Colored Householders
Baltimore City Directory 1847-1848

By Louis S. Diggs, author of It All Started on Winter's Lane and Holding On To Their Heritage


Several Afrigeneas members asked me to do some look-ups for them on
African American families residing in Baltimore, Maryland during the
years 1847 and 1848. In assisting them, I encountered a book that listed
exactly what information they were seeking; so, rather than just put all
this good information back on the dusty shelf I found the book on, I
thought I would share the entire book with all of the members of
Afrigeneas, just in case there is someone else out there looking for
their ancestors in the Baltimore area during the mid-1800s. I will post
names daily.

The following are the names of African Americans who were residing in
Baltimore, Maryland in 1847 and 1847. The list comes from the book, ěThe
Baltimore Director for 1847-8î, compiled by R.J. Matchett, 1847. The
book listed the "Colored Householders" in a separate section. It listed
persons by name, occupation, and home address. The following listings
are those African Americans whose last name begin with an "A":

If you have been following listings of African Americans residing in
Baltimore that I have been posting on the forum for quite some time now,
you will notice that later directories listed African Americans in two
primary categories: Most males were listed as laborers, and most females
were listed as laundresses.  It is quite interesting to note that in
1847-1848, African American occupations were listed in very broad
categories, e.g., Mariners, Caulkers, Brickmakers, Seamstresses,
Gardners, Draymen, Hucksters, etc, etc.

The following are the principal abbreviations necessarily made use of
throughout the work, viz, ot for Old Town; fp Fellís Point;  fh Federal
Hill; ! persons of colour; gent. gentleman; dwel, dwelling; cor. corner;
whf. wharf; av. avenue; st. street; al. alley; n. North; s. South; e.
East; w. West.

Louis S. Diggs

A Ackwood, William, 13 Tyson st Adams, James, laborer, 13 Hull lane Adams, Adam, sawyer, 12 Short st Adams, William, laborer, 1 Elizabeth st Adams, Robert, laborer, Walnut alley near Ross st Addison, John, laborer, 50 Pierce st Addison, J., Barber, 47 Fayette st Addison, Joseph, porter, 217 Saratoga st Addison, John, barber, 130 St. Paul st Agery, Joseph, laborer, 25 Biddle alley Allen, Sarah, 21 Jasper st Allen, Jeremiah, drayman, 19 Marion st Allen, Sarah, washer, 295 Forrest st Allen, Mrs. Ann, washer, 23 Perry st Allen, Alexander, ship carpenter, 52 Hill st Allen, Amey, washer, 184 Bethel st Allen, Nathan, 23 Perry sy Alzer, Mingo, Teacher, 99 Hill st Ambrey, Joseph, mariner, 189 Happy alley Ambrose, Alexander, drayman, 93 G. Montgomery st Amby, Benjamin, sawyer, 171 Bethel st Amos, Mrs. Rachael, washer, 101 Chestnut st Amos, Maria, 141 North st Anderson, Thomas, hod carrier, 179 Pierce st Anderson, Nathan, laborer, 71 Chestnut st Anderson, Jacob, laborer, 114 Madison st Anderson, Samuel, laborer, Half Moon alley Anderson, Emanuel, hodman, 49 L. McElderry st Anderson, Ellen, seamstress, 136 Low st Anderson, Adam, carter, 142 Low st Anderson, John, laborer, 83 Stirling st Anderson, James, laborer, 56 Lewis st Anderson, Jacob, mariner, 26 Bethel st Anderson, Jacob, barber, 125 Hill st Anderson, Samuel, caulker, 135 L. Hughes st Anderson, Israel, brickmaker, Patapsco alley Anderson, Matilda, washer, 103 Chestnut st Anderson, Joseph, caulker, 3 Spring st Anthony, Samuel, laborer, 36 Biddle alley Anthony, Daniel, carter, 92 East st Anthony, Aaron, porter, 58 Davis st Appleby, William, brickmaker, 94 G. Montgomery st Armstrong, George, Cohen's alley Armstrong, Dennis, laborer, 81 Stirling sy Armstrong, John, stevedore, 53 Lancaster st Armstrong, Henry, Walnut alley near Ross st Ashton, Blane, stevedore, 23 Nicholson lane Ashton, Teresa, 102 Chestnut st Askew, Thomas, laborer, 180 Dallas st Askins, Christopher, porter, 111 L. Hughes st Astor, John, laborer, 86 Chestnut st Astor, Basil, laborer, 86 Chestnut st Atkinson, Joseph, porter, 195 Happy alley Atkinson, Abraham, laborer, 18 Wayne st Augusta, Alexander, barber, 53 e Baltimore st Augustua, E., laborer, 18 Bath st Augusta, John, barber, 62 East st Augustus, Mary, huckster, 7 e Fayette st B Blake, Rev. Cato, laborer, 40 Rock st Blake, Jeremiah, waiter, 46 Orchard st Blake, George, laborer, 6 Dallas st Blake, Sewell, stone mason, 109 Jasper st Blake, James, whip sawyer, 197 Happy alley Blake, Edward, coachman, 8 Marion st Blake, Isaac, sawyer, Starr alley Blake, Amelia, washer, 1 Forrest st Blake, John, carter, 5 Spring st Blake, Jacob, porter, 32 Short st Blake, Levin, laborer, 72 Dallas st Blackson, William, laborer, 42 Douglass st Blooks, Miss Mary Jane, 8 Union st Boardley, Perry, laborer, 146 Mulberry st Boen, Benjamin, laborer, 100 G. Montgomery st Boey, Solomon, laborer, 245 s Charles st Boggs, Hiram, brick maker, Leadenhall st Bolden, Washington, laborer, 149 Low st Bolerer, Mrs. Emily, 47 Ross st Bond, James, sailor, 33 Forrest st Bond, Samuel, porter, 26 Dover st Bond, Jerry, ice cream dealer, 82 Salisbury st Bond, Emory, laborer, 125 Nort st Bonn, Henry, laborer, 158 Sarah Ann st Boon, Thomas, brick maker, 142 Hill st Booth, Mr. 93 Parl st Booth, John, laborer, O alley Booth, Alfred, barber, 1 Short st Booth, James, drayman, 202 Tyson st Boardley, Stephen, drayman, 1 Sarah Ann st Boardley, Richard, brick moulder, 59 West st Boardley, Daniel, waiter, 5 Raborg st Boardley, Anthony, laborer, 34 Vine st Boardley, William, laborer, 1 n Amity st Borsey, Mrs. Mary, 17 Tyson st Bosley, John, mariner, 6 Brannan's court Bosley, Gabriel, drayman, 131 G. Montgomery st Boston, Daniel, 65 O'Donnel's whf Boston, George, laborer, 28 Rock st Boston, John, tailor, 108 Dugan's wharf Boston, Mr., laborer, 10 Wagon alley Boston, Daniel, cook shop keeper, 176 Eastern avenue Boston, Mrs. Mary, 10 Jew alley Boston, Daniel, carter, 116 Jasper st Boston, Daniel, drayman, 17 Run alley Boston, Daniel, waiter, 209 s Charles st Boston, Robert, brick maker, 108 York st Boston, Peter, porter, 121 York st Boston, John, porter, 72 Dallas st Bouy, John, laborer, 17 Perry st Bowen, Charles, laborer, 35 State st Bowers, Horace, laborer, 28 Pierce st Bowers, Nathan, sawyer, 17 Perry sy Bowers, Francis, laborer, 15 Johnson st Bowers, James, wood sawyer, 11 Welcome alley Bowers, Nathan, laborer, 17 Perry st Bowles, John, baker, 188 Eastern avenue Bowman, Jacob, laborer, 47 Biddle avenue Bowman, Samuel, whip sawyer, 171 Happy alley Bowser, Mrs. Lydia, boarding house, 26 Park st Bowser, Joseph, steveadore, 33 Jefferson st Bowser, Mrs. Maria, 160 Tyson st Bowser, Rachael, washer, 174 Bethel st Bowser, James, caulker, 183 Happy alley Boyce, Louis, packer, 121 s Howard st Boyer, Moses, laborer, 124 Hill st Boyer, William, laborer, 43 Sugar