It refers to 7 slaves owned byThomas Baker of Camden, SC.
No first names ...

From Historic Camden (SC):
Capt. Thomas BAKER died in aduel with Jacob BROWN on a race trace 28 May 1789. BenjaminCARTER was Jacob BROWN's second and David EVANS, (he was the lawyer for BAKER), was BAKER's second. Thomas apparently lost a lawsuit and made a disparaging remark about the opposing counsel, who was offended and demanded a duel. Both men died.

This story is also in the History of Fairfield Co. which adds that BAKER, a member of the House of Rep., was buried at his farm 2 miles from Winnsboro.

Thomas BAKER d. intestate. (He must have been a very confident man not to make out a will before a duel!) Following is an abstract of his estate settlement taken from Salt Lake City microfilm 292431, WB 1:44-46.

Fairfield Co, SC - Estate of Thomas BAKER, Esq. deceased Aug Court 1789 Fairfield:
Citation granted Henry HUNTER, Isaac LOVE and Thomas LENOIR was returned to court properly certified, whereupon Genl Rich'd WINN entered a caveat as also did John Christian SMITH ...requesting administration of the estate. The parties agreed and adm was granted to Richard WINN, Henry HUNTER & John Christian SMITH, Esq. The court ordered them to return an inventory of the estate to the court before the "Second Monday in Nov". 20 Aug 1789

The inventory is included but is very poor film quality, so difficult to read. It includes Negroes, 7 ( I believe, one with child ), horses, bulls, cows, geese, many plantation tools, household furniture, 2 bedsteads set, cooking utensils and interestingly 6 plates, 20 cups and saucers, 22 wine glasses, 3 decanters and more for a total of 56.9.340.

Appraisers: Wm ROACH, Wm DURPHEY, Field FARRIOR 6 Nov 1789.

Buyers in the estate: Henry HUNTER, Thomas CHARLTON, Minor WINN, Richard WINN, Thompson WHITEHOUSE, Wm ROACH, Field FARRER, Jona'n BELTON, John RICHMOND, John HUSTON, David EVANS, Jas AUSTEN, Jas Cambell, John MEANS. Rec. from sale 752.-.9.

There were problems and disputes over the estate: In the Camden Dist. Equity Journal 6/1809 was a notation that Gen Richard WINN, adm of the estate of Thomas BAKER, owes the estate money, specifically to Wm & Hope Lenoir. Other records show a challenge by Hope Lenoir. More can be found in theSC Mag of Ancestral Research 15:107, 158-159 and some other issues.

A possible lead to the maiden name of a wife: Thomas BAKER was a trustee of the will of John WINN 16 Jan 1781, Camden Dist, Kershaw Co WB A1. (John WINN owned land in GA which he gave to his sons John and Peter).

There was no mention of a wife in the estate records. I suspect she is the person mentioned in the following abstract found in theSC History & Gen. Mag. v19:
Died on Sun 2/20 at Winns borough... Mrs. Sarah BAKER, wife of Thomas BAKER Esq (one of the members of the House of Representatives. representing District between Broad & Catawba)

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