Slaves in Barren County, KY

From my publication, 1852 thru 1859, 1861, 1877-1879 (partial). More information is available in the book.

BUNT, Fanny,70, widow,3 Oct 1854
BURGESS, Lewis M,1 yr, 7 mos,29 Feb 1856
BURKS, Henry C,2,3 July 1854
BURKS, Joseph R,10 mos,13 July 1857
BURKS, W M,52, male,23 Dec 1858
BURNETT, Mary E,13,12 Aug 1853
BURROWS, Mary,86, widow,3 Dec 1854
BURTON, Amanda,15 mos, slave of Sarah A Burton,1857
BURTON, Charity,45, slave of same,Nov 1857
BURTON, D T,24, single,5 Aug 1859
BURTON, Evelyns S,25,14 Apr 1856
BUSH, America J,10 mos,15 Oct 1859
BUSH, George Ann,12, slave of Matilda D,Sept 1861
BUSH, Jack,65, slave of Josiah Bush,Sept 1858
BUSH, James,8, black, heirs of Isaac Bush2 Mar 1852
BUSH, Mary E,10 mos,13 Feb 1859
BUSH, Nancy J,18, single,5 July 1859
BUSH, Susan,1, slave of Martha D Bush,Aug 1859
BUSH, William,1, slave of Thomas Bush,10 Jan 1859
BUTLER, No first,3 mos, slave of P R Butler,18 Aug 1854
BUTLER, Eboline,2,15 Sept 1854
BUTLER, Edmonia,4 mos,15 Oct 1854
BUTLER, Frances,22, slave of Martin,10 Aug 1857
BUTLER, John W,10 mos,Jan 1856
BUTLER, Susannah,69, widow,1 Oct 1855
BUTLER, William E,1,June 1853
BUTTON, A S,8, male,15 Mar 1854
BUTTON, Debby E,4,9 Mar 1856
BUTTON, Eldridge,17,single, 17 Aug 1859
BUTTON, Elizabeth,54, marriedd,30 Mar 1852
BUTTON, John,75, married,24 Mar 1861
BUTTON, John E,3,12 Sept 1853
BUTTON, Lassaphine,10 mos, female,8 June 1852
BUTTON, Martha,7,28 Aug 1852
BUTTON, Martin,24, married,Apr 1859
BUTTON, Mary S,11,15 mar 1854
BUTTON, No first, 7 days, male,11 Oct 1855
BUTTON, No first,no age, no sex,25 Dec 1858
BUTTON, No first,7 wks, male,Apr 1859
BUTTON, William E,3,12 Sept 1853
BUTTON, Winny,17, slave of John,15 Dec 1856

To be continued starting BYBEE.

Contributed by:
Sandi Gorin
A Kentucky Colonel
205 Clements Ave.,
Glasgow, KY 43141-3409
(502) 651-9114
By way of: Linne Gravestock,



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