alley Boyer, John, drayman, 5 X alley Boyer, Sutton, wood sawyer, 30 Guilford alley Bradford, Rebecca, milliner, 39 Welcome alley Bradford, John, hackman, 61 Welcome alley Bradford, Jacob, hodman, 30 Cross st Bradford, Alexander, carter, 19 Starr alley Bradley, J.J., porter, 66 Chestnut alley Bradley, Mrs. C. Chestnut alley Bradley, John H., porter, 88 Chestnut alley Brawden, Alfred, waiter, Elder alley Brewer, William, laborer, 46 Pierce st Brian, Lloyd, laborer, 29 Chestnut alley Brian, William, cooper, 94 Chestnut alley Brice, Henry, laborer, 231 Ensor st Bright, Ezekiel, wagoner, Lombard st. alley Bright, Jacob, laborer, 6 Chestnut st Bright, M., whip sawyer, 9 Forrest st Brightman, Henry, drayman, 36 Vine st Brightman, John, cabinet maker, 78 Park st Brightman, Abram, currier, 30 State st Briscoe, Susan, 69 n Pearl st Briscoe,_____, barber, 201 Louisiana st Briscoe, William, drayman, Patapsco alley Brister, Thomas, laborer, 131 Tyson st Brock, William, barber, 41 South st Brogdel, Elizabeth, servant, Union alley Brodgen, Austin, drayman, 65 Chestnut alley Brogden, Samuel, wood sawyer, 10 Jew alley Bromwell, Henry, blacksmith, 74 Park st Brooks, Edward, corn broom maker, 59 s Howard st Brooks, Daniel, drayman, 88 Short st Brooks, Caroline, 51 Davis st Brooks, William, carter, 48 Wayne st Brooks, David, sawyer, 54 Hill st Brooks, John, house carpenter, 103 Hill st Brooks, Robert, caulker, 43 s Caroline st Brooks, Minty, washer, 130 Dallas st Broom, Henry, wood sawyer, 51 Perry st Broom, Major, laborer, 19 Perry st Brown, Thomas, carter, Elder alley Brown, Henry, plaisterer, 2 Union st Brown, Thomas, hackman, 10 Pierce st Brown, George, waiter, 18 Chestnut allet Brown, Mrs. 47 Chatsworth st Brown, Zachariah, drayman, 12 Jew alley Brown, Benjamin, laborer, 115 Jasper st Brown, Reuben, cariage driver, 41 Raborg st Brown, Amelia, 14 Raborg st Brown, William, H.G., engineer, 61 s Howard st Brown, Jacob, 48 Perry st Brown, Samuel, waiter, 72 Park st Brown, Mrs., 73 French st Brown, Perry, 27 Forrest st Brown, Joshua, drayman, 49 East st Brown, Minley, washer, 188 Monuments st Brown, James, waiter, 116 Madison st Brown, Peter, Whitewasher, 59 Canal st Brown, Arthur, laborer, 138 Ensor st Brown, Edward, laborer, 29 Douglass st Brown, Samuel, laborer, 31 Douglass st Brown, Francis, 9 Hull lane Brown, Philip, oysterman, 16 Hull lane Brown, Henry, porter, 115 Low st Brown, ,______, 42 Low st Brown, Edward, laborer, 97 Stirling st Brown, John, carter, 36 Short st Brown, M.A., dress maker, 37 French st Brown, William, laborer, 8 Short alley Brown, Wesley, laborer, 68 Dover st Brown, Joshua, drayman, 88 Carpenter's alley Brown, Philip, keeper of eating room, 12 Mercer st Brown, Betsy, 49 Davis st Brown, William, barber, 13 Hamilton st Brown, Isaac, laborer, 9 Tyson st Brown, Mr., laborer, 8 Wayne st Brown, John F., stevadore, 370 Light st Brown, George, laborer, 117 L. Hughes st Brown, Washington, laborer, 79 L. Hughes st Brown, John, whip sawyer, 25 Sugar alley Brown, Benjamin, grain runner, 378 s. Charles st Brown, Jacob, grain runner, 388 s Charles st Brown, Jacob, drayman, 394 s Charles st Brown, Perry, steamboat man, 34 Guilford alley Brown, Jacob, grain measurer, 41 Guilford alley Brown, John, brickmaker, 19 Welcome alley Brown, Rosetta, washer, Biddle alley Brown, Thomas, laborer, 107 e Lombard st Brown, Aaron, laborer, 18 Chestnut st Brown, Josiah, porter, 77 Chestnut st Brown, William, coachman, 64 Chestnut st Brown, William, hodman, 97 Spring st Brown, William, carter, 87 Spring st Brown, Joseph, blacksmith, 178 s Caroline st Brown, William, laborer, 20 Argyle alley Brown, John, carter, 19 Starr alley Brown, Abraham, French lane Brown, Thomas, laborer, Walnut alley near Ross st Brush, Peter, waiter, 9 Salisbury alley Bryant, Jerry, drayman, 200 Tyson st Buchanan, Frank, carter, 239 Happy alley Buck, Benjamin, 197 Spring street Bundy, M., laborer, 50 Orchard st Burgess, Perry, drayman, 6 State st Burgess, Alexander, laborer, 66 East st Burgess, John, hackman, alley from Bath st. near North Burgoyne, A., confectioner, 287 Easyern avenue Burk, David, ship carpenter, 250 Happy alley Burke, George, laborer, 18 Pierce st Burke, ASlemia, 25 Chestnut alley Burke, Mary, washer, 59 East st Burke, Big, mariner, 117 Low st Burke, William, caulker, 174 Dallas st Burke, Mrs. Nancy, 256 Happy alley Burke, Thomas, caulker, 149 Happy alley Burke, James, laborer, 257 Happy alley Burket, Thomas, waiter, 3 Court row, State st Burley, Osborne, huckster, 128 St. Paul st Burnit, William, drayman, 47 Dover st Burns, Samuel, draymanm, Orchard st Burt, James, 62 Davis st Bush, Richard, scowman, 42 Jefferson st Butler, George, servant, 70 Orchard st Butler, Richard, laborer, 27 Bath st Butler, Clara, 85 Mulberry st Butler, James, cooper, 39 Raborg st Butler, Sydney, washer, 83 East st Butler, Charles, porter, 126 n Spring st Butler, Nancy, washer, Harford avenue Butler, Noah, rope maker, Harford ave Butler, John H., 129 Low st Butler, George, drayman, 27 Lewis st Butler, Henry, laborer, 185 Columbia st Butler, H.D. coffee and eating house, 3 Hanover market space Butler, Coleman, baker, 192 s Caroline st Butler, John, laborer, 194 Caroline st Butler, Margaret, washer, Bethel st near Pratt Butler, Robert, mariner, 201 Happy alley Byers, Alfred, porter, 9 Rabortg st. C Cager, James, laborer, 91 Wolfe st Cain, Keziah, Lombard st. alley Caldwell, Wesley, laborer, 70 Chestnut alley Caldwell, William, hackman, 238 n Gay st Caldwell, John, poryer, 12 Dover st Caldwell, Jeremiah, drayman, 117 York st Caldwell, Charles, stevadore, 22 Argyle alley Caldwell, Ennalls, laborer, 49 Bank st Calhoun, Henry, blacksmith, 33 Run alley Calvert, William, Biddle alley Campbell, Isabella, Market alley. betw. Eutaw & Greene sts Campbell, Nathan, laborer, 33 State st Campbell, Fanny, cook, 63 Forrest st Campbell, Henry, 69 Davis st Campbell, Edmund, laborer, 37 Tyson st Campbell, Martin H., laborer, 244 Dallas st Cammack, James, laborer, 68 Canal st Cameron, James, mariner, 42 Dallas st Campher, Richard, brickmaker, 140 Happy alley Campher, Dennis, barber, 85 Light st. wharf Campher, Stephen, sawyer, 59 East st Cane, James, laborer, 177 Bethel st Carey, George, laborer, 5 Elizabeth st Carmack, Joel P., coachman, 77 East st Carmack, Lewis, hackman, 18 Short alley Carminger, Abraham, laborer, 10 Sugar alley Carpenter, Eli, laborer, 15 Burgundy alley Carr, John, brickmaker, 132 Hill st Carr, Joseph, carter, 249 s. Charles st Carr, Nelly, washer, 117 Spring st Carroll, Benjamin, 21 Tyson st Carroll, William, shop keeper, 34 Park st Carter, Joseph, drayman, 826 w Baltimore st Carter, John, waiter, 99 Jasper st Carter. Matthew, mariner, 50 Argyle alley Casey, Sarah, 467 Lexington st Cassel, Christopher, laborer, 288 Mulberry st Casell, Emeline, washer, Union