Colored Householders
Baltimore City Directory 1845

Transcribed 1999 by Louis S. Diggs, Sr.


The following are the names of African Americans who are listed in the book, Baltimore Directory for 1845. The book is published by John Murphy, and contains the names of the inhabitants, their places of business and dwelling houses.

The following were the Black churches noted in the directory:

Color'd Baptist Church, Lewis, near Orleans, Pastor Moses Clayton
African Protestant Episcopal Church,Cor. Saratoga and North, Pastor J.N. McJilton
Colored Presbyterian Church, Courtland, near Saratoga, No pastor noted
Sharp St African Methodist Episcopal Church, Sharp near Pratt, Pastor Thos McGee
Absury African Methodist Episcopal Church, Cor. East and Douglass, Pastor Thos McGee
Old Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Church, Cor Sharp & Hughes, Pastor Thos McGee
Orchard St African Methodist Episcopal Church, Orchard, near Ross, Pastor Thos McGee
Strawberry Al Methodist Episcopal Church, Strawberry al near Wilk, Pastor Thos McGee
Bethel African Independent Church, Saratoga near Gay st, no Pastor noted
Bethel African Independent Church, Cor of Montgomery and Hanover sts, no Pastor noted
Bethel African Independent Church, Washington, near Ann st, no Pastor noted
Zion Wesleyan African Ind. Church, Cor Howard & Montgomery sts, Pastor Jacob Moore
Zion Wesleyan African Ind. Church, Cor Spring and Jefferson sts, Pastor Jacob Moore
The following portion of the directory is called: "Colored Householders".

Louis S. Diggs
Catonsville, Maryland

Ackwood, Wm., sawyer, 13 Lerew's alley
Adams, Maria, washer, 184 Apple alley
Adams, Adam, laborer, 12 Short st
Addison, Diana, washer, 25 Chestnut alley
Addison, John, laborer, 22 Marion st
Addison, Sarah, 61 Jasper st
Addison, John, waiter, 130 St. Paul st.
Aiken, Robert, laborer, 109 North st
Allanny, Peter, laborer, 117 S. Sharp st
Allen, Nathan, seaman, 23 Perry st
Allen, Sarah, washer, 21 Jasper st
Allen, Sarah, washer, 295 Forrest st
Allen, Nathaniel, waiter, 74 Park st
Allen, Keremiah, drayman, 19 Marion st
Ambey, Benjamin, sawyer, 171 Apple alley
Anderson, Sam'l, caulker, 255 S. Strawberry al
Anderson, Henry, cooper, 187 Raborg st
Anderson, Emanuel, laborer, 239 E. Baltimore st
Anderson, John, carter, 136 Low st
Anderson, Adam, carter, 142 Low st
Anderson, John, laborer, 114 E. Madison st
Anderson, Henry, cooper, 3 Peach alley
Anderson, Jacob, barber, 15 Camden st., h. 125 Hill
Anderson, Thomas, laborer, 179 Peirce st
Anderson, Henry, blacksmith, 15 Jefferson st
Anderson, Samuel, carter, 103 Potter st
Andrews, Victory, seaman, 188 Fleet st
Annison, Samuelk, seaman, 26 Apple alley
Anthony, Samuel, sawyer, 83 Pearl st
Anthony, Daniel, wagoner, 81 S. Eden st
Anthony, James, laborer, 21 Ensor st
Anthony, George, drayman, 9 Painter's court
Arcany, Ann, washer, 14 Marion st
Armstrong, Kennel, laborer, 53 Lancaster st
Askins, Thomas, laborer, 179 Apple alley
Askins, Christopher, 111 Hughes st
Aston, Blane, stevedore, 174 S. Spring st
Atkinson, Mary, washer, 7 Jasper st
Atkinson, Abraham, carter, 18 Wayne st
Augusta, John, barber, 44 East st
Augusta, Mary P., 3 Low st
Augusta, Basil, laborer, 86 Potter st

Bacchus, Rachel, washerwoman, 61 East st
Bacon, Wm., waiter, 46 Dover st
Bacon, Samuel, laborer, 106 West st
Badger, Eliza, washerwoman, 14 Biddle alley
Badger, Nancy, washerwoman, 41 N. Sharp st
Badger, Jarret, drayman, 124 S. Eutaw st
Badger, Elijah, poryer, 28 Wayne st
Badger, Benjamin, laborer, 23 Biddle alley
Bailey, John B., tavern keeper, 11 Saratoga st
Bailey, Isaac, carpenter, 60 Dover st
Bailey, Phillis, washerwoman, 15 Tyson st
Bailey, Isaac, drayman, 96 Hughes st
Bailey, Anthony, laborer, 48 Long st
Bailey, Harriet, 23 Jefferson st
Bailey, Perry, laborer, 222 Wolfe st
Bailey, Samuel, caulker, 30 Argyle alley
Bailey, Wiley, sawyer, 170 Happy alley
Bailey, Frank, sawyer, 40 Guilford alley
Bailey, Evan, laborer, 16 Biddle alley
Bailey, Wm., laborer, 7 Chapoel alley
Bailey, Lucy, washerwoman, 117 Tyson st
Baker, Perry, gardner, 9 Sarah Ann st
Baker, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 68 N. Canal st
Baker, Isaac, laborer, 43 Biddle alley
Baldwin, John, porter, 71 Dover st
Ballard. Benjamin, carter, 138 Low st
Ballard, Robert, whip sawyer, 47 N. Strawberry al
Ballet, Robert, laborer, 16 Williamson alley
Ballet, James, brickmaker, 79 Cross st
Banks, Robert, sawyer, 190 Wilk st
Banks, Charles, laborer, 109 Potter st
Banks, Jerry, laborer, 27 Argyle alley
Banning, Charles, porter, 286 S. Charles st
Banning, Henry, laborer, 388 S. Charles st
Bantum, Henry, laborer, 77 Garden st
Bantum, Ennalls, laborer, 192 Wilks st
Bantum, Horace, laborer, 5 X alley
Barger, Peter, seaman, 50 Lewis st
Barker, Nathan, bootblack, 132 Montgomery st
Barker, Samuel, laborer, 67 Lewis st
Barnes, Lucy, washerwoman, 12 Peach alley
Barnes, James, laborer, 2 Forrest st
Barnes, Susan, washerwoman, 8 Lloyd st
Barnes, David, porter, 90 Potter st
Barnes, Nancy, washerwoman, 101 Low st
Barnes, Lloyd, mariner, 173 Happy alley
Barnes, Wm., caulker, 173 Happy alley
Barnes, John E., millwright, 224 Hanover st
Barnet, Frisby, laborer, 159 Ensor st
Barnet, Philip, caulker, 244 Happy alley
Barnet, Mary Ann, washerwoman, 38 Perry st
Barnet, Nancy, washerwoman, 101 Hill st
Barney, James, brickmaker, 1 Johnson st
Barney, Henry, 6 Ropewalk alley
Barney, Philip, caulker, 206 Wilk st
Barret, James, laborer, 63 Salisbury st
