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    1  Joe Hutton/Joe Grayson - Norma
    Posters, I think I have an understanding of the two names. Joe Hutton's father was Jim Grayson, but Joe was owned by the Huttons. Apparently Joe was known throughout the Creek nation using both Joe Hu..

    2  Joe Hutton/Joe Grayson - Norma
    In my research I find it very hard to distinquish these two Creek freedmen. There is a lot of confusion in my mind trying to consider them as one or separate. I believe there were two Joe Graysons. I ..

    3  Re: 40 acres and a mule - Robert Johnson
    Greetings Donald, If you google, "Tulsa's 'Black Wall Street' Flourished as a Self-Contained Hub in Early 1900s" by Alexis Clark I think most of your questions might be answered. Take care! ..

    4  Re: 40 acres and a mule - MARLAND STEEPLES
    very good question and one certainly worth looking into! Land allotments were almost always stolen from black participants, unless you were smart enough and not violently coerced, forced to sale and o..

    5  Swift family in Caswell County NC - Maggie Swift
    I am searching for information of mulatto or African American Swifts in Caswell County. Specifically David Swift (registered under owner Wesley) who married Louisa. Hoping to find their internment/cem..

    6  Rodslen Brown - Norma
    I am so sorry to hear of Rodslen's death. Although I did not know her personally, I can see that she was very much loved and gifted in many areas. I am glad to know that Rodslen became a citizen of th..

    7  Re: 40 acres and a mule - Donald
    Eli Grayson posed the question, are any of the articulator asking the source of funds that powered the success of Greenwood. 102 acres of my g-grandfather’s allotment is alongside the Arkansas river..

    8  Re: Names of Africans on Trail of Tears - Robert Johnson
    Greetings, My ancestors were part of the group called "Old Settlers." They left before the major group began their sorrowful march in 1838. Take care! Robert..

    9  Re: Names of Africans on Trail of Tears - Angela Y Walton-Raji
    To date there has not been a compiled list of those who were brought along with slave holders on the Trail of Tears. Also note that Terry Ligon has been compiling the names of the enslaved brought wit..

    10  Names of Africans on Trail of Tears - Robert Johnson
    Greetings to all, Is there a list of names of Africans (whether enslaved or "free") on the Cherokee Trail of Tears? Thanks! Robert..

    11  Brigham Family - R. Brigham
    I am a descendant of Jim Brigham of Neylandville. My uncle George Washington Brigham passed away almost 8 years ago and the last Brigham man from that lineage just passed away 2 years ago. William Eug..

    12  Jason Harris - B.Taylor
    I am trying to locate Jason Harris in Wake County, North Carolina. He was born in 1914 and his parents were Robert and Daisy Harris he was seen in 1920 in Marks Creek Township living with his parents ..

    13  [GA] African American Funeral Programs 1886-2019 - tea brick
    More than 100 years of The Digital Library of Georgia recently added more than 3,000 African American funeral home programs from Atlanta and throughout the Southeast to its vast collection of online s..

    14  Re: Pope Photography Studios, Brooklyn  - Allan Feldman
    I don't know if anyone is following this thread anymore. I saw this photo for the first time today. The photo that I hope is attached to this message is of my father-in-law with Mr. Pope and Mayor Lin..

    15  Re: bruner - Charles G Gibson
    Thanks Angela, you answered my question and yes I did did find the military enrollment before I asked my question..

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