alley, betw. Run al. and Pearl st Cassell, Mrs., M., 42 Pierce st Castor, Noah, whitewasher, 41 Davis st Gava, Elizabeth, washer, 213 Chestnut st Chamben, Noah, laborer, 6 Dallas st Chambers, Mrs. Ann, washer, 96 Chestnut st Chandler, Mrs. Sarah, 139 North st Chaplin, Chatlotte, cigar maker, 378 s Charles st Chapman, Jeremiah, nail Smith, 84 Spring st Chase, Absalom, laborer, 2 Jew alley Chase, Samuel, drayman, 34 union st Chase___, laborer, 34 Union street Chase, William, barber, 98 n Howard st Chase, Absalom, laborer, 2 Jew alley Chase, Henry, drayman, 28 Elbow alley Chase, Eliza, washer, 34 Forrest Chase, Samuel, laborer, 100 Madison st Chase, Levi, baker, 11 Hull lane Chase, Emily, washer, 71 Stirling st Chase, Thomas, laborer, alley s from Bath st bet Davis & North Chase, Mrs. Mary, N alley, near Barre st Chase, Allen, laborer, 70 Dallas st Cheers, George, laborer, 59 Jasper st Chester, Stanley. whip sawyer, 114 Dallas st Chester, Jeremiah, caulker, 219 Happy alley Chew, Richard, laborer, O alley Chew, Samuel, mariner, 372 s Charles st Chew, Samuel, laborer, 92 Chestnut st Chin, Addison, brickmaker, 180 s Howard st Christie, Dinah, 9 Jew alley Chrisopher, Hasset, blacksmith, 81 s Eden st Clark, Perry, laborer, 70 Dallas st Clark, William, laborer, 4 Salisbury alley Claxton, Thomas, fireman, 9 Salisbury alley Clayton, Levi, laborer, 24 Welcome alley Clayton, Harrison, caulker, 35 Argyle alley Clinton, D., oysterman, 26 Argyle alley Ciements, John, drayman, 86 Jasper st Coates, Ann, hair picker, 7 Hull lane Coehran, Thomas J., carpenter, 171 Spring st Cocker, Daniel, laborer, 47 Sugar alley Colbert, Diana, washer, 66 Lewis st Colburn, Francis, drayman, 33 French st Cole, Mrs. Jane, 8 Pierce st Cole, Joseph, laborer, 15 Chestnut alley Cole, Mary, 22 Forrest st Cole, James, 36 Carpenter's alley Cole, Isaac, porter, 78 Salisbury st Cole, Robert, laborer, 178 Bethel st Coleman, John L., whitewasher, 8 Hull lane Coleman, John, brickmaker, 41 Welcome alley Collins, Catherine, washer, 128 Stirling st Colman, Cyrus, laborer, 10 Tyson st Commondon, Ann, servant, 5 Run alley Conaway, Ephraim, ship carpenter, 163 Spring st Conklin, Oliver, cigar maker, Goosberry alley, near Biddle st Conly, William, hod carrier, 130 Sarah Ann st Connor, Isaac, rope maker, 85 Cross st Constable, Benjamin, porter, 42 Dover st Cook, Thomas, laborer, Sarah Ann st, near Chatsworth Cook, W.H., laborer, 40 Orchard st Cook, William, laborer, 70 St. Mary's st Cook, Clinton, waiter, 26 State st Cook, Charles H., carter, 17 Short st Cook, Leonard, whip sawyer, 9 Philpot alley Cook, William, 19 Perry st Cooper, Thomas, waiter, 27 Union st Cooper, Henry, drayman, 113 Great Montgomery st Cooper, Susan, washer, 30 Sugar alley Cooper, Edwin, drayman, 2 Lloyd st Cooper, Haswell, laborer, 85 Happy alley Cooper, Robert, hackman, 182 Happy alley Cooper, Lawrence, laborer, 166 Happy alley Cooper, Joseph, caulker, 146 Happy alley Cooper, Samuel, caulker, 146 Happy alley Cooper, Perry, laborer, 303 Eastern avenue Cooper, Thomas, carter, 307 Eastern avenue Cooper, Harriet, 8 Starr alley Cooper, John, caulker, 10 Starr alley Cooper, William, caulker, 15 Starr alley Cooper, Mrs. Mary, French lane Cooper, Caroline, 32 Guilford alley Cork, Ellis, laborer, Greenwillow st Cornish, John, drayman, 282 Biddle st Cornish, Adam, drayman, 178 s Howard st Cornish, John, sailor, 37 Forrest st Cornish, James, drayman, 64 East st Cornish, Charles, ship carpenter, 113 L. Hughes st Cornish, Levi, laborer, 2 X alley Cornish, William, 111 Spring st Cosbley, John W., cigar maker, 128 Chestnut alley Cotanch, George, waiter, 4 Chestnut alley Count, David, laborer, 58 Dallas st Countee, Melville, laborer, 26 State st Countee, M., whip sawyer, 51 Guilford st Countee, Philip, carter, 222 Hanover st Coxton, Mugan, 42 Chestnut st Crawford, William, hod carrier, 1 Chestnut alley Crawford, Caroline, washer, 49 Perry st Crawford, Mrs. Rachel, 70 Centre st Creppin, Mrs. Henny, washer, 67 Dover st Crick, Eliza, huckster, 100 Low st Crismas, N., 127 Low st Criswell, Delia, washer, 68 Lewis st Cromwell, Gabriel, barber, 151 Fremont st Cromwell, Isaac, drayman, 197 s Eutaw st Cross, L., Chappel alley Crouch, Simon, drayman, 128 North st Crouch, Mrs. Mary, 224 Happy alley Crumby, Maria, 24 Forrest Crump, Emeline, washer, 202 Happy alley Crumwell, George, shoemaker, 75 Conway st Crumwell, Stephen, fisherman, 133 Ensor st Crubb, Anthony, painter, 31 State st Cummins, Rebecca, huckster, 81 L. Hughes st Cummins, James, laborer, 102 Spring st Cummins, James, sawyer, 155 Bank st Cummins, Enoch, stevadore, 146 Bethel st Cunningham, William, steward, Happy alley, near Gough st Curtis, Charlotte, 7 Sarah Ann st Curtis, John, porter, 172 Eastern avenue D Dale, Samuel, laborer, 106 Tyson st Darby, John, brickmaker, 52 Sugar alley Darby, Mager, brickmaker, 35 Sugar alley Darey, William, caulker, 10 Wayne st Darey, William, caulker, 61 Welcome alley Daugherfield, Lydia, 5 Tyson st Davies, E., musician, Kimmell's alley Davis, Robert, laborer, 21 Chestnut alley Davis, E., musician, Kimmell's alley Davis, Francis, sail maker, 216 w Pratt st Davis, Washington, laborer, 101 Camden st Davis, James, white washer, 309 Saratoga st Davis, Eliza, tanner, 71 French st Davis, Richard, barber, 156 Forrest st Davis, Elijah, tanner, 111 Harford avenue Davis, Fanny, washer, 78 n Front st Davis, Fanny, washer, 70 Carpenter's alley Davis, John, mariner, 32 Sugar alley Davis, Dianna, washer, 300 s Charles st Davis, Francis, sail maker, Hanover Market space Davis, Mrs. Mary, 37 s Caroline st Davis, Peter, 26 Bath st Daws, Isaac, drayman, 73 Stirling st Dawson, Mrs. Mary, 296 Eastern avenue Day, James H., barber, s Paca, near Pratt st Day, Cato, caulker, 208 Happy alley Day, Alfred, mariner, 155 Low st Deacon, Mrs. Julia, 3 Cohen's alley Deaver, Charles, butcher, 16 Short st Dieter, Charles, boat builder, 29 Bethel st Delosher, Thomas, laborer, Pierce st. near Fremont Delozier, Isaac, laborer, 204 Fayette st Delozier, Alexander, laborer, 204 Fayette st Denby, Perry, laborer, 8 Chestnut alley Dennis, Littleton, coachman, 47 State st Dennis, Emory, laborer, 48 Chestnut st Dennis, Robert, waiter, 64 Centre st Denton, Lewis, laborer, 86 L. Hughes st Derry, Samuel, hackman, 124 Ensor st Derry, William, grain measurer, 12 Lewis st Dessin, Henry, confectioner, 16 e Pratt st Dickerson, Mrs. Catherine, 35 Biddle alley Dickerson, Mrs. Carcia, 54 Davis st Dickerson, Henry, brickmaker, 26 Guilford alley Dickerson, James, mariner, 97 Chestnut st Dickeson, William, laborer, 98 Spring st Dickeson, Samuel, hod carrier, 3 Short st Dickeson, James, carter, 34 Sugar alley Dickinson, Richard, steam boat hand, 45 Douglass st Dickson, Mary, 4 Court row, State st Dillaway, James, laborer, 53 Welcome alley Dixon, George, wood sawyer, 176 s Howard st