Barret, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 220 German st
Barrick, Amelia, washerwoman, 70 Lewis st
Basset, Henry, porter, 76 Potter st
Batson, Wm., laborer, 200 Happy alley
Battis, Janes, washerwoman, 6 Biddle alley
Beam, David, shoemaker, 62 Chestnut alley
Beam, Francis, drayman, 54 Peirce st
Bell, Hanson, waiter, 43 State st
Bell, Julia, huckster, 45 State st
Bell, Mary Ann, washerwoman, 130 Tyson st
Bell, James, laborer, 38 Forrest st
Bell, John, laborer, 55 n Canal st
Benjamin, Lewis, coachman, 48 Vine
Benjamin, Jane, 17 Bank st
Bennet, Frances, washerwoman, 11 Hulls lane
Bennet, Garrettson, laborer, 43 Guilford alley
Bennet, Douglass, baker, 23 Perry st
Bennet, Stepney, white washer, 9 Jefferson st
Bennet, Robert, seaman, 122 Ensor st
Benson, John, waiter, 12 Short alley
Benson, Gilbert, laborer, 69 Stirling st
Bentley, James, 37 Sugar alley
Berry, Harriet, 103 Pine st
Berry, Edward, carter. 12 N. Gay st
Berry, John, fruit dealer, 105 Potter st
Berry, Ellen, oakum picker, 189 S. Spring st
Berry, Eliza, washerwoman, 161 S. Strawberry al
Berry, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 9 N. Sharp st
Berry, Martha, whitewasher, 96 Potter st
Berry, George, laborer, 158 East st
Bevan, Littleton, varnisher, 6 X alley
Bezick, Francis, steamboat hand, 16 Sugar alley
Bias, John, laborer, 29 Biddle alley
Bias, Alfred, porter, 9 Raborg st
Bias, Charles, carter, 17 Chestnut alley
Bias, Horace, drayman, 18 Sugar alley
Bishop, Perry, sawyer, 37 Carpenters alley
Bishop, Risdon, drayman, 124 S. Eutaw st
Bishop, John H., steward, 197 Happy alley
Blair, Henry, waiter, 41 State st
Blake, Emily, washerwoman, 1 Forrest st
Blake, Isaiah, barber, 258 Broadway, h. 55 Lancaster st
Blake, John, carter, 5 S. Spring st
Blake, Levin, porter, 163 S. Spring st
Blake, George, laborer, 49 S. Strawberry alley
Blake, Jacob, laborer, 32 Short st
Blake, George, sawyer, 6 N. Strawberry alley
Blake, Levin, laborer, 72 N. Strawberry alley
Blake, Emory, laborer, 142 Ensor st
Blake, Cato, 40 Rock st
Blake, Clara, washerwoman, 19 Bath st
Blackston, Wm., laborer, 42 Douglass st
Bohorn, Henry, laborer, 266 Light st
Bond, James, seaman, 31 Forrest st
Bond, Margaret, washerwoman, 136 Stirling st
Bond, Samuel, porter, 26 Dover st
Bond, Emory, laborer, 125 North st
Bond, Maria, whitewasher, 8 Marion st
Bones, John, baker, 188 Wilk st
Boon, Thomas, laborer, 142 Hill st
Booth, Caroline, washerwoman, 93 Pear st
Booth, Rebecca, cook, 60 Lewis st
Booth, Elisha, carter, 140 Montgomery st
Booth, Henrietta, washer, 21 Perry st
Bordley, Stephen, drayman, 1 Peach alley
Bordley, Daniel, waiter, 5 Raborg
Bordley, Anthony, porter, 34 Vine st
Bordley, Perry, laborer, 141 Mulberry st
Bordley, Wm., brickmaker, 1 N. Amity st
Bosley, Margaret, washerwoman, 190 E. Monument st
Bosley, John, laborer, 6 Painter's ct
Boston, George, laborer, 28 Rock st
Boston, Daniel, tavern, 172 S. Caroline st
Boston, Robert, cooper roller, 108 York st
Boston, Peter, laborer, 121 York st
Boston, John, carpenter, 10 Wagon alley
Boston, Joseph, porter, 19 Chestnut alley
Boston, Daniel, porter, 209 S. Charles st
Boston, John, laborer, 5 Slemmer's alley
Boston, John, porter, 73 S. Strawberry alley
Bouldin, Spencer, laborer, 45 Richmond st
Bowen, Ephraim, drayman, 74 N. Canal st
Bowen, Wm., drayman, 43 Sugar alley
Bowen, Isaac, laborer, 141 Hillen st
Bowers, James, sawyer, 11 Welcome alley
Bowers, Horace, 28 Peirce st
Bowers, Nathan, sawyer, 17 Perry st
Bowers, Charles, porter, 35 State st
Bowers, Mary Ann, 18 Chestnut alley
Bowie, Solomon, laborer, 245 S. Charles st
Bowie, John, drayman, 5 X alley
Bowly, Samuel, carter, 83 S. Eden st
Bowly, Gabriel, drayman, 131 Montgomery st
Bowman, Jacob, laborer, 47 Biddle alley
Bowman, Samuel, whip sawyer, 171 Happy alley
Bowser, Lydia, cook, 10 Park st
Bowser, Rachael, washerwoman, 174 Happy alley
Bowser, James, caulker, 183 Happy alley
Bowser, Joseph, laborer, 33 Jefferson st
Bowser, Richard, 63 Sarah Ann st
Bowser, Isaac, mariner, 13 Bounty alley
Boyer, John, 44 Perry st
Boyer, Emily, washerwoman, 49 Chestnut alley
Baddock, Henry, porter, 9 Marion st
Bradford, Jacob, laborer, 30 Cross st
Bradford, Rebecca, milliner, 39 Welcome alley
Bradford, John, porter, 47 Welcome alley
Bradley, Samuel J., porter, 66 Chestnut alley
Bradley, John H., drayman, 43 S. Spring st
Braywood, Charles, laborer, 175 Apple alley
Brewer, Abraham, laborer, 45 Tyson st
Brian, Wm., coachman, 94 Potter st
Brian, Wesley, laborer, 366 S. Charles st
Brice, Kinsey, carter, 7 Mott st
Brickley, Levi, laborer, 68 N. Canal st
Bridges, John, musician, 33 French st
Briggs, Mary, cook, 23 Hampstead st
Bright, Mager, sawyer, 9Forrest st
Bright, Cloudsby, carter, 51 S. Strawberry alley
Brightman, John, cabinet maker, 78 Park st
Brightman, Abraham, laborer, 4 State st
Nrighton, Henry, drayman, 36 Vine st
Brisoce, Gabriel, barber, 134 N. Howard st
Briscoe, Lewis, barber, 401 W. Baltimore st
Briscoe, Susan, washerwoman, 69 Pearl st
Brittain, Mary, whitewasher, 103 S. Strawberry
Brogden, Samuel, laborer, 47 Ross st
Brogden, Austin, drayman, 65 Chestnut alley
Bromwell, Henry, blacksmith, 59 Park st
Bromwell, John, laborer, 63 S. Strawberry alled
Brooks, John, carpenter, 103 Hill st
Brooks, James, drayman, 32 Hill st
Brooks, David, sawyer, 36 Hill st
Brooks, Wm., carter, 48 Wayne st
Brooks, Robert, caulker, 43 S. Caroline st
Brooks, Edward, broom maker, 59 S. Howard st
Brooks, Daniel, paper carrier, 38 Short st
