People of Color in Utica, New York
1854 City Directory

Transcribed by Jennifer Godwin,, March 2000.

There were 26 residents of Utica listed in the 1854 city directory as "colored." People of color made up about .0004% of those listed in the 1854 directory. About two-thirds, or 15, of those 26 colored residents lived on Post street. Occupations held by people of color in Utica in 1854 included laborer, whitewasher, hair dresser, laundress, dyer, cordwainer, waiter, cook and barber.

Source: The Utica City Directory for 1854--'55., Utica, New York: Published by S. A. & W. E. Richards, 1854. Contains about 5850 names. Utica is located in Oneida County, New York.

Anthony, James, hair dresser, bds 5 Post

Fountain, Rev. James, cordwainer, 7 Post

Freeman, Peter A., laborer, h 12 Post

Freeman, Peter, hair dresser, bds. Wm. Freeman's

Gifford, Henry, cook, h w s West, 1 n Leah

Harrison, Henry, laborer, h 6 Post

Henry, William, laborer, h 28 Canal

Jackson, Caesar, h 5 Post

Jackson, Susan, h n s Jay, 1 e Mohawk

Johnson, Edward, waiter Central Hotel, h 5 Post

Johnson, William, restaurant 5 Packet Dock, bds same

Kingsley, Francis, whitewasher, bds 10 Post

Lippin, Francis C., barber, Devereux Block, h Columbia

Livingston, James, cook, h s s Lansing, 9 e Mohawk

Miller, Sarah, widow, laundress, h e s Steuben, 4 s Eagle

Morrison, Henry, whitewasher, bds 1 Packet Dock

Mundy, Abram, laborer, h 6 Post

Peterson, Maria, widow of John, laundress, h 16 Post

Prince, Mrs. Nancy, laundress, h 4 Burnet

Robbins, Charles, whitewasher, h 14 Post

Smith, William, laborer, h rear 10 Post

Thompson, Mrs. Catharine, h 21 Post

Titus, Charles, laborer, h 6 Post

Tredwell, Timothy, dyer, h 86 Bleecker

Wells, Martin, laborer, h n s Post, 4 e Charlotte

Whitaker, Nancy, widow of John, h 5 Post

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