Dixon, Daniel, sawyer, 57 Perry st Dixon, Anna, washer, 13 Burgandy alley Dixon, Peregrine, baker, 132 s Eutaw st Dixon, Peter, mariner, 105 York st Dixon, Robert, brickmaker, 143 Happy alley Dixon, John, drayman, 97 Wolf st Doaman, Daniel, laborer, 156 Montgomery st Dobson, George, waiter, 39 Pierce st Dobson, Henry, drayman, 35 Tyson st Dode, Peter, tailor, 32 Pratt st Dodson, Peter, laborer, 28 Sugar alley Doer, George, coach smith, 128 n Caroline Dorsey, Harriet, 181 Pierce Dorsey, James, farmer, 46 Pierce st Dorsey, Hensey, laborer, 36 Pierce st Dorsey, Abram, laborer, Market alley, bet. Eutaw & Greene sts Dorsey, Gustavus, blacksmith, 16 Union st Dorsey, James, laborer, 33 Union st Dorsey, Mrs. Emily, 12 Jew alley Dorsey, Hester, 4 Jew alley Dorsey, Horatio, barber, 58 Pennsylvania avenue Dorsey, Henry, huckster, 112 Pennsylvania avenue Dorsey, Charles, laborer, 37 Pennsylvania avenue Dorsey, Lewis, laborer, 27 State st Dorsey, Henry, laborer, 97 Jasper st Dorsey, Ann, servant, 118 Camden st Dorsey, Edward, drayman, 69 Forrest st Dorsey, Mary A., 41 Park st Dorsey, George, chandler, 1 Friendship st Dorsey, Henry, 34 Carpenter's alley Dorsey, Matthew, brickmaker, 82 L. Hughes st Dorsey, William, laborer, 129 William st Dorsey, Cain, laborer, 20 Sugar alley Dorsey, Isaac, blacksmith, 106 Happy alley Dorsey, Jerry, grain measurer, 24 Cross st Dotson, George, porter, 107 York st Douglass, William, laborer, 54 Davis st Douglass, T.G., laborer, 62 Centre st Dove, George, shoemaker, 117 York st Dowden, Susan, washer, 3 Run alley Dowden, Adam, laborer, 118 Madison st Dowdie, Solomon, sawyer, 66 Dallas st Downs, Lucy, 27 State st Downs, Harrison, caulker, 15 Starr alley Doyle, Richard, laborer, 57 Jasper st Draper, Garrison, tobacconist, 162 Forrest Dravat, Washington, 24 Douglass st Drayman, John, drayman, 66 St. Mary st Drew, Edward, brickmaker, 141 Hill st Driver, Edward, carter, 4 Ropewalk alley Drummer, Benjamin, laborer, 68 Davis st Drummond, Evan, laborer, 10 State st Duall, Richard, drayman, 163 Sarah Ann st Dubois, Joseph, barber, 38 President st Duchit, Henry, laborer, Market alley, bet. Eutaw & Greene sts Duchit, Francis, laborer, 7 State st Dudley, Samuel, laborer, 91 Salisbury st Duffen, Basil, laborer, 68 St. Mary st Ducray, James, laborer, 26 Wayne st Dunbar, Mrs. Maria, 13 Eutaw court Duncan, Richard, 15 Commerce st Dunn, Rev. Charles, 99 Low st Dunn, Daniel, 5 Short st Dunn, James, grain runner, 388 s Charles st Durkin, John, laborer, 124 Ross st E Earl, Richard, laborer, 64 Tyson st Ears, Sandy, sawyer, 41 Forrest st Easton, Gabriel, porter, 15 Dover st Eddy, William, laborer, 28 Short st Edward, Samuel, laborer, 11 Wagon alley Effert, Henry, brick maker, 28 Dover st Effert, Thomas, laborer, 15 Wayne st Ehlen, Mrs. Sarah, 24 Argyle alley Elbert, H., carter, 22 Douglass st Elbert, Lydia, 366 s Charles st Elias, Daniel, 24 Union st Elias, James, tanner, 499 Saratoga st Ellen, Mrs. Sarah, 34 Argyle alley Ellicott, Zeph, mariner, 83 s Eden st Ellicott, Samuel, 890 w. Baltimore st Ellicott, Prince, 72 Davis st Ellicott, Robert, waiter, 45 Tyson st Ellis, David, laborer, 12 Sugar alley Ellis, Simon, carter, 29 Bond st Elliseet, John, laborer, 10 Branan's court Ellit, William, laborer, 49 State st Emerson, James, barber, 7 s Front st Emerson, Joshua, laborer, 68 Dallas st Emerson, Owen, laborer, 188 s Howard st Emerson, James, porter, 24 Park st Emerson, Stephen, 97 Salisbury st Emory, Michael, ostler, 117 Chestnut st Emory, Jacob, Chappel alley Emory, Daniel, waiter, 161 Tyson st Emory, Cephas, brickmaker, Scott st s. of Columbia Ermy, Michael, fruit dealer, 18 Park st Ermy, Norris, 22 Short st Eustin, Henry, drayman, 4 Pierce st Evans, Francis, porter, 36 Park st Evans, Hooper, sailor, 35 Short st Evans, James, porter, 60 Lewis st Evans, Thomas, oysterman, 84 s Liberty st Evans, Thornton, caulker, 140 Hill st Evans, Eliza, washer, 5 Chestnut st F Farnandis, John, barber, 327 Bond st Farrel, Asa, washer, 98 Low st Ferguson, Robert, laborer, 76 Orchard st Ferguson, Benjamin, laborer, 71 L. Hughes st Ferguson, Benjamin F., barber, 195 e Baltimore st Ferguson, William, laborer, 110 Chestnut st Fickle, Eli, drayman, 71 East st Fields, Isaac, whitewasher, 88 York st Fields, William, laborer, 3 Hull lane Fields, Edward, laborer, 102 Chestnut st Finley, Peter, waiter, 72 s Howard st Finley, Daniel, foundryman, 23 Welcome alley Fisher, B.E., barber, 41 Centre Market space Fisher, Jacob, mariner, 99 Spring st Fisher, Mrs. Rachael, 36 Perry st Flamer, Nicholas, laborer, 159 Tyson st Flamer, Mr., 113 Tyson st Flamer, Sarah, washerwoman, 368 Light st Flamer, Sherry, nightman, 74 L. Hughes st Fleetwood, Charles, waiter, 39 State st Floyd, Philip, laborer, 45 Union st Folkes, Jane, 85 Mulberry st Forniff, Henry, grocer, 44 Sugar alley Ford, A., laborer, 49 Chestnut alley Ford, Francis, laborer, 54 Chestnut alley Ford, Richard, laborer, 43 Chestnut alley Ford, J.W., stone cutter, 210 Fayette st Ford, Sampson, hackman, 76 Park st Ford, Henry, laborer, Half moon alley Ford, Hannah, washer, 294 n Gay st Ford, Mrs. Ann, 13 Hamilton street Ford, Samuel, laborer, 66 Centre street Foreman, Minty, 42 Lewis st Foreman, Peter, sawyer, 29 French st Fortie, George, shoemaker, 7 Pierce st Fortie, Ann, shop keeper, 44 Park st Fortie, Henry, drayman, 91 East st Fortie, Rev. John, teacher, 81 East st Fortie, Charles, teacher, 22 Young st Fortune, J.A., 56 n Calvert st Foward, Thomas, laborer, 198 Sharpe st Foster, Charles, brick maker, 23 Welcome alley Foster, Benjamin, drayman, 7 Chestnut st Foster, Ephraim, laborer, 89 Happy alley Foster, Perry, mariner, 48 Argyle alley Fountain, L., mariner, 18 Welcome alley Fowler, William, laborer, 84 Orchard street Fowler, Peter, laborer, 128 Saratoga st Fowler, H., oysterman, 86 Canal street Fowler, Leonard, brick maker, 33 Johnson st Fox, James, laborer, N Alley, near Barre st Francis, Geo., waiter, L. Monument st. bet. Eutaw & St Mary Francis, Abraham, laborer, 8 Short alley Francis, John, laborer, 45 Davis st Francis, John, laborer, 121 Bond st Francis, Mrs. Nathan, 179 Happy alley Francis, Wesley, waiter, 2 Tyson alley Francisco, John, boarding house, 122 s. Caroline st Franklin, Peter, whitewasher, 78 L. Hughes st Frazier, Lynch, laborer, 89 Spring st Frazier, John, laborer, 50 Biddle alley Frederick, Curtis A., porter, 43 East st Freeman, James, laborer, 2 Biddle alley Freeman, Frederick, laborer, 46 Perry st Freeman, Lucy, 186 Light st Freeman, Rebecca, washer, 46 Sugar alley Frisby, Mrs. Harriet, 100 Jasper st Frisby, Nathan, hodman, 48 Jefferson st Frisby, Perry, sawyer, 6 Short alley Frisby, Spencer, steamboatman, 48 Lewis st Frisby, Perry, laborer, 83 L. Hughes st Frisby, Ellen, 186 s Caroline st Fulgum, Mrs. Charity, L. Monument st. bet. Eutaw & St. Mary Fulham, Michael, laborer, 