Brown, Leonard, laborer, 82 Hughes st
Brown, Nathan, drayman, 28 Sugar alley
Brown, Perry, cook, 34 Guilford alley
Brown, Nathan, sawyer, 138 Montgomery st
Brown, Henry, paver, 2 Union st
Brown, Anderson, hackman, 29 Biddle alley
Brown, Wm. Randolph, seaman, 69 Salisbury st
Brown, Joshua, drayman, 28 Carpenters alley
Brown, Stephen, brickmaker, 38 Carpenters alley
Brown, Jacob, laborer, 48 Perry st
Brown, Rachel, washerwoman, 50 Perry st
Brown, Charity, washerwoman, 12 Comb al
Brown, Major, carter, 19 Perry st
Brown, Charles, porter, 72 Chestnut al
Brown, Isaac, laborer, 9 Tyson st
Brown, Samuel, waiter, 72 Park st
Brown, Rezin, coachman, 64 Peirce st
Brown, Jacob, laborer, 82 Salisbury st
Brown, Benjamin, laborer, 115 Jasper st
Brown, Jacob, 36 Lee st
Brown, Andrew, barber, 84 S. Charles st
Brown, Isaac, laborer, 13 Peach al
Brown, Wm., laborer, 61 S. Howard st
Brown, Aaron, drayman, 18 Potter st
Brown, Wm., coachman, 64 Potter st
Brown, Joshua, laborer, 49 East st
Brown, Peter, white washer, 59 N. Canal st
Brown, Jacob, seaman, 214 Fleet st
Brown, Thomas, laborer, 131 S. Strawberry al
Brown, Wm., laborer, 71 S. Spring st
Brown, Baptist, laborer, 151 Apple al
Brown, Benjamin, laborer, 22 Argyle al
Brown, Robert, caulker, 31 Argyle al
Brown, Thomas, laborer, 49 Argyle al
Brown, John, caulker, 38 Argyle al
Brown, Sarah, washerwoman, 220 German st
Brown, Abraham, laborer, 91 Stirling st
Brown, Robert, laborer, 97 Stirling st
Brown, James, carter, 126 Aisquith st
Brown, Ann, cakeshop, 90 Aisquith st
Brown, Frances, 9 Hulls lane
Brown, Philip, oysterman, 16 Hulls lane
Brown, John, seaman, 36 Short st
Brown, James, waiter, 116 E. Madison st
Brown, Edward, laborer, 29 Douglass st
Brown, Samuel, huckster, 31 Douglass st
Brown, John, seaman, 49 Douglass st
Brown, Jacob, laborer, 388 S. Charles st
Brown, Jacob, drayman, 391 S. Charles st
Brown, John, laborer, 126 West st
Brown, Edwin, carter, 13 N. Amity st
Brown, James, cake and fruit shop, 37 French st
Brown, Henry, laborer, 9 Salisbury al
Brown, Richard, carter, 93 Happy al
Brown, Philip, 19 Johnson st
Brown, Mary, washerwoman, 25 Johnson st
Brown, Jacob H., drayman, 47 Cross st
Brown, Asbury, carter, 168 S. Eutaw st
Brown, Wm., drayman, 48 Orchard st
Brown, Wesley, grain measurer, 63 Dover st
Bryan, Frances, washerwoman, 44 S. Caroline
Bryan, Jerry, drayman, 136 Tyson st
Buchanan, Joshua, porter, 40 Long al
Buchanan, Francis, carter, 239 Happy al
Buck, Benjamin, stevedore, 186 S. Caroline st
Buck, Richard, laborer, 42 Jefferson st
Bundy, Aaron, laborer, 50 Orchard st
Burchmore, Barney, laborer, 8 Stirling st
Burgess, Alexander, porter, 2 Painter's ct
Burgess, Perry, drayman, 6 State st
Burgoyne, Austin, shopkeeper, 287 Wilk st
Burk, Mary, washer, 59 East st
Burk, Samuel, wagoner, 46 S. Caroline st
Burk, Thomas, caulker, 149 Happy al
Burk, David, laborer, 250 Happy al
Burke, James, laborer, 214 Happy al
Burke, Thomas, laborer, 256 Happy al
Burke, Milly, cook, 25 Chestnut st
Burke, George, porter, 18 Peirce st
Burley, Isaac, laborer, 6 Potter st
Burns, James, seaman, 134 S. Bond st
Butler, Joshiah, cooper, 455 W. Baltimore st., h. 142 German st
Butler, C., cake and beer shop, 64 S. Howard st
Butler, Jarrett, 5 Carpenters al
Butler, Robert, seaman, 201 Happy al
Butler, Henry D., coffee house, 3 Hanover Market space
Butler, Elsey, washerwoman, 85 Stirling st
Butler, Henry, laborer, 185 Columbia st
Butler, Elizabeth, washerwoman, c. Bond & Hampstead sts
Butler, Samuel, laborer, 257 Happy al
Butler, Charles, laborer, 43 Tyson st
Butler, James, laborer, 63 N. Strawberry al
Butler, Henry, drayman, 79 Potter st
Butler, John, drayman, 145 Apple al

Cain, Eliza, washerwoman, 1 X alley
Cainey. Joseph, laborer, 186 Happy al
Caldwell, Jeremiah D., drayman, 115 York st
Caldwell, John, hackman, 1 Hanover Market sp
Caldwell, Sarah Ann, washerwoman, 70 Chestnut al
Caldwell, Ennalls, steamboat hand, 49 Bank st
Caldwell, Charles, stevedore, 22 Argyle al
Caldwell, Peggy, cook, 75 Potter st
Calvert, Wm., white washer, 34 Biddle al
Campbell, Louisa, washerwoman, 37 Tyson st
Campbell, Nathan, laborer, 33 State st
Campbell, Frances, 63 Forrest st
Campbell, Alexander, laborer, 47 Guilford al
Campbell, Fanny, washerwoman, 112 West st
Campbell, Nancy, washerwoman, 116 West st
Camper, Andrew, carter, 69 West st
Camper, Ann, washerwoman, 46 S. Caroline st
Camper, Charles, stevedore, 93 Salisbury st
Campher, Stephen, laborer and sexton Bethel church, 39 East st
Cannon, James, laborer, 125 Tyson st
Canvass, Eliza, washerwoman, 7 Falls st
Canvers, Mary, 8 Marion st
Careon, Lydia, washer, 444 Saratoga st
Carey. John, labored, 10 Forrest st
Carey, Albert, hackman, 10 Hulls lane
Carey, George, sawyer, 153 Low st
Carmack, Joel P., coachman, 77 East st
Carr, Wm., brickmaker, 11 Haw st
Carr, John, porter, 5 Haw st
Carr, Wm., barber, 316 W. Pratt st
Carr, John, seaman, 71 Salisbury st
Carr, Wm., blacksmith, 9 Hamilton st
Carr, James, laborer, 91 Dover st
Carroll, John, seaman, 57 S. Caroline
Carroll, John, brickmaker, 130 York st
Carroll, Wm., barber, 316 W. Pratt st
Carroll, John, seaman, 71 Salisbury st
Carroll, Wm., blacksmith, 9 Hamilton st
Carroll, Grace, washerwoman, 115 S. Strawberry al
Carter, John, drayman, 826 W. Baltimore st
Carter, Matthew, seaman, 50 Argyle al
Carter, Harriet, washerwoman, 78 S. Howard st
Carter, J.H., hackman, 15 New st
Cassell, Christopher, waiter, 288 Mulberry st
Cassell, Wm., barber, 5 Penna av.
