Lottie Burris Thomas Brown, Caldwell County, Texas, c. 1900
Submitter: Camille Jackson, great-granddaughter

Lottie Burris was born July 16, 1847 in Tishomingo, MS as a slave in the James W. Burris household. She was brought to Gonzales County, Texas in 1856. She married Garner Thomas on February 2, 1867 in Gonzales County, TX. In the 1870 census, Lottie and Garner are living in Belmont, Texas with a 2 year old son, Frank and a baby Sophia. I could not find them in the 1880 census, but I found a reference to them in the Gonzales County History, Vol. 1 under BELMONT COLORED CHILDREN ATTENDING DUHART SCHOOL, GUADALUPE COUNTY: THOMAS, Frank 10, Sophia 8, (Garner Thomas).

In 1882, Lottie and Garner purchased 158 acres in Guadalupe County, TX (handwritten deed found in court house), They paid $158,00 down and signed 2 promissory notes for $557.00 each. Guadalupe County Tax roll for 1884 show that they own the ladn, 1 carriage, 3 horses and 10 cattle.

Garner died in 1884, and Lottie married Owen Brown on October 2, 1884. The next reference to Lottie is found in the 1900 census where she is found in Caldwell County, TX on a farm which she owned.

Lottie died Dec. 20, 1910 and is buried in Fleming Cemetery in Caldwell County, TX. She left an estate of 236 acres with three (3) houses.

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