236 Raborg st Fuller, Benjamin, 40 Jefferson st Fuller, Chase, brickmaker, 121 Happy alley Fuller, Thomas, laborer, 18 Bath st Fulton, Henry, laborer, 60 Granby st Fusbone, Isaac, white washer, 254 Dallas st G Gafford, Caesar, 93 Jasper st Gaines, William, laborer, 7 Pierce st Gaines, Noah, laborer, N alley, near Barre st Gaines, James, mariner, Broad alley Gaines, John, laborer, 210 Hanover st Gale, Isaac, mariner, 145 Happy alley Gale, Robert, laborer, 20 Pierce st Ganby, John, laborer, 23 Slemmer's alley Ganby, J., carter, 23 Lewis st Gann,----, sawyer, 29 State st Gannon, Washington, carter, 153 s Howard st Gant, Nathaniel, laborer, l33 L. Hughes st Gardner, William, laborer, 29 Biddle alley Gardner, Christopher, grain measurer, 38 Ensor st Garrett, Thomas, steamboat hand, 230 Fayette st Garrett, Daniel, sailor, 23 Dover st Garrett, John, carter, 36 Carpenter's alley Garrett, Solomon, laborer, 42 Tyson st Garrett, R., mariner, 57 Welcome alley Garrison, Abraham, saddle tree maker, 212 Happy alley Gash, Uria, laborer, 101 Spring st Gash, Edward, brick maker, Happy alley, near Gough st Gaswell, Philip, laborer, 44 Biddle alley Gaswell, C., brick maker, 59 Jasper st Genolds, Henry, laborer, 86 Jasper st Ghall, Caroline, 51 Davis st Ghent, O., wagoner, 14 St. Mary st Gibbs, Alexander, sawyer, 25 State st Gibbs, Alexander, cooper, 77 Burgundy alley Gibbs, J.H., cooper, 32 Carpenter's alley Gibbs, James, drayman, 74 Dallas st Gibbs, John L., laborer, 88 Chestnut st Gibson, Philip, Hackman, Orchard st Gibson, William, sawyer, 12 Eden lane Gibson, Jacob, brickmaker, 17 Burgundy alley Gibson, Benjamin, drayman, 17 L. Hampstead st Gibson, Malcher, caulker, 249 s Charles st Gibson, Thomas, carter, 9 Salisbury alley Gibson, Thomas, mariner, 83 s Eden st Gibson, Matilda, hair dresser, 31 Bethel st Gibson, Mrs. Rebecca, Poppleton st Gibson, Henry, waiter, 26 Bath st Giddings, Smith, laborer, Market alley Giddings, Rolla, laborer, 79 L. Hughes st Giddings, Alfred, laborer, 79 L. Hughes st Gidlen, David, blacksmith, 48 Hill st Gidley, Ann, white washer woman, 14 Sugar alley Gilbert, Mrs. Jane, 102 Jasper st Gilbert, Peter, white washer, 19 Math st Giles, Nathan, carter, 80 Conway st Giles, Alexander, drayman, 54 Forrest st Giles, Darius, whip sawyer, 147 s Canal st Giles, Mrs. Harriet, 60 Mulberry st Gill, Robert, waiter, 82 Tyson st Gill, David, laborer, Short st Gilley, Israel, barber, 252 Bond st. dw 204 Dallas st Gilliard,James, blacksmith, 20 Short st Gilliard, Nicholas, blacksmith, 125 Low st Gilliard, Israel, barber, 65 Hanover st Gilliard, Edward, blacksmith, 128 Stirling st Gilliard, Charlotte, 70 Davis st Gilliard, Jacob, barber, 65 Hanover st Glascow, Stephen, white washer, 153 Happy alley Golden, William, laborer, L. Monument st Goldsborough, Henry, laborer, 48 Biddle alley Goldsbury, Washington, laborer, 45 Chestnut alley Goodwin, Ephraim, porter, 9 Chestnut alley Gordon, J.F., barber, corner McClellan and Baltimore sts Gosling, ----, laborer, 82 Jasper st Gosnidge, P., drayman, 94 East st Gough, Fanny, 146 s Caroline st Gould, Mrs. Polly, 30 Wayne st Gould, John, drayman, Patapsco alley Gould, Eliza, 182 s Caroline st Gould, Richard, sawyer, 104 s Calvert st Gould, Samuel, laborer, 16 Gibson st Goulden, William, shoemaker, 22 Bath st Goy, Francis, laborer, 62 Centre st Grace, Adam, whip sawyer, 158 Happy alley Gracey, Maria, washer, 1 Philpot alley Graham, E., carpenter, 116 Dugan's wharf Grandison, Charles, drayman, 50 Douglass st Grant, Charles, white washer, 11 Court row, from State st Grant, Margaret, huckster, 66 Canal st Granwich, Eli, sawyer, 30 Dover st Grason, Eliza, washer, 202 York st Grass, Henry, laborer, 13 State st Graves, David, 28 Tyson st Gray, J., boot and shoe maker, 17 Saratoga st Gray, Sarah, washer, 153 n Exeter st Gray, Patrick, mariner, 14 Mott st Gray, Richard, laborer, 19 Burgundy alley Gray, Sarah, 128 Montgomer st Gray, America, stevadore, 108 Chestnut st Gray, ---, laborer, 23 s Canal st Green, Thomas, laborer, 110 Dugan's wharf Green, Ann, 43 Biddle alley Green, Alice, 181 Pierce st Green, Joseph, porter, 6 Pierce st Green, Benjamin, whitewasher, Welch alley Green, Garrison, whitewasher, Welch alley Green, Ephraim, laborer, 2 Court row, from State st Green, Perry, laborer, O alley Green, Allen, laborer, 186 s Howard st Green, John, sawyer, 53 Forrest st Green, John, sawyer, 19 Forrest st Green, Caroline, 136 e Fayette st Green, Thomas, barber, 4 Light st Green, Maria, washer, 92 York st Green, Rachel, 212 Hanover st Green, Richard, carter and night worker, 28 Bethel st Green, Charles, laborer, 156 Bethel st Green, George, sawyer, 167 Happy alley Green, James, caulker, 185 Happy alley Green, Dr. William, Thompsonian physician, 92 Wolfe st Greener, Belinda, 43 Perry st Greenwood, Perry, porter, 15 Raborg st Greenwood, Samuel, porter, 123 Hill st Greenwood, Richard, china packer, 2 Welcome alley Greer, Mrs. Mary, 140 Holliday st Grenage, Susan, white washer, 146 Chestnut st Grent, Joseph, laborer, alley between P{reston and Union sts Griffin, Eliza, Lombard st alley Griffin, Samuel, brickmaker, 37 Perry st Griffin, Mrs. Mary, 176 Spring st Griffin, John, sawyer, 190 Dallas st Griffin, Lemuel, brickmaker, 126 Hill st Griffith, William, brickmaker, 22 Sugar alley Griffith, Henry, brickmaker, 57 Sugar alley Grimes, Phoebe, washer, 37 Run alley Grimes, Fielding, 130 Sarah Ann st Groom, Samuel, laborer, 15 Bath st Grooms, Nathaniel, barber, corner Howard and Saratoga sts Grooms, Emory, measurer of grain, 6 Short st Grooms, Uriah, carter, 98 Chestnut st Gross, Benjamin, laborer, 52 Pierce st Gross, Polly, 36 Tyson st Gross, Jonathan, white washer, 44 G. Hughes st Gross, Benjamin, drayman, 102 G. Montgomery st Gross, Jeremiah, laborer, 58 Sugar alley Gross, Samuel, laborer, 177 s Sharp st Gross, James, hod man, 189 s Sharp st Gross, Elijah, laborer, 78 Salisbury st Gross, Robert, brickmaker, Scott st n of Columbia Gush, Edward, brickmaker, Happy alley near Gough st Gustus, Vincent, caulker, 193 Wolfe st Guye, Ann Maria, washer, 88 East st Guye, William, 78 Salisbury st Gwinn, Henry, laborer, 2 n Amity st H Hacket, Benjamin, laborer, 186 s Howard st Hacket, George, coal digger, 134 Stirling st Hacket, Samuel, carter, 71 Stirling sy Hacket, Daniel, laborer, 29 Short st Hacket, Charles, drayman, 249 n Gay st Hacket, Philip, brickmaker, 16 Sugar alley Hacket, Lydia, 93 Salisbury st Haley, Henry, mariner, 53 Sugar alley Hall, Edward, drayman, 280 Biddle st Hall, Zachariah, waiter, 112 Jasper st Hall, Catharine, servant, 41 Run alley Hall, John, breickmaker, 260 Raborg st Hall, Emeline, washer, 112 Camden st Hall, Arthur, laborer, 38 East st Hall, Charles, porter, 29 East st Hall, Levi, brick maker, 94 Jefferson st Hall, Francis, mariner, 151 Low st Hall, Jermiah, laborer, 54 