Cassell, Matilda, 42 Peirce st
Cator, Rebecca, washerwoman, 208 Fayette st
Cator, Jane, washerwoman, 5 Painter's ct
Chambers, Esther, washerwoman, 50 Centre st
Chambers, Eliza Ann, 96 Potter st
Chambers, David, laborer, 55 N. Sharpe st
Chambers, Edward, waiter, 117 N. Gay st
Chaplain, David,m drayman, 378 S. Charles st
Chaplain, John, cook, 17 Forrest st
Chapman, John, laborer, 107 Wayne st
Chapman, Jeremiah, blacksmith, 86 S. Spring st
Chapman, Anderson, horse trainer, 31 Slemmer's al
Chapman, David, laborer, 135 S. Strawberry al
Chapman, David, carter, 141 S. Strawberry al
Chappell, Nathan, laborer, 49 Argyle al
Charles, Edmund, tobacconist, 52 Potter st
Charles, Samuel, carter, 191 S. Strawberry al
Chase, Samuel, laborer, 100 E. Madison st
Chase, David, laborer, 84 Long al
Chase, Samuel W., teacher, 34 Union st
Chase, Emily, washerwoman, 79 Stirling st
Chase, John, laborer, 34 Forrest st
Chase, Allen, laborer, 70 S. Strawberry al
Chase, Levi, baker, 3 Friendship st
Chase, Wm., laborer, 97 Apple al
Chester, Stephen, wagoner, 145 S. Strawberry al
Chester, Stanley, sawyer, 142 Happy al
Chester, Jeremiah, caulker, 219 Happy al
Chew, Francis, seaman, 153 S. Strawberry al
Chew, Levi, laborer, 5 Friendship st
Chew, Abraham, laborer, 49 Hampstead st
Chew, Charles A., waiter, 72 S. Howard st
Chew, Richard J., white washer, 20 N. Sharp st
Chew, Samuel, carter. 92 Potter st
Chinn, Adison,. brickmaker, 180 S. Howard st
Christie, Priscilla, washerwoman, 80 Salisbury st
Christie, Gabriel, laborer, Arch al, near Potter st
Christman, Rosetta, washerw'n, 12 Williamson al
Chubb, Anthony, waiter, 31 State st
Churchman, Wm., laborer, 4 Salisbury al
Clark, Wm., laborer, 4 Salisbury al
Clark, Eli, laborer, 886 W. Baltimore st
Clark, Richard, laborer, 1 Salisbury al
Clark, Perry, laborer, 102 Low st
Clark, Edward, laborer, 12 Biddle al
Clayton, Levi, seaman, 34 Welcome al
Clayton, Moses, carpenter, 79 East st
Clayton, Henry, caulker, 35 Argyle al
Clemmens, Susan, 13 Chestnut al
Clinton, David, oysterman, 26 Argyle al
Clinton, Joseph, laborer, 159 Happy al
Coates, Clem., laborer, 266 Light st
Coker, Philip, teacher, 203 Strawberry al., h. 198 S. Strawberry al
Coker, Daniel, stevedore, 47 Sugar al
Colbert, Mathais, porter, 20 Welcome al
Colburn, Francis, drayman, 138 N. Calvert st
Cole, Jane, whitewasher, 8 Peirce st
Cole, Philip, laborer, 57 Jasper st
Cole, Matilda, washerwoman, 41 N. Sharp st
Cole, Caroline, washerw'n, 198 S. Strawberry al
Cole, Isaac, porter, 12 Salisbury al
Cole, Diana, 178 Apple al
Coleman, Josiah, oysterman, 10 Tyson st
Coleman, Israel, laborer, 93 Happy al
Coleman, John, dyer, 8 Hulls lane
Coleman, James, laborer, 13 Peach al
Coleman, Mary, washerwoman, 109 E. Lombard st
Collins, Jane, washerwoman, 6 Lloyd st
Collins, James, laborer, 56 Salisbury st
Collinson, Alexander, seaman, 103 Hill st
Comegys, Abraham, laborer, 10 Sugar al
Conaway, Samuel, seaman, 180 S. Caroline st
Conaway, Ephraim, carpenter, 171 S. Spring st
Connor, Isaac, ropemaker, 85 Cross st
Connor, Daniel, shoemaker, 65 S. Frederick st
Connor, Daniel, victualler, 31 Apple al
Constable, Benjamin, waiter, 42 Dover st
Cook, Wm., laborer, 216 Saratoga st
Cook, John, drayman, 222 Saratoga st
Cook, Henry, carter, 171 Peirce st
Cook, Thomas & John, coopers, 25 N. Sharp st
Cook, Thomas, of firm, h. 830 W. Balto st
Cook, Mary, washerwoman, 3 Madison st
Cook, John, laborer, 4 State st
Cook, Clinton, waiter, 26 State st
Cook, Wm. H.m waiter, 286 Mulberry st
Cook, Sarah, washerwoman, 17 Short st
Cooley, Susan, washerwoman, 390 Saratoga st
Cooper, Susan, washerwoman, 18 Sugar al
Cooper, Henry, drayman, 113 Montgomery al
Cooper, Thomas, waiter, 114 Ross st
Cooper, Thomas, caulker, 201 Wolf st
Cooper, Henry, laborer, 303 Wilk st
Cooper, Thomas, laborer, 307 Wilk st
Cooper, Elsby, laborer, 182 Happy al
Cooper, Joseph, caulker, 146 Happy al
Cooper, Robert, hackman, 182 Happy al
Cooper, Thomas, laborer, 237 Happy al
Cooper, Philip, laborer, 32 Douglass st
Cooper, Edward, drayman, 2 Lloyd st
Cooper, Perry, laborer, 63 Star al
Cooper, James, caulker, 65 Star al
Cooper, Wm., caulker, 65 Star al
Copper, Abraham, laborer, 53 Perry st
Copper, Rachel, cook, 5 Ivy al
Cormick, James, waiter, 58 N. Calvert st
Cornish, Adam, drayman, 178 S. Howard st
Cornish, Levi, ship carpenter, 6 X al
Cornish, Edward, sawyer, 163 S. Strawberry al
Cornish, John, drayman, 293 Biddle st
Cornish, James, laborer, 79 S. Strawberry al
Cornish, Edward, laborer, 215 Happy al
Cornish, John, laborer, 31 Forrest st
Corsey, Sarah, 73 Hughes st
Corsey, Charlotte, 103 Stirling st
Cox, Tilghman, hackman, 72 Centre st
Coxan, Priscilla, washerwoman, 85 Salisbury st
Crawford, Rachel, washerwoman, 70 Centre st
Crawford, Wm., waiter, 49 Ross st
Crawford, Joseph, seaman, 47 Perry st
Crew, Edward F., 141 Hill st
Crew, Asbury, laborer, 67 Jasper st
Crick, Eliza, seamstress, 100 Low st
Crippen, Littleton, drayman, 63 S. Howard st
Cromwell, Garretson, laborer, 16 Wayne st
Cromwell, George, shoemaker, 75 Conway st
Cromwell, Stephen, 133 Ensor st
Cromwell, Isaac, drayman, 9 Cider al
Cromwell, Wm., seaman, 135 Low st
Cromwell, Edward, shoemaker, 44 Star al
Crook, Philip, laborer, 81 Hughes st
Crouch, Samuel, drayman, 139 North st
Crump, Emeline, washerwoman, 235 Happy al
Cuger, John, sawyer, 74 Holland st
Cummings, Enoch, drayman, 146 Apple al
Cummings, Simon, coachman, 11 Forrest st
Cummings, James, laborer, 155 Bank st
