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Age of Former Slave Who Died Last Week Placed at 105 Years

Montgomery County has lost, probably, its oldest resident.

Eliza Moore, Negro, died Wednesday at the home of Charlie Brown, Jr., on the old Gilchrist Place near Mt. Meigs. She was 105 years old, it is reliably reported by G. C.. Gilder, Jr., of Mt.. Meigs, who said he recorded her age at 97 when he registered her for the U.S. Census of 1940.

Eliza was said to have been born a slave in Montgomery County in 1843. Prior to the end of the war between the states she was the slave of a Dr. Taylor, according to B. E. Bolser, of Mt. Meigs.

It is reported that she had been living on the Gilchrist Place for about 65 or 70 years. She went there with her husband Asbury Moore, who had also been a slave. Asbury Moore died in 1943, and it is stated that he too was more than 100 years old at the time of his death.

Although it is believed by people who knew her that Eliza and Asbury Moore had two children, there are no known living relatives of the old couple.


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