Barnard, John, GA, 1747-57

D: 29 January 1747
P: 8 September 1757
R: 9 September 1757

Will of John Barnard, Wilmington Island, Savannah, Gent.

...Wife: Jane, all horses, cattle, slaves (except Indian slave, Harry), if she remains a widow she is to get all the profits of all the moneys that shall be raised from the stock and debts which I have in the Indian trade, for the maintenance and the education of my two sons, Timothy and William until they are twenty-one years of age. When the youngest son is twenty-one, each son is to have one fourth of stock and money. Other half to wife if she remains a widow. On her death her share to be divided between the sons.

...Son: Timothy, entitled by deed of gift from Richard Kent 500 acres of land on Wilmington Island.

...Son: William, tract of land, 500 acres, on Wilmington Island.

...Indian slave: Harry, his freedom, after two years of service to Jane Barnard, or upon her death if it is sooner.

Exors: Noble Jones, Esq. of near Savannah; Samuel Marcer, Savannah.
Wit: William Stephens, Newdigate Stephens, Charles Watson.

Source: Abstracts of Colonial Wills, State of Georgia, 1735-1777
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