Cummings, Hannah, washerwoman, 155 Bank st
Cummings, Samuel, waiter, 9 Nicholson st
Cummings, John, mariner, 237 Happy al
Cunningham, Isaac, laborer, 31 Low st
Cunningham, Rebecca, 81 Hughes st
Curtis, Fred., porter in Mayor's office, 72 East st
Curtis, Samuel, huckster, 173 S. Sharp st
Curtis, Henry, nightman, 254 S. Strawberry al

Dairy, Samuel, stevedore, 106 Tyson st
Daley, Francis, sawyer, 42 Sugar al
Darby, John, carter, 57 West st
Darey, Samuel, hackman, 124 Ensor st
Darkins, Robert, laborer, 2 Slemmer's al
Darkness, Mary, huckster, 36 Sugar al
Darrow, H., huckster, 31 Chestnut al
Daughter, Daniel, 10 S. Eden st
Davidge, John, laborer, 3 Chestnut al
Davis, Mary, washerwoman, 37 S. Caroline st
Davis, Louisa, washerwoman, 42 Perry st
Davis, Ann, 300 S. Charkles st
Davis, Francis, sackingbottom maker, 55 S. Sharp
Davis, Frances, washerwoman, 7 Carpenters al
Davis, Frances, washerwoman, 78 N. Front st
Davis, Francis, seaman, 124 St. Paul st
Davis, James, cabinet maker, 15 Saratoga st
Davis, James, whitewasher, 309 Saratoga st
Davis, Jane, 59 Jasper st
Davis, Rich., barber, 156 Forrest st., h. 60 Hillen
Davis, Jacob, laborer, 44 Jefferson st
Dawson, Louisa, 296 Wilk st
Dawson, James, meat packer, 33 Union st
Day, James H., barber, 39 Carpenters al
Day, Cato, caulker, 208 Happy al
Deal, James, waiter, 386 S. Charles st
Deaver, Smith, porter, 5 Pitt st
Deaver, Charles, butcher, 16 Short st
Deaver, James, rope maker, 140 Low st
Delosher, Isaiah, gardner, 204 Fayette st
Demby, Perry, laborer, 5 Chestnut al
Demby, Lewis, drayman, 7 Comb al
Dennis, Peter, 137 S. Strawberry al
Denton, Lewis, laborer, 86 Hughes st
Derret, Wm., cabinet maker, 34 N. Sharp st
Derry, Wm., grain measurer, 28 Short st
Dessin, Henry, confectioner, 16 E. Pratt st
Dickins. John, porter, 124 Jasper st
Dickinson, Wm., stevedore, 98 S. Spring st
Dickinson, Daniel, drayman, 121 Wayne st
Dickinson, Harriet, 176 S. Howard st
Dickinson, Richard, steamboat hand, 45 Douglass st
Diggs, George, whitewasher, 254 Fayette st
Dikes, Wm., laborer, 5 N. Spring st
Dillaway, James, laborer, 53 Welcome al
Dillaway, Peter, laborer, 49 Guilford al
Dilley, Sally, cook, 184 S. Caroline st
Dixon, Perry, baker, 132 S. Eutaw st
Dixon, Abraham, laborer, 23 Forrest st
Dixon, Jeremiah, carter, 52 Long al
Dixon, Henrietta, washerwoman, 161 Ensor st
Dixon, Peter, laborer, 105 York st
Dixon, Isaac, cook, 13 Burgundy al
Dixon, Wm., drayman, 13 Burgundy al
Dixon, Daniel, sawyer, 57 Perry st
Dixon, Rebecca, washerwoman, 1 X al
Dobbs, Henry, drayman, 35 Tyson st
Dobson, Major, laborer, 35 Sugar al
Dobson, Peter, laborer, 35 Sugar al
Domley, James, laborer, 49 Biddle al
Donaldson, Homer, boarding house, 3 Columbia
Dore, George, coachsmith, 88 Potter st
Dorsey, Sarah, washerwoman, 50 Potter st
Dorsey, Lloyd, laborer, 144 Potter st
Dorsey, Edward, drayman, 69 Forrest st
Dorsey, Isaac, blacksmith, 106 Happy al
Dorsey, Henry, laborer, 144 German st
Dorsey, Abraham, porter, 30 N. Sharp st
Dorsey, Alex., sawyer, 42 N. Sharp st
Dorsey, Ellen, washerwoman, 189 Raborg st
Dorsey, Henry, huckster, 458 W. Baltimore st
Dorsey, Cain, 29 Sugar al
Dorsey, Perry, grain measurer, 24 Cross st
Dorsey, Charles, laborer, 181 Peirce st
Dorsey, Abraham, laborer, 64 Chestnut al
Dorsey, Horatio, barber, 58 Penna. avenue
Dorsey, Mary, washerwoman, 36 Peirce st
Dorsey, Henry, laborer, 97 Jasper st
Dorsey, Tamey, washerwoman, 17 Peach alley
Dorsey, George, laborer, 1 Friendship st
Dorson, J. Joseph, barber, 21 W. Lombard st
Douigherty, Jacob, sawyer, 159 S. Strawberry al
Dougherty, Samuel, caulker, 199 S. Strawberry al
Douglass, Cassandra, washerwoman, 462 W. Balt.
Douglass, John, waiter, 62 Centre st
Dove, Adam, laborer, 114 Ann st
Dowden, Solomon, sawyer, 6 Forrest st
Dowden, Abraham, laborer, 48 Mulberry st
Dowden, S., sawyer, 66 S. Strawberry al
Dowden, Isaac, laborer, 10 Painter's court
Dowden, Adam, laborer, 118 E. Madison st
Dowers, Isaac, drayman, 73 Stirling st
Downey, Wm., laborer, 45 Ross st
Downey, Wm., hackman, 239 N. Gay st
Downs, Josiah, laborer, 19 Biddle al
Downs, Isaac, laborer, 564 Saratoga st
Draper, Garrison, tobacconist, 162 Forrest st
Dra[er. Ryland, tobacconist, 3 Painter's court
Drewit, Henry, laborer, 63 Jasper st
Driver, Edward, carter, 122 West st
Drummond, Edward, porter, 56 Mulberry st
Dubois, Joseph, barber, 38 President st
Duckberry, James, brickmaker, 26 Wayne st
Ducket, Francis, waiter, 64 Centre st
Duff, George, shoemaker, 117 York st
Duffin, Basil, laborer, 122 St. Paul st
Dulaney, Charles, ostler, 26 N. Sharp st
Dunn, Daniel, soap dealer, 5 Short al
Dunn, Charles, laborer, 99 Low st
Dunn, John, grain runner, 388 S. Charles st
Dutton, Overton, ostler, 112 N. Canal st

Earl, Mary, 21 Ross st
Eccleston, Henry, laborer, ____st, W of William and S of West st
Edmondson, Sarah, cook, 187 Apple alley
Edwards, Charlotte, washerwoman, 14 Wagon alley
Eifort, Henry, brickmaker, 28 Dover st
Eggleston, Joseph,. 36 Peirce st
Ehlen, Sally, washerwoman, 34 Argyle alley
Elbert, Henry, carter, 22 Douglass st
Elbert, Henry, sawyer, 41 Pleasant st
Elliott, Robert, waiter, 43 Lerew's alley
Elliott, Samuel, porter, 890 W. Baltimore st
Ellis, Rev. Mingo, 99 Hill st
Ellis, David, laborer, 12 Sugar alley
Emerson, Matilda, 74 Salisbury st
Emerson, James, porter, 84 Park st
Emerson, Owen, laborer, 188 S. Howard st
Emerson, Joshua, laborer, 68 S. Strawberry alley
Ermy, Michael, porter, 8 Carpenters alley