Orleans st Hall, Anna, washer, 152 s Eutaw st Hall, Mrs. M., 17 Tyson st Hall, Randal, sail and awning maker, 101 Hill st Hall, Horace, caulker, 179 Bethel st Hall, Joshua, sawyer, 108 Happy alley Hall, R., boarding house keeper, 178 Eastern avenue Hall, Mrs., 25 Perry st Hall, Mrs. Maria, 188 Holiday st Hamen, Mary, huckster, 57 Canal st Hammel, Savage, Market alley Hamer, Joseph C., barber, 76 n Howard st Hamilton, James, porter, 31 Chestnut alley Hamilton, Sarah, 26 Tyson street Hammer, Peter, white washer, 67 Mulberry st Hammond, George, 136 n Spring st Hammond, Andrew, rope maker, Happy alley near Pratt st Hammond, Sarah, washer, 140 n Spring st Hammond, George, 136 n Spring st Hammond, Emeline, 176 s Caroline st Handy, Caleb, carter, 206 Happy alley Hanson, Joseph, waiter, 5 Chestnut alley Hanson, Lewis, white washer, 78 Jasper alley Hanson, George, drayman, 33 Lewis st Hanson, Mrs. Julia, 49 Centre st Harden, James, waiter, 227 Ensor st Harden, Samuel, laborer, 27 Tyson st Hardin, Mrs., 11 Sarah Ann st Harding, James, sawyer, 17 State st Hareding, Ann, 23 Tyson st Hardy, Mrs. Phoebe, 72 Chestnut alley Hardy, Henry, waiter, 56 Tyson st Hardy, William, waiter, 57 Welcome alley Hardy, Samuel, laborer, 376 s Charles st Harman, Stephen, carter, 4 Dallas st Harman, James, carter, 181 Happy alley Harris, James, laborer, 40 St. Mary's st Harris, Geo., laborer, L. Monument st. bet. Eutaw & St. Mary's Harris, Benjamin, barber, 18 n Howard st Harris, Emory, laborer, 104 Jasper st Harris, Clementine, washer, 104 Jasper st Harris, James, laborer, 74 Conway st Harris, William, laborer, 128 Saratoga st Harris, Benjamin, attender of press, 31 Harford avenue Harris, Elizabeth, washer, 80 n Exeter st Harris, Mary, washer, 22 Hull lane Harris, Frederick, drayman, 101 Stirling st Harris, Theodore, steamboat man, 49 Lewis st Harris, Aaron, laborer, 51 Lewis st Harris, Richard, drayman, 3 Cheapside Harris, Lucretia, 11 Tyson st Harris, Thomas, stevadore, 144 Dallas st Harris, Stephen, carpenter, 24 Hampstead st Harris, Benjamin, porter, 15 Welcome alley Harris, Philip, drayman, 208 Hanover st Harris, Horace, porter, 198 Sharp st Harris, Jacob, hodman, 70 Chestnut st Harris, Mrs., 93 Salisbury st Harris, John, laborer, 80 Salisbury st Harris, James, whitewasher, 112 Dallas st Harris, Daniel, bricklayer and plaisterer, 242 Bond st Harris, Mrs. Clementina, 44 Perry st Harris, _______, laborer, 34 Perry st Harris, Thomas, laborer, 34 Perry st Harris, Abraham, laborer, alley s of Bath st. bet. North & Davis Harrison, Hannah, washer, 34 Elbow lane Hartshorn, Samuel, laborer, 7 Philpot alley Harver, James, drayman, 36 Lewis st Harvey, Mrs. Patience, 29 Wayne st Harwood, Dennis, Scott st. s of Columbia Haskins, James, laborer, 88 Chestnut st Hawkins, Luther, 64 Chestnut alley Hawkins, Daniel, laborer, 56 Chestnut alley Hawkins, Jane, washer, 44 Low st Hawkins, Aquilla, laborer, 69 Dallas st Hawkins, Price, laborer, 96 York st Hawkins, W, Osler, 138 North st Hawkins, Lewis, stevadore, 41 Chestnut st Hawkins, Isaac, drayman, 23 Perry st Hawson, Bell, waiter, 43 State st Hays, John, shoemaker, 116 Dugan's wharf Hayward, Rosetta, 58 n Calvert st Hayward, Eliza, washer, 43 Bank st Hazard, William, waiter, 4 Eutaw court Heath, Lucy, washerwoman, 75 L. Hughes st Hebbon, Frederick, carpenter, 116 Tyson st Hedging, William, 141 Happy alley Hemsley, Margaret, washer, 39 Run alley Hemsley, Wm., drayman, 45 East st Henderson, John, 123 G. Montgomery st Henry, George, laborer, 60 Biddle alley Henry, Majer, wagoner, 138 Sarah Ann st Henry, Samuel, drayman, Greenwillow st Henry, John, drayman, 58 Davis st Henry, Henrietta, 45 Wayne st Henry, William, 214 Hanover st Henson, Samuel, Leadenhall st Henson, James, whip sawyer, 27 Argyle alley Henson, Jacob, blacksmith, 228 Fayette st Henson, Mrs., washer, 27 French st Henson, Anna, 42 Tyson st Henson, Jacob, laborer, 131 L. Hughes st Henson, Peter, whip sawyer, 117 L. Hughes st Herbert, Joseph, oysterman, 223 Ensor st Hicks, Horace, hackman, 58 Orchard st High, James, carter, 5 Mott st Hiland, Edward, drayman, 6 Hawk st Hilance, James, laborer, Happy alley near Pratt st Hiland, L., hod carrier, 47 Hampstead st Hiland, Emory, brickmaker, 96 Happy alley Hill, Thomas, carter, 151 s Howard st Hill, Thomas, drayman, 2 Tyson st Hill, London, carter, 128 Hill st Hill, Charles, drayman, 130 Chestnut st Hill, Henrietta, washer, 103 Chestnut st Hill, N., laborer, 101 Salisbury st Hill, Eber, laborer, 117 Spring st Hill, Thomas, laborer, 105 North st Hillard, Jeremiah, 56 Pierce st Hillard, Thomas, drayman, 27 Ross st Hillman, John, laborer, 15 Lewis st Hiner, Samuel, butcher, 186 e Fayette st Hines, Arthur, laborer, 132 n Spring st Hinson, Henry, brickmaker, 7 Elizabeth st Hinson, John, carter, 6 Burgandy alley Hinson, Joseph, drayman, 121 G. Montgomery st Hitch, Joe, laborer, 160 Sarah Ann st Hitch, Charles, sailor, 4 Hawk st Hitchens, Henry, caulker, 123 Happy alley Hitchens, James, carter, 232 Happy alley Hitchens, John, carter, 163 Canal st Hoffman, Jefferson, 80 Tyson st Hoffman, William, laborer, 275 Forrest st Holland, William, sawyer, 38 Elbow lane Holland, Robert, quarrier, 62 Lewis st Holland, Henry, 15 Burgandy alley Holland, William, laborer, 38 Perry st Holland, Richard, porter, 70 Centre st Holley, Joseph, shoemaker, 22 St. Mary's st Holley, George, laborer, 64 St. Mary's st Holliday, Henry, carter, 70 Canal st Holliday, Benjamin, laborer, Walnut alley near Ross st Hollingsworth, Mrs. Sophia, 120 St. Paul st Hollingsworth, James, laborer, 91 Spring st Holmes, Mrs., 118 Sarah Ann st Holmes, Allen, brickmaker, 52 Sugar alley Holmes, Henry, 88 Cross st Holton, Catharine, 54 Union st Hooker, Isreal, 102 Jasper st Hooper, Mrs. Eliza, 6 L. Water st Hooper, John, 33 Tyson st Hooper, James, laborer, 2 Brannan's court Hooper, Samuel, laborer, 135 Happy alley Hooper, Miles, laborer, 142 Happy alley Hopewell, Jacob, laborer, 5 Welcome alley Hopkins, Charles, waiter, 191 s Sharp st Hopkins, Samuel, waiter, 166 Dallas st Hosell, Hester, washer, 52 n High st Houston, John, boarding house, 124 s Caroline st Houston, Jacob, Happy alley near Pratt st Howard, William H., hackman, 68 Centre st Howard, Samuel, laborer, 40 Perry st Howard, Henrietta, washer, 27 Forrest st Howard, Joshua, carter, 27 East st Howard, Sarah, washer, 1 Eden lane Howard, Jacob, carter, 144 Low st Howard, Mrs. Susan, 14 Tyson st Howard, John, 107 e Lombard st Howard, John, laborer, 45 Welcome alley Howard, Nicholas, laborer, 93 Chestnut st Howard, John, porter, 78 Salisbury st Howard, Henry, mariner, 70 Spring st Howden, Joseph, brickmaker, 210 Happy alley Howe, Henry, laborer, 156 Happy alley Howe, Samuel, fisherman, 20 n Eden st Howe, James, mariner, 91 Spring st Howe, Robert, laborer, 148 Chestnut st Howe, William, carter, 8 s Eden st