Runaway Slave Ads

Baltimore County, Maryland

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Baltimore Sun on April 28, 1843 ~:

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD - Ran away from the subscriber on or about the 2nd inst, a negro woman named Sophia, though called Sophy. Said runawat negro woman is between thirty eight and forty years of age; bears her age well, is rather above the middle height; of a bright mulatto color; her front teeth are bad, some broken out; speaks very pleasantly; has no marks recollected; and is a very good looking servant.

The above reward will be paid is said runaway is taken without the state of Maryland; a reward of $50 if taken within the state and out of Baltimore City, and $30 is taken within Baltimore City; in each case, said negress to be either returned to her owner or lodged in Baltimore county jail.

Baltimore County, April 26

I could not make out all of the wording in the advertisement, so a few words I am not exactly certain about.

Baltimore Sun in November 1843 (I cannot make out the exact date) ~:

RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on the 5th of November,instant, a NEGRO BOY named Peter Brown, about 15 years of age. He has a scar on the palm of his hand, and one under the eye. He is of dark complexion, and well set; and had on when he left home, blue cotton Pantaloons, an old Drab Linsey Roundabout, old Straw Hat and new Shoes. Any person bringing said boy to the subscriber, or putting him in jail, so that I can get him again, I will give Ten Dollars reward in the State, and Twenty Dollars if taken out of the State. The subscriber lives near Samuel Watkins’, near the head of Long Green, Baltimore county, Md.


This article sort of got next to me. I just wonder about the scar on the child’s hand and under the eye. As I typed the article horrible thoughts were going through my mind about the treatment of him. Also, does any one have any idea what “an old Drab Linsey Runabout” is?

Baltimore Sun on September 1, 1843 ~:

TEN DOLLARS REWARD - Ran away on the 28th instl, my Negro boy BILL MIDDLETON, aged about 16 years; quite dark; is a good looking boy. He has a sister or two living in Frederick street, and it is likely he will be lurking about them. I will give the above reward if accured so that I get him again.

Golden Post Office, Baltimore County

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