Eulen, George, drayman, 52 Park st
Evans, Hooper, seaman, 35 Jefferson st
Evans, Francis, brickmaker, 48 Potter st
Evans, Eliza, washerwoman, 100 East st
Evans, James, porter, 18 Forrest st
Evans, Thomas, oyster dealer, 84 S. Eutaw st
Evers, Thornton, caulker, 140 Hill st

Farrell, Ann, washerwoman, 98 Low st
Ferguson, B.F., barber, 195 E. Baltimore st
Ferguson, Benjamin, 71 Hughes st
Ferguson, Benjamin, brickmaker, 11 Comb alley
Ferguson, Wm., laborer, 60 Potter st
Fernandis, Jonathan, barber, 345 S. Bond st
Fickel, Eli, drayman, 71 East st
Field, Edward, laborer, 102 Potter st
Field, Wm., laborer, 3 Hulls lane
Fisher, John, sawyer, 202 S. Strawberry alley
Fisher, Benjamin E., barber, 56 Chestnut alley
Fisher, Edweard, porter, 48 N. Sharp st
Fitzgerald, Maria, 7 Jasper st
Flamer, Nicholas, shoemaker. 99 Jasper st
Flamer, Sherry, laborer. 368 Light st
Flamer, Samuel, laborer, 71 Hughest st
Fleming, Robert, drayman, 106 S. Caroline st
Fleming, Wm., laborer, 54 ____ st., W of William and S of West st
Floyd, Philip, sawyer, 45 Union st
Folkes, Thomas, boot maker, 58 Mulberry st
Foote, Ann, husk picker, 37 Forrest st
Ford, Peter, boarding house, 176 Wilk st
Ford, Sarah, washerwoman, 182 S. Spring st
Ford, Thomas, hackman, 13 Henrietta st
Ford, Samuel, waiter, 66 Centre st
Ford, Washington, stone cutter, 210 Fayette st
Ford, Abigail, 76 Park st
Ford, Ignatius, laborer, 110 Jasper st
Ford, Benjamin, waiter, 142 W. Lombard st
Foreman, Wm., brickmaker, 74 East st
Foreman, Peter, laborer, 29 French st
Foreman, Henry, laborer, 85 Stirling st
Foreman, Araminta, 42 Lewis st
Fortie, Henry, drayman, 91 East st
Fortie, John Charles, teacher, 38 Jefferson st
Fortie, Lydia, washerwoman, 44 Park st
Fortie, John, teacher, 67 East st
Fortune, John A., shopkeeper, 56 N. Calvert st
Foster, Benjamin, drayman, 7 Potter st
Foster, Charles, brickmaker, 23 Welcome alley
Foster, James, laborer, 5 X alley
Fountain, Henry, laborer, 102 East st
Fountain, Alfred, laborer, 141 Hughes st
Fowler, Jane, washerwoman, 23 Tyson st
Fowler, Hinson, stevedore, 60 Granby st
Fowler, Rebecca, washerwoman, 4 Lloyd st
Fowler, Mary, 25 Johnson st
Fowler, Leonard, grain measurer, 29 Johnson st
Francis, John, laborer, 121 S. Bond st
Francis, Thomas, laborer, 218 German st
Francis, John, seaman, 215 S. Strawberry alley
Francis, Perry, hackman, 123 Low st
Francis, Ann, washerwoman, 26 Union st
Francis, Henry, laborer, 152 Low st
Franklin, Peter, whitewasher, 97 Montgomery st
Franklin, Hannah, washerwoman, 96 Potter st
Frazer, John, mattrass maker, 50 Biddle alley
Frazier, Tench, stevedore, 89 S. Spring st
Frazier, Alexander, 8 Short alley
Freeman, Henry, shoemaker, 39 Douglass st
Freeman, Wm., laborer, 72 Long st
Freeman, Rebecca, washerwoman, 46 Sugar alley
Freeman, Deborah, washerwoman, 5 Wolf alley
Frisby, Perry, laborer, 83 Hughes st
Frisby, Harriet, washerwoman, 100 Jasper st
Frisby, Spencer, laborer, 48 Lewis st
Frisby, Nathan, bricklayer, 48 Jefferson st
Fuller, Henry, laborer, 16 Marion st
Fuller, Chase, laborer. 130 Hill st
Fusseman, Isaac, whitewasher, 178 S. Spring st

Gaines, John, laborer, 210 Hanover st
Gaines, Stuart, seaman, 30 Lee st
Gaines, Evan, laborer, 14 Slemmer's alley
Gaines, Mary, washerwoman, 6 S. Eden st
Gaines, Wm., laborer, 9 Peirce st
Gaines, Rev.______, 6 Falls
Gale, Harriet, washerwoman, 34 Hill st
Gale, Anna, washerwoman, 11 New st
Gale, Charles, laborer, 3 X alley
Gale, Robert, whitewasher, 17 Union st
Gamby, John, laborer, 8 S. Eden st
Gannon, Washington, carter, 153 S. Howard
Gardner, Christian, grain measurer, 138 Ensor
Garner, Michael, porter, 7 Welcome alley
Garrett, Daniel, seaman, 23 Dover st
Garrett, Solomon, sawyer, 133 Tyson st
Garrett, Wm., sawyer, 8 Salisbury alley
Garrett, Richard, seaman, 17 Slemmer's alley
Garrett, James, laborer, 199 Happy alley
Garrett, John, carter, 36 Carpenters alley
Garrison, Wiley, hackman, 148 Low st
Garrison, Ralph, sawyer, 212 Happy alley
Garrison, Isaac, hackman, 150 Low st
Gash, Darius, laborer, 101 S. Spring st
Gaunt, Otho T., hay seller, 14 St. Mary sy
Gaunt, Ann, washerwoman, 14 Hulls lane
Geislan, John, drayman, 92 Orchard st
Gibbs, Henry, brickmaker, 32 Carpenters alley
Gibbs, Nancy, 34 Carpenters alley
Gibbs, Jacob R., painter, 53 East st
Gibbs, James, coachman, 15 Short st
Gibbs, Alexander, sawyer, 25 State st
Gibson, Perry, laborer, 6 S. Strawberry alley
Gibson, Robert, laborer, 37 N. Sharp st
Gibson, James, stevedore, 2 N. Spring st
Gibson, Jacob, brickmaker, 17 Burgundy alley
Gibson, Malach, caulker, 95 Montgomery st
Gibson, Garretson, laborer, 6 Union st
Gibson, Josiah, caulker, 16 Slemmer's alley
Gibson, Basil, porter, 2 Biddle alley
Gibson, Thomas, carter, 35 S. Caroline st
Gibson, Charles, seaman, 55 S. Caroline st
Gibson, Henry, waiter, 26 Bath st
Gibson, R., drayman, 61 Jasper st
Gibson, Alfred, hackman, 9 Salisbury alley
Gibson, Henry, drayman, 9 Bounty alley
Gibson, Benjamin, drayman, 12 N. Strawberry
Gibson, Wm., laborer, 12 N. Strawberry alley
Gibson, Ann Maria, washerwoman, 71 Apple alley
Giddings, Wm., wagoner, 9 Hulls lane
Giddings, R., drayman, 15 N. Sharp st
Gidley, Mary Ann, washerwoman, 14 Sugar al
Gidley, Esther, 54 Montgomery st
Gilbert, Jane, washerwoman, 102 Jasper st
Giles, Nathan, carter, 80 Conway st
Giles, Richard, laborer, 80 Conway st
Giles, Henry, seaman, 44 Sugar alley
Gill, Prudence, 51 Salisbury st