Howell, Joshua, laborer, 134 Hill st Howell, Edward, whitewasher, 37 Sugar alley Howell, Edward, brickmaker, Patapsco alley Hubbard, Charles, oysterman, 32 Forrest st Hubbard, George, carter, 57 Chestnut alley Hubbard, Adam, laborer, 198 Dallas st Hudson, William, caulker, 195 Wolfe st Hughes, Sarah, 6 Jew alley Hughes, Arthur, brickmaker, Welcome alley Hughes, Mrs. Sarah, 19 Slemmer's alley Hugh, Thomas, carter, 131 Spring st Hunter, James, stevadore, 96 Dover st Hutchins, Samuel, drayman, 12 Jasper st Hutchins, Daniel, carter, Forrest near East st Hutchins, Alexander, drayman, 50 East st I Inloes, Nathan, brickmaker, 202 w Baltimore st Ireland, Harriet, seamstress, 182 Park st Ireland, Perry, porter, 16 Marion st Irons, John, grain measurer, 111 York st Irvin, William, oysterman, O alley Irvin, David, cook, 98 Madison st J Jack, John, barber, 39 Chestnut Alley Jack, John, barber, 54 Paca st Jackson, Maria, 162 Sarah Ann st Jackson, Tilman, wagoner, 58 Pierce st Jackson, R., brickmaker, 54 Orchard st Jackson, William, hackman, 54 State st Jackson, Thomas, laborer, Orchard st Jackson, Mrs., 501 Saratoga st Jackson, Isaac, carriage driver, 74 Park st Jackson, Boyd, miller, 137 French st Jackson, Daniel, laborer, 74 Harford avenue Jackson, Henry, rope maker, 172 Ensor st Jackson, S., sawyer, 30 Douglas st Jackson, Henry, carter, 136 Low st Jackson, Samuel, laborer, 17 Perry st Jackson, Mrs. Eliza, 72 Davis st Jackson, John H., whitewasher, 6 Poppleton st Jackson, Willis, shoemaker, 19 Hamilton st Jackson, Henson, laborer, 43 Wayne st Jackson, James, laborer, 34 Wayne st Jackson, Mary, washerwoman, 154 Montgomery st Jackson, Samuel, laborer, 10 X alley Jackson, James, laborer, 55 Welcome alley Jackson, Arthur, laborer, 28 Cross st Jackson, Arthur, mariner, 13 Welcome alley Jackson, Mrs. Frances, 54 Chestnut st Jackson, Benjamin, mariner, 81 Chestnut st Jackson, John, grain measurer, 77 Salisbury st Jackson, Abram, sawyer, 52 Dallas st Jackson, Randal, carter, 54 Dallas st Jackson, Joseph, brick moulder, 68 Dallas st Jackson, James T., steward, 169 Bethel st Jackson, Jacob, whip sawyer, 172 Happy alley Jackson, James, caulker, 154 Happy alley Jackson, M., laborer, 62 Happy alley Jackson, Whittington, mariner, 9 Philpot alley Jackson, Samuel, laborer, 17 Perry st Jacob, Basil, laborer, 56 Biddle alley Jacobs, Mrs. Ann, milliner, 62 Mulberry st Jakes, Frederick, waiter, 156 Park st Jakes, R & P., barbers, 19 South st Jakes, Henry, barber, 2 Banks lane, dw 134 St. Paul st James, Saml., laborer, L Monoment st., betw. Eutaw & St Mary James, Isaac, laborer, 30 Sugar alley Janes, Mrs. Mary Ann, washerwoman, 15 Johnson st Jefferson, Philip, 111 Jasper st Jefferson, James, barber, 21 Lombard st Jefferson, Mary A., washer, 15 Vine st Jefferson, William, 2 Marion st Jeffreys, Charles, caulker, 150 Dallas st Jeffrys, Benjamin H., carter, 162 East st Jenkins, John, barber, 12 Pierce st Jenkins, Miss Ellen, alley betw. Preston and Union st Jenkins, Basias, barber, 316 w Pratt st Jenkins, Frisby, laborer, 8 Brannan's court Jenkins, James, porter, 3 e Fayette st Jenkins, George, laborer, 109 Chestnut st Jenkins, Mrs. Margaret, 89 Salisbury st Jenkins, Samuel, stevadore, 212 Dallas st Jenkins, Joshua, blacksmith, 161 Happy alley Jenkins, Jacob, whitewasher, 130 North st Jenkins, Alexander, waiter, 128 North st Jennis, Thomas, laborer, Ropewalk alley Jerome, Mrs. Hagar, washer, 119 York st John, William, 14 Elbow lane Johns, Jefferson, laborer, 92 Orchard st Johns, Francis, porter, 2 Jew alley Johns, Moses, oysterman, 36 n Front st Johnson, Isaac, laborer, 52 Biddle alley Johnson, Mrs. Jane, 48 Orchard Johnson, _______, wagoner, Orchard st Johnson, Louisa, 92 Orchard st Johnson, James, laborer, Greenwillow st Johnson, Benjamin, blacksmith, 19 Chestnut alley Johnson, William, laborer, 18 Biddle alley Johnson, John, laborer, 12 Biddle alley Johnson, Dennis, laborer, 75 Union st Johnson, George, blacksmith, Kimmel's alley Johnson, Mrs. Ann, 7 Jew alley Johnson, Peter, barber, between 166 and 8 Franklin st Johnson, Abigal, 143 Mulberry st Johnson, Thomas, moulder, 53 Raborg st Johnson, Betsy, huckster, 9 Run alley Johnson, Nathan, whitewasher, 40 Vine st Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 187 Raborg st Johnson, Emma, washer, 76 Conway st Johnson, Phillis, washer, 81 Perry st Johnson, Rebecca, seamstress, 112 Camden st Johnson, Joseph G., grocer, 93 Fayette st Johnson, Samuel, carter, 95 Stirling st Johnson, Patience, washer, 44 Lewis st Johnson, Samuel, drayman, 158 s Eutaw st Johnson, Richard, waiter, 44 Dover st Johnson, Edward, waiter, 40 Dover st Johnson, Severn, drayman, 37 Dover st Johnson, Henry, shoemaker, 3 Hawk st Johnson, Richard, laborer, 57 Davis st Johnson, Mrs. Mary, washer, 81 s Eden st Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 166 Tyson st Johnson, Eli, laborer, 124 Tyson st Johnson, William, drayman, 25 Tyson st Johnson, Susan, 124 St. Paul st Johnson, Henry, coachman, 61 Wayne st Johnson, Samuel, hodman, 29 Bond st Johnson, Dr. Carlis, 44 Gt. Hughes st Johnson, Elizabeth, 110 L. Hughes st Johnson, Aaron, laborer, 107 L. Hughes st Johnson, Harmon, brickmaker, 79 L. Hughes st Johnson, Alfred, laborer, 24 Sugar alley Johnson, George, laborer, 26 Sugar alley Johnson, John, brickmaker, 36 Sugar alley Johnson, James, carter, 50 Sugar alley Johnson, Reuben, carter, 56 Sugar alley Johnson, James, blacksmith, Leadenhall st Johnson, Priscilla, 94 York st Johnson, Samuel, packer, 104 York st Johnson, Perry, laborer, 19 Johnson st Johnson, William, oacum picker, 24 Guilford st Johnson, William, grain measurer, 51 Guilford alley Johnson, Maria, cook, 11 Welcome alley Johnson, Julia Ann, washer, 42 Cross st Johnson, Frederick, porter, 134 Chestnut st Johnson, William, hodman, 5 Salisbury alley Johnson, Thomas, laborer, 7 Slemmer's alley Johnson, Alfred, mariner, 44 Dallas st Johnson, Edward, carter, 170 Dallas st Johnson, William, mariner, 176 Dallas st Johnson, James, sawyer, 178 Dallas st Johnson, Charles, caulker, 192 Dallas st Johnson, Lydia, 144 Bethel st Johnson, Carnelius, hodman, 95 Happy alley Johnson, Elizabeth, washer, 140 Happy alley Johnson, Thomas, carter, 38 Argyle alley Johnson, Peter, mariner, 24 Argyle alley Johnson, Charles, whip sawyer, 157 Bank st Johnson, Thomas, caulker, 193 Eastern avenue Johnson, Addison, laborer, 4 n Amity st Johnson, Mrs. Julia Ann, French lane Johnson, Hester, 28 Bath st Johnson, William, hodman, 25 Bath st Johnson, J. William, laborer, 14 Perry sy. w of Fremont st Johnston, Morris, laborer, 156 Montgomery st Johnston, George, boot and shoemaker, 2 Mott st Johnston, Charles H., carriage driver, 19 Short st Johnston, Adam, furniture wagoner, 125 w Lombard st Johnston, Isaac, blacksmith, 61 Aisquith st Johnston, Mary, washer, 1 Douglass st Johnston, Richard, confectioner, 53 Douglass st Johnston, Emory, grain measurer, 12 Hull lane Johnston, Peter, stevadore, 122 n Spring st Johnston, John, laborer, 43 Forrest st Johnston, William, carter, 40 Forrest st Johnston, Rachel, washer, 21 Block st Johnston, Hamlet, washer, 33 East st Johnston, John, carter, 152 n Exeter st Joice, Richard, 19 Perry st Jones, Samuel, laborer, Sarah Ann st. near Chatsworth Jones, Peter, laborer, 109 North st Jones, Mrs. Miller, 120 Sarah Ann st Jones, Alexander, 169 Pierce st Jones, Amos, hod carrier, Pierce st. near Fremont Jones, Herriet, 20 Pierce st Jones, David, 44 Union st Jones, David, laborer, 7 Jew alley Jones, Mr., 499 Saratoga st Jones, William, coachman, 106 Jasper st Jones, Arthur, waiter, 61 Jasper st Jones, Nicholas, porter, 7 Raborg st Jones, Isaac, drayman, 149 n Howard st Jones, John A., barber and hair dresser, 44 e Baltimore st Jones, Charles, caulker, 60 Forrest st Jones, Israel, caulker, 58 Forrest st Jones, Joseph, whitewasher, 3 Forrest st Jones, Andrew D., 28 Douglass st Jones, C., washer, 10 Mott st Jones, James, grain measurer, 7 Lewis st Jones, Israel, laborer, 21 Lewis st Jones, John, whitewasher, 28 Liberty alley Jones, Henry, rope maker, 142 Dallas st Jones, James, brick maker, 130 Hill st Jones, Solomon, laborer, 124 Hill st Jones, David, laborer, 99 Hill st Jones, Mitchel, carter, 145 Hill st Jones, M., brick maker, 268 Light st Jones, George, carter, 84 L. Hughes st Jones, Henry, laborer, 137 L. Hughes st Jones, Henry, wood sawyer, 109 G. Montgomery st Jones, Tracers, drayman, 111 G. Montgomery st Jones, Arthur, laborer, 58 Sugar alley Jones, Hamilton, brick maker, 15 Comb alley Jones, Caroline, washerwoman, 11 Comb alley Jones, J., drayman, 42 Welcome alley Jones, Henry, waiter, 42 Welcome alley Jones, Mrs. Sarah, washer, 67 Chestnut st Jones, Williamson, huckster, 12 Salisbury alley Jones, Thomas, stevadore, 160 Spring st Jones, Francis F., hodman, 47 s Caroline st Jones, John, whip sawyer, Bethel st. near Pratt Jones, William H., barber, 239 Broadway Jones, James, mariner, 169 Happy alley Jones, Emeline, washer, 121 Wolf st Jones, Richard, caulker, 199 Wolfe st Jones, Robert, carter, 41 Argyle alley Jones, Washington, mariner, 21 Starr alley Jones, Elijah, whip sawyer, 94 Lancaster st Jones, Joseph, 118 Thames st Jones, Thomas, laborer, 58 Perry st Jones, Henry, laborer, 58 Perry st Jordan, Benjamin, laborer, 83 Salisbury st K Kall, George, laborer, 158 Low st Keener, James, laborer, O alley Keifer, Peter, laborer, 37 Johnson st Keith, Charles, caulker, 184 Dallas st Keith, Daniel,. caulker, 28 Argyle alley Kelly, William, laborer, 18 Biddle alley Kelly, James, porter, 56 Davis st Kelly, Washington, laborer, 31 Forrest st Kelly, Moses, laborer, 122 Tyson st Kemp, Emily, 73 Union st Kemp, Sarah Ann, washer, 3 Douglass st Kennard, Nicholas, carter, 6 Salisbury alley Kent, John, hackman, 245 s Charles st Kerney, Edward, steamboatman, 10 Hull lane Key, James, whip sawyer, 159 Happy alley Keys, Francis, huckster, 148 s Eutaw st Kiar, Jphn, laborer, 7 Hull lane King, ______, carpenter, 38 Cross st King, Dorothea, 181 Spring st King, Mary, washer, 91 Happy alley Knight, Solomon, laborer, Walnut alley, near Ross st L Labar, Eli, hackman, 39 Park st Lacount, John, stevadore, 48 Dallas st Lamack, David, caulker, 138 Canton avenue Landis, Henry, porter, 51 Sugar alley Landey, Thomas, huckster, 22 Hull lane Lane, William, waiter, 47 Salisbury st LaPratt, J. Benj., barber, Chestnut alley, shop 177 Louisiana Lard, Richard, porter, 37 East st Larkins, William, laborer, 42 Tyson st Lawder, Mrs. M.E., family grocer, 178 e Baltimore st Lawrence, William, laborer, 64 Pierce st Lawrence, John, laborer, 230 Fayette st Lawrence, Henry, whitewasher, 72 East st Lawson, Nancy, 54 Davis st Lears, William P., laborer, 71 Forrest st Leary, Moses, carter, Scott st. s of Columbia Leatherberry, Levin, Leadenhall st Lebar, Eli, hackman, 39 Park st Lebar, Charles, barber, 176 e Baltimore st Lee, Samuel, 113 Jasper st Lee, Philip, drayman, 13 Run alley Lee, Rev, Philip, 143 s Howard st Lee & Douglass, tavern, 9 Marion st Lee, Joseph, porter, 96 Hillen st Lee, Wm, W., dress saloon, 4 n Gay st. dw cor. Caroline & Pitt Lee, Jacob, sexton, 19 Douglass st Lee, Charles, drayman, 13 Short st Lee, Sarah, washer, 13 Short st Lee, Rev. Levin, 34 Short st Lee, Mark, laborer, Leadenhall st Lee, Philip, 18 Welcome alley Lee, R., laborer, 22 Welcome alley Lee, Charles, laborer, 40 Welcome alley Lee, Edward, laborer, 148 Chestnut st Lee, Charles, mariner, 61 Bethel st Lee, Abraham, French lane Legan, _______, 63 Bond st Lemmon, James, drayman, cor. Stiles and Canal sts Leonard, Robert, laborer, 119 G. Montgomery st Lesles, J., drayman, 27 Hull lane Lester, John, whip sawyer, 106 York st Levely, Henry, segar maker, 9 Chestnut st Lewe, John, caulker, 239 Eastern avenut Lew's, Thomas, laborer, 118 Jasper st Lewis, Matilda, washer, 28 Park st Lewis, Isaac, laborer, 66 Mulberry st Lewis, John, laborer, 22 Welcome alley Lewis, Mary, midwife, 203 Bethel st Lewis, Joseph, barber, 49 Thames st. dw 215 Wolfe st Lewis, Peter, caulker, 51 Argyle alley Lewis, Henry, laborer, Walnut alley, near Ross st Lewis, John, drayman, 6 New st Lightner, Isaac, brick maker, 26 Guilford alley Liles, Greenberry, laborer, O alley Linburger, Cope, brickmaker, 40 Hill st Linn, James, laborer, Scott st. s of Columbia Lisles, John, hodman, 79 Salisbury st Lisles, J., drayman, 27 Hull lane Lister, Arthur, laborer, 79 L. Hughes st Loadfield, Jemima, washer, 59 Chestnut st Lockerman, Richard, laborer, 24 Eutaw court Lockerman, John, sawyer, 2 Eden lane Lockerman, Thomas, whip sawyer, 36 s Caroline st Lockman, Nathan, sawyer, 16 Vine st Locke, Alexander G., boot black, 48 Tyson st Locks, Diana, 148 Bethel st Lodaner, William, laborer, 25 Johnson st Loding, Charles, brickmaker, 17 Johnson st Logan, Noah, brickmaker, 10 Dover st Logey, John, laborer, 54 Sugar alley Lomax, David, caulker, 188 Dallas st Lones, Harriet, washer, 89 Spring st Lord, William, caulker, 182 Dallas st Loudon, R., hodman, 5 Cross st Loudon, Levi, caulker, 119 Happy alley Louis, J., barber, 49 Thames st Loveday, Perry, drayman, 126 s Eutaw st Low, Sarah, washer, 65 Dover st Lowry, Hanson, servant, 4 Tripolett's alley Lowry, Wesley, mariner, 97 Chestnut st Luce, Joshua, laborer, 42 Tyson st Luce, Peter, carter, 46 Tyson st Lutz, Frederick, carpenter, 1 Jew alley Lyman, Rosetta, 44 St. Mary st Lyman, Charles, waiter, 75 East st Lynch, Benjamin, 23 n Front st Lynn, Catherine, 4 Jew alley Brown, Jacob, mariner, 28 Bethel st Brown, Baptist, laborer, 151 Bethel st Brown, Stephen, whip sawyer, 255 Happy alley Brown, John, sawyer, 238 Happy alley Brown, Benjamin, laborer, 31 Argyle alley Brown, Thomas, laborer, 40 Argyle alley Brown, Robert, caulker, 32 Argyle alley