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Civil War military record for John Scott
125th Regiment, Company H, U. S. Colored Troops  

Civil War Pension Application of Delpha Scott, widow of John Scott
Greensburg, Green County, KY

 Transcribed and contributed by Belva Seaberry

More than 3 dozen names of Greensburg residents, both black and white, are contained in these documents. Many names are confirmed in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 censuses.  

The Civil War USCT enlistment papers of John Scott (black) document that he was a slave of John Scott (white) of Greensburg, who applied for compensation to the U. S. War Department because he had not consented to his slave joining the military. Scott was a private in the USCT from enlistment at Lebanon, KY, April 22, 1865 to disability discharge May 23, 1866 in Cairo, IL. According to the pension application, Scott died March 20, 1876 in Greensburg after suffering years of illness contracted during his military service. In his military records and in the pension application, his approximate birth year is 1812 or 1820. His birth year in the 1870 Greensburg census is about 1816.  

The widow’s pension documents mainly date from January 1, 1890 to October 28, 1893. They include the marriage license and certificate of John Scott and Delphia Gaines (June 24, 1875), the Army Certificate of Disability Discharge, Green County court documents, U.S. government documents, and a number of affidavits of Greensburg residents attesting to Scott’s illness and death and his widow’s poverty. 

Delpha Gaines was born in Green County March 1829 and died there September 25, 1929 according to these files. She is listed in the 1870 Census in Greensburg. John Scott (black) is also listed in that census with his first wife Margery and 5 young people.  

The names of Greensburg residents are listed with their function in these dated documents, along with notes where they are of interest.  Race, (B) or (W), is indicated when census entries were found.  

Greensburg Residents





John Scott (white)  
John H. Alden
  Justice Peace (W)  
B.B. Scott             
witness (W)  
John N. Reid        
Hobson S. Lewis 
Wm. Tucker        
attestor (W)
E.F. Tucker          
attestor (W)  
John A Trasenwriter
        attestor (W)

Proof of Ownership, Compensation Claim,  
Oath of Allegiance,  
Proof of Loyalty,  
Power of Attorney




Green Co,  KY

Scott asks to be compensated by U.S. Government for the loss of his slave to the military. Takes oath that he has been loyal to U.S.

John Lewis           witness (B)  
         witness (B)  
J.D. Durham
    county clerk (W) Samuel Carter     minister (B)  
Richard Taylor   
homeowner (W)


Marriage License and Certificate of John Scott (black) & Delphia Gaines (black)


Green Co, Richard Taylor’s [farm]


A.J. Perkins         clerk (W)

B.J. Hamilton       clerk? (W)

W.H. Milby           attorney (W)

Verification of above


Green Co. courthouse



Army Certificate of Disability for Discharge for John Scott


Army Post, Cairo, IL


F.J. Taylor, 60 (W)

Affidavit for the widow’s claim


Green Co

Made Scott’s coffin

Alfred Scott, 74 (B)



Green Co

Knew Scott personally

Belle Henry, 43 (B)  
James Blakeman
, 42 (B)


Green Co

Knew Scott personally and witnessed death

Lewis Phillips, 38 (B)


Green Co

Knew Scott personally

Charles Marshall, 72 (B)



Green Co

Also 125th; in Cairo IL; witnessed Scott’s illness

A.S. Lewis , MD (W)



Green Co

Verifies Scott’s illness and death on his return to Greensburg

B.B. Scott, MD (W)



Green Co

Treated  John Scott, “an old family servant”

Matt Cowherd, 65 (B)



Green Co

Also in 125th;  in Cairo IL; witnessed Scott’s illness

Milo Blakeman, 78 (B)

Charles Marshall, 54 or 56 (B)

George W. Lewis, 47 (B)

Washington Lile, 62 (B)

Margie Allen  (B)



Green Co

All also in 125th, in Cairo IL; witnessed Scott’s illness.  Reported Scott had been married first to Margie Allen, deceased.  Delpha not previously married, and remained a widow after Scott’s death.  They “had no children under age of 16 at the [death of] John Scott.

Lucien Durham, 46 (W)

Affidavit of Delpha Scott’s poverty and living arrangements

7/5/1893 and 8/4/1893 

Green Co

Employs Delpha as cook and washerwoman for his family. She lived in his house near Greensburg

William Smith, 46 (W)

Affidavit confirming Delpha Scott’s poverty  and living arrangements


Green Co

Says he is “well-acquainted with the claimant.”

W.H. Milby       Accepting Agt

Chas. D. Allen      witness (W)

R. L. Foster           witness (W)

Articles of Agreement


Green Co

Milby agrees to represent Delpha Scott in her application, for free.


Court declaration by Delpha Scott


Green Co

Repeat of Delpha’s testimony, age 50. Said Scott contracted "diseases of lung and diarrhea" at Camp Burnsides, KY, fall 1865


Widow’s Pension Application


Pension adm.

First claim rejected

L. Durham            witness (W)

J.L. Hamilton       witness (W)

H.T. Larimore      clerk (W)

Court declaration by Delpha Scott


Green Co.

Delpha, 52, affirms all of previous testimony.


Widow’s Pension Application


Pension adm.

Claim approved for $8/month commencing 2/27/1892. 
Later increases stamped on record: 
11/4/1916 Delpha, 76, entitled to $20/month. 
6/4/1928 Delpha’s pension increased to $40/month. 

B.W. Penick     clerk/witness (W)

Alex Milby        witness (W)

Affidavit by Delpha


Green Co

Delpha affirms above testimony, but has no other required records of Scott’s illness or treatment.


Statement of John Scott’s service


War Dept. Washington, D.C.

Scott on rolls 4/22/1865 to 2/1866, present March & April, absent sick [rheumatism] in Post Hospital, Cairo, IL since 4/12/1866.  Vitals and description.


Report of hospital record


Bureau of Pensions

“Disability from disease of lungs and diarrhea, no treatment alleged, discharged for ‘old age and its infirmities (54 years)’, chronic nephritis and an old fracture of left arm—all contracted before enlistment.”

C. H. Noggle      attestor (W)

Letter from Delpha Scott to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C.



Asks for a pension increase from $12 to $20/month.  Gave her birth month/year.


Pension Office Drop Report


A federal office

Drops Delpha because of her death Sept 25, 1929



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