Gilley, Israel, barber, 252 S. Bond st., h. 204 Strawberry al
Gilliard, Edward, blacksmith, 128 Stirling st
Gilmore, Rosetta, washerwoman, 58 Chestnut
Gilmore, Rachel Ann, washerwoman, 58 Chestnut
Glasgow, Stephen, sawyer, 154 Happy alley
Glasgow, Solomon, porter, 39 Douglass st
Gleaves, Minty, 69 French st
Golden, John, laborer, 828 W. Baltimore st
Golden, Charles, blacksmith, 205 Forrest st
Golden, Wm., laborer, 83 Stirling st
Goldsborough, S., waiter, 79 Long
Goldsborough, Henry, laborer, 32 Sugar alley
Goldsborough, Wm., laborer, 45 Chestnut alley
Goldsborough, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 51 Raborg st
Goodwin, Ephraim, porter, 9 Chestnut alley
Goodwin, James, carter. 2 Hampstead st
Gooseberry, Thos., coachman, 18 Shakspeare
Gooseberry, Richard, ship carpenter, 71 S. Strawberry
Gooseberry, Henry, washerwoman, 10 Painter's ct
Gooseberry, John, laborer. 124 West st
Gooseberry, Richard, laborer, 45 _____ st, w of William and s of West st
Gordon, John, segar maker, 105 Hill st
Gordon, Francis, barber, 10 S. Sharp st
Gordon, Harriet, washerwoman, 23 Perry st
Gordon, Sarah, washerwoman, 41 Perry st
Gordon, Gilbert, boot blacker, 54 N. Sharp st
Gordon, Francis, laborer, 25 Jefferson st
Gorsuch, Aquila, drayman, 94 East st
Gorsuch, Andrew, drayman, 24 Douglass st
Gould, Mary, washerwoman, 30 Wayne st
Gould, John, laborer, 105 Hill st
Gould, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 31 Park st
Gould, Priscilla, washerwoman, 18 Shakespeare st
Goven, Daniel, feed dealer, 161 N. Gay st
Goy, Francis, laborer,. 62 Centre st
Grace, Adam, 158 Happy alley
Graham, George, laborer, 75 Stirling st
Grandison, Charles, drayman, 50 Douglass st
Grant, Nancy, huckster, 44 Hughes st
Grant, Margaret, huckster, 66 N. Canal st
Grant, Jane, 228 Alice Anna st
Grant, Charles, whitewasher, 12 State st
Grason, Eliza, 102 York st
Grason, Samuel, laborer, 59 West st
Graves, Wm., laborer, 23 N. Sharp st
Graves, David, drayman, 28 Tyson st
Gray, Samuel, laborer, 177 S. Sharp st
Gray, Richard, laborer, 19 Burgundy alley
Gray, Charles, grave digger, 88 S. Cove st
Gray, Sarah, 153 N. Exeter st
Gray, James, laborer, 239 E. Baltimore st
Gray, Samuel, laborer, 13 Low st
Gray, Abraham, laborer, 119 Low st
Gray, J., shoemaker, 17 Saratoga st
Gray, Frances, washerwoman, 32 Saratoga at
Green, Charles, laborer, 45 Bank st
Green, Dr. Wm. H., 3 Granby st
Green, Benjamin, coo, 109 E. Lombard st
Green, Catharine, washerwoman, 104 E. Lombard
Green, Richard, laborer, 108 S. Spring st
Green, Joseph, porter, 6 Peirce st
Green, Charoltte, washerwoman, 118 S. Eutaw st
Green, Davidm laborer, 23 Johnson st
Green, Richard, porter, 2 Welcome alley
Green, Anne, washerwoman, 43 Biddle alley
Green, John, laborer, 60 Potter st
Green, John, sawyer, 19 Forrest st
Green, Wm., carter, 349 Light st
Green, Chas., whitewasher, rear of 76 S. Charles
Green, Allen, brickmaker, 179 S. Charles
Green, David, brickmaker, 123 Montgomery st
Green, Harriet, washerwoman, 17 Sugar alley
Green, Henry, laborer, 1 Salisbury alley
Green, Charles, laborer, 75 S. Strawberry alley
Green, Thomas, barber, 4 Light st
Green, Rachel, washerwoman, 212 Hanover st
Green, Richard, carter, 28 Apple alley
Green, Adam, caulker, 191 Happy alley
Green, John Henry, caulker, 223 Happy alley
Greenage, Susan, whitewasher, 146 Potter st
Greener, Malinda, washerwoman, 30 Dover st
Greenwich, Francis, 19 State st
Greenwood, Jacob, drayman, 207 N. Exeter st
Greenwood, Jesse, laborer, 28 Cross st
Greenwood, Perry, porter, 15 Raborg st
Gregory, Tapley, shoemaker, 63 S. Frederick st
Greengow, Solomon, laborer, 51 Douglass st
Griffin, John, whip sawyer, 191 Wilk st
Griffin, Mary, washerwoman, 176 S. Spring st.
Griffin, Lemuel, laborer, 126 Hill st
Griffin, Henry, brickmaker, 57 Sugar alley
Griffin, Harriet, 37 Welcome alley
Griffin, Jacob, laborer, 51 Hampstead st
Griffin, Charles, drayman, 133 Low st
Griffith, Perry, laborer, 63 Dover st
Griffith, Wm., brickmaker, 22 Sugar alley
Grinnidge, Wm., laborer, 7 Haw st
Grooms, Emory, laborer, 6 Short st
Grooms, Darius, carter, 98 Potter st
Grooms, Nelson, butcher, 5 Union alley
Gross, Elijah, laborer, 76 Salisbury st
Gross, Benjamin, laborer, 102 Montgomery st
Gross, Polly, washerwoman, 36 Tyson st
Gross, Alexander, laborer, 13 State st
Gross, Benjamin, cook, 52 Peirce st
Gross, Wm., laborer, 61 West st
Gross, Gideon, laborer, 100 West st
Gross, Henry, laborer, 100 West st
Gross, Leonard, laborer, 193 Columbia st
Gross, Samuel, gardener, 197 S. Sharp st
Gross, Leonard, blacksmith, 57 Argyle alley
Gross, Elijah, carter, 4 Salisbury alley
Gross, Nancy, washerwoman, 53 Wayne st
Grove, Ann, washerwoman, 52 Lewis st
Groves, Henry, rope maker, 2 Ropewalk alley
Gustus, Abraham, sawyer, 60 Hampstead st
Gustus, Charles, laborer, 46 Dover st
Gustus, Vincent, caulker, 193 Wolf st
Guy, Thomas, seaman, 46 Carpenters alley
Gwinn, Wm., farmer, 128 North st
Gwinn, Charles, laborer, 8 N. Amity st
Gwinn, Henry, laborer, 2 N. Amity st
Gwinn, Elijah, 139 Tyson st

Hacker, Fred., vinegar mak., 186 S. Howard
Hacket, Margaret, victualler, 75 Potter st
Hacket, Charles, drayman, 249 N. Gay St
Hacket, Samuel, carter, 71 Stirling st
Hacket, George A., carter, 134 Stirling st
Hacket, Daniel, carter, 19 Short st
Hacket, Lydia, seamstress, 93 Salisbury st
Hacket, Philip, brick moulder, 19 Sugar al
Hacket, Charles, grain measurer, 8 Williamsons al
Haley, Alex., bay trader, 195 S. Strawberry al.
