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Extracts from Beall Family Documents

The following have helped define the relationships for Thomas of Samuel, Jr. of John and his descendants.

Proof that Thomas' (of Col. Samuel) daughter Elizabeth married Aza/Asa Beall. Josiah is brother of Verlinda Beall who married her cousin Thomas.

Will of Josiah Beall, Probate Records, 1790-1850, Will Book A: Josiah Beall, p. 70

Dec. 11, 1804-to nephew and neices, the children of Thomas Beall of Samuel and Verlinda named: John Brooke Beall; Josiah Beall; Isaac Beall; Ann Beatty, the wife of John Conrad Beatty; Eliza Beall, the wife of Aza Beall; Lucy English, the wife of James English; Priscilla Beall; and Eleanor Beall deceased, therefore her children William Beall Beatty, Thomas Beall Beatty, Otho.. Beatty, Lewis Beatty and Sonia Beatty.

B-ALEX-232 Josias Beall, b.1715

"Heterick (I:33) says unable to locate references to children other than Verlinda and Josiah." Proof of other children- Lucy:(she names Thomas of Col Samuel and Verlinda's children as well as her brother Josiah, above) Lucy is the sister of Josiah and Verlinda, children of Josiah (1715-1768):

Will of Lucy Beall, Allegany County Probate Records, 1790-1850, Will Book A:

Lucy Beall, 5/23/1799 to brother Josiah give all the following negroes to wit one negro woman named Catherine with all the following children: Jeremiah, Adam, James, Samuel, Joshua, Sazais and Isaac to him his heairs and assign forever; to Priscilla Beall, daughter of my sister Verlinda Beall, deceased give negro woman Phillis; to Lucy Beall, daughter of my sister Verlinda Beall, deceased give negro woman Peg; to Ann Beall, daughter of my sister Verlinda Beall, deceased give negro woman Aucie; to Ann Juliett Beall, daughter of Asa and Elizabeth Beall, one negro girl Nance; to Lucy, Ann, Elizabeth, and Pricilla daughters of my sister Verlinda Beall, deceased, I give all my apparel; to Lewissa Elinor Beatty, daughter of John Carrol Beatty, one negro girl, V...? to brother Josiah furniture..." Also mentions Elizabeth as a daughter of her sister Verlinda and that Elizabeth married Asa.

Thaddeus: from Saumel Beall, Jr.s's Will in Washington Co, Jan 10,1778

" I hereby order and direct that my executors . . . do sell at public vendue to the highest bidder after giving three months notice in the Maryland and Pennsylvania Gazettes land called Gift land called Philadelphia . . . land called Berlin land called Christys Folly condemned in the name of Josiah Beall as nominal Sheriff for my use, to be conveyed by Thaddeus Beall, his son and heir . . . Walter and Richard: identified as a sons in the administrators bond of Thaddeus.

Proof that Priscilla, daughter of Thomas of Samuel of Ninian didn't marry Walter Slicer, but in fact Priscilla, daughter of Thomas of Samuel of John did: Will from Richard Beall son of Asa and Elizabeth: Will in Allegany County "to my nephew Richard, son of my brother Thomas Beall, $500 in trust for his education; to daughter Verlinda McKaig Beall (not of age yet); free my negro woman Clarissa when she is 30 years as well as her child Talbot as well as all other children she may have when they are 30; to my aunt Priscilla Slicer, the house; to Reverend Samuel H. McDonald, minister of the Presbyterian Church, lot 99 in Cumberland, to my brother Alpheus Beall and my brother-in-law Samuel Eckles, all the rest of my estate" Priscilla Slicer is sister to his mother Elizabeth Beall.

P.S.-Still looking for primary sources to prove Henry Tomlinson Beall was the son of Isaac and Rebecca Tomlinson. He is administrator of Isaac's estate, but no relationship is mentioned. (He was born the year after his grandfather, Thomas of Samuel, bequeathed Isaac's children with the bulk of his estate)

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