEN, NELSON, ROBIN, CALEB, MOSES, EDMUND, LITTLE EDMUND, GEORGE, BILLY, DANIEL, LEWIS, ABRAHAM, ISHAM, NED, FRANK, CLAIBORN, HARRY, JENNY, MARIAH, HANNAH, NANCY, ARCHY, JAMES, SOPHIA, PATSY, SARAH, KIZZIAH, ESTHER, PATTY and SYLVIA, The trustees were to sell all the assets.
Signed March 20, 1828.
Deed Book 20, page 488.

Edwin D. Cobbs had conveyed a deed of trust secured by slaves BEN, JULIUS, RACHEL, TOM, RICHARD, THOMPSON, ANDERSON, PETER, WILLIAM, JAMES, BILLY, ELIZA and WASHINGTON. The trustees were instructed to sell the slaves.
Signed March 22, 1828.
Deed Book 20, page 510.

Debtor Mark Anthony was in sheriff's custody for many bad debts. His assets included several land parcels, and slaves ELLIS, ALLEN, JIM, ORRY, MILFORD, DAVID, BIG SAM, SIMON, JAMES, HERBERT, PETER, RANDOLPH, HENRY, LITTLE SAM, AMOS, ABRAM, JOE, LITTLE STEPHEN, MATT, BILLY, PEYTON, TOM, JOHN, SAM, REUBEN, LUCKEY, DERRY, HARRY, GEORGE, SALLY, AMY, ABBY, DOLEY, PHILLUS, NANCY, JUDY, BECKEY, MILLY, RACHELL, SENY, SARAH, MARIAH and JUGGY. Prior purchasers were Daniel C. Edwards and Joshua R. C. Brown.
Signed April 16, 1829.
Deed Book 21, page 428.

Joshua R. C. Brown purchased slave DERRY from the assignee of insolvent debtor Mark Anthony.
Recorded July 27, 1829.
Deed Book 21, page 248.

Wright and Martha Bond conveyed a deed to Elizabeth A Bishop for slave CHARLOT.
Signed June 9, 1832.
Deed Book 23, page 115.

The slaves in the estate of Reuben Brown were inventoried and appraised. The slaves were JOHN, DAVID, JERRY, JOE, FLANDERS, ARCH, HARRY, SUCKY, SILVY, PEGGY, MARY, CELIA, LUCINDA, MARTHA ANN, FRANCES and ROBERT.
Signed December 23, 1834.
Will Book 9, page 1.

Signed January 6, 1837.
Will Book 10, page 392.

The administrator of the estate of John Hall sought to secure a deed for slave RHODA.
Signed April 7, 1836.
Deed Book 26, page 190.

Joseph M. Brown's slave Phill was a pauper, and the overseers of the poor had refused to send him to the poorhouse. The court ordered that the overseers admit Phill as a pauper, and to provide for him as in other cases.
Recorded February 1840.
Order Book 27, page 25.

Extracted from Bedford public records by Barbara Eakley, as included in her book, "The Browns of Bedford County, Virginia, 1748-1840" (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1998).

Contributed by: Barbara Eakley -


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