Hall, August, tailor, 45 W. Lombard st
Hall, Horace, caulker, 186 Apple alley
Hall, Joshua, sawyer. 42 Argyle al
Hall, Caroline, washerwoman, 88 Apple al
Hall, Nathan, carter, 96 Apple al
Hall, John, carter, 260 Raborg st
Hall, Lewis, gardener, 220 Stirling st
Hall, Adam, 27 State st
Hall, Francis, shoemaker, 51 Lewis st
Hall, Grace, boarding house, 131 Fleet st
Hall, Eban, sawyer, 117 S. Spring st
Hall, Henry, drayman, 127 Low st
Hall, Francis, seaman, 151 Low st
Hall, Charles, laborer, 29 East st
Hall, Arthur, hackman, 35 East st
Hall, Edward, drayman, 291 Biddle st
Hall, Daniel, waiter, 3 Sailsbury st
Hall, Wm., laborer, 147 Wilk st
Hall, Evan, laborer, 755 W. Baltimore st
Hall, Ellen, washerwoman, 103 Pearl st
Hall, Mackenzie, rope maker, 103 Harford av
Hall, Charles, porter, 7 Painter's court
Hamer, Joseph C., barber, 145 Forrest st
Hamer, Mary, huckster, 155 N. Canal st
Hamilton, James, laborer, 21 Chestnut st
Hamilton, Sarah, washerwoman, 26 Tyson st
Hammond, Andrew, rope maker, 91 Happy al
Hammond, Peter, whitewasher, 67 Mulberry st
Hammond, Savage, porter, 46 Peirce st
Hammond, James, caulker, 140 N. Spring st
Hammond, George, laborer, 136 N Spring st
Hammond, Henry, seaman, 27 Slemmer's alley
Handy, Caleb, carter, 206 Happy al
Handy, Prestman, caulker, 45 Welcome al
Handy, Stephen, laborer, 857 W. Baltimore st
Harden, Ann, washerwoman, 48 Mulberry st
Harden, Jeremiah, waiter, 54 Mulberry st
Harden, Lucy, huckster, 67 Pearl st
Harden, James, sawyer, 1 State st court
Harden, Wesley, grain measurer, 2 Williamson al
Harden, Matthew, grain, meas., 4 Williamson al
Hanly, Providence, washerwoman, 222 German
Hanly, Phebe, washerwoman, 72 Chestnut al
Hanly, Henry, waiter, 56 Tyson st
Hanly, Abbey, washerwoman, 74 Chestnut al
Harkins, Aquila, laborer, 69 N. Strawberry al
Harman, James, wagoner, 181 Happy al
Harman, George, sawyer, 74 Hughes st
Harman, Stephen, drayman, 55 Salisbury st
Harris, Frederick, drayman, 101 Stirling st
Harris, Andrew, whitewasher, 77 Pearl st
Harris, Letitia, washerwoman, 11 Tyson st
Harris, Martin, laborer, 2 Marion st
Harris, Benjamin, barber, 18 N. Howard st
Harris, Thomas, stevedore, 26 Douglass st
Harris, Charles, sawyer, 10 N. Strawberry al
Harris, Henry, carter, 104 S. Caroline st
Harris, Daniel, plasterer, 43 Bank st
Harris, James, brickmaker, 110 S. Strawberry al
Harris, Mary, washerwoman, 22 Hulls lane
Harris, Stephen, laborer, 24 Hampstead st
Harris, Philip, laborer, 208 Hanover st
Harris, Richard, drayman, 121 Hill st
Harris, James, brickmaker, 40 St. Mary st
Harris, Henry, brickmaker, 3 Elizabeth lane
Harris, Jacob, carter, 9 X al
Harris, Benjamin, laborer, 15 Welcome al
Harris, Matilda, washerwoman, 122 Jasper st
Harris, Esther, washerwoman, 123 Montgomery
Harris, Richard, drayman, 37 Dover st
Harris, Rachel, cook, 113 Low st
Harris, John, waiter, 49 Perry st
Harris, Edward, ship carpenter, 65 S. Spring st
Harris, Mary C., washerwoman, 15 Bank st
Harrison, Wm., sawyer, 23 Chestnut al
Harrison, Daniel, bricklayer, 242 S. Bond st
Harrison, Daniel, laborer, 75 Hughes st
Harrison, Horace, laborer, 173 S. Sharp st
Harvey, James, laborer, 10 Williamson st
Harvey, James, drayman, 36 Lewis st
Harvey, Henry, waiter, 60 Orchard st
Harwood, Perry, laborer, 33 Chestnut al
Harwood, Wm., drayman, 13 N. Shroeder st
Harwood, Hannah, washerwoman, 8 N. Amity st
Haskins, James, drayman, 35 Union st
Hawkins, Luther, 41 Chestnut al
Hawkins, James, coachman, 206 Fayette st
Hawkins, Rebecca, 104 S. Spring st
Hawkins, Isaac, porter, 39 Union st
Hawkins, Lewis, seaman, 41 Potter st
Hawkins, Isaac, laborer, 84 Orchard st
Hawkins, Clarissa, washerwoman, 94 S. Howard st
Hays, Elisha, shoemaker, 39 Sugar al
Hays, Edward H., shoemaker, 46 Perry st
Hayward, Edward, porter, 50 N. Calvert st
Hayward, John, drayman, 43 Bank st
Hazzard, John, seaman, 252 Happy al
Hazzleton, James, seaman, 4 N. Spring st
Heath, Wm., laborer, 26 Sugar al
Heath, Wm., laborer, 25 Biddle al
Height, Wm., carter, 133 S. Strawberry al
Helmsley, Henry, washerwoman, 15 S. Front st
Helmsley, Levi, tobacconist, 23 Marion st
Helmsley, Wm., laborer, 69 Potter st
Henry, Thadeus, laborer, 52 Centre st
Henry, Samuel, drayman, 39 Union st
Henry, Major, carter, 41 Biddle al
Henry, James, drayman, 54 Biddle al
Henry, George, laborer, 60 Biddle al
Henson, John, blacksmith, 123 Montgomery st
Henson, Peter, sawyer, 117 Hughes st
Hewart, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 73 Pearl st
Hicks, Horace, coachman, 58 Orchard st
Hicks, Charlotte, washerwoman, 39 State st
Hicks, Robert, laborer, 88 N. Strawberry al
Hicks, Robert, seaman, 197 S. Eutaw st
Hill, Joseph, drayman, 230 Raborg st
Hill, Pippin, laborer, 10 Saratoga st
Hill, Thomas, drayman, 5 Tyson st
Hill, Isaac, drayman, 151 S. Howard st
Hill, Henry, 103 Potter st
Hill, Susan, washerwoman, 118 Camden st
Hill, London, brickmaker, 128 Hill st
Hill, Edward, 101 Salisbury st
Hilliard, Thomas, drayman, 33 Ross st
Hilliard, Jeremiah, drayman, 58 Peirce st
Hilton, Wm., hackman, 30 Balderston st
Hiner, Rebecca, washerwoman, 11 Short st
Hiner, Samuel, butcher, 186 Pitt st
Hiner, Henry, butcher, 186 Pitt st
Hitchings, Henry, caulker, 123 Apple al
Hitchings, James, stevedore, 232 Apple al
Hitchings, John, carter, 55 S. Strawberry al
Hisley, John, 60 Peirce st
Hoe, Henry, laborer, 156 Happy al
Hogan, Edward, laborer, 63 Potter st
Holland, Edward, drayman, 124 Low st
Holland, Henry, wagoner, 15 Burgundy al
Holland, Richard, porter, 70 Centre st
Holley, George, laborer, 64 St. Mary st
Holliday, Benjamin, 17 Biddle al
Holliday, Joshua, laborer, 149 Low st
Holliday, Enoch, boot black, 25 Clay st
Holliday, Henry, hackman, 251 N. Gay st
Hollins, Alexander, laborer, 96 York st
Hollins, Richard, caulker, 161