Andrew BECKLEY, born in AL, Abramham BRANDYBURG and Amy BRANDYBURG, born in Orangeburg, SC, with each of their children date of birth recorded in the family Bible.

His ggranddaughter, recorded this information in a book entitled "Historical Documents of Austin and Waller Counties, Texas". The book can be ordered through your local library. Mrs. Pattison has since died but she has living nieces that seemingly is happy to share data recorded by their ancestors.

Mr. James T. Pattison did not want to release his slaves in 1865 therefore, the Freedman Bureau had him to sign a contract between him and the slaves that did not necessarily want to leave his plantation. There were 44 newly Black freedmen (women and children) signed the agreement. All of this data is in Mrs. Haskew book. The contract between Pattison and his former slave can be obtained from the Texas Library in Austin, Texas.

Good luck with your research. There are other slaves listed in the book.

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