Slaves of Zadock Beall, Will Book G, pg 329-320

... To unnamedwife3 slaves, everything not specifically left otherwise and after her death, estate is to be divided equally among heirs:
... to Williamson50 acres
... to Zadockson50 acres
... to Martha O. Finchdau. and heir of her body60 acres
... to Elizabeth O. Turnerdau.and heir of her body$700.00
... to Lucy E. Carrdau.60 acres
... to Benjaminson1/2 of proceeds of sale of 120 acres
... to children of Nancy Turnerdeceased dau.1/2 of proceeds of sale of 120 acres;
... to James M.sonnothing at the request of James

Codicil witnessed by Winn Gunn, John P. Truman, Matthew Fuqua:
... Negro man Jacob 35;
... 1/4 acre of land in trust for family graveyard;
... William Beall to get bed and furniture, cow and calf, sow and pigs, and 2 sheep.

Date not given . Exec.: William and Zadock Beall , sons .
Wit.: John F.Todd , William O.Wilson, G.B.Noel, T.H. Gilbert.
Date of probate : 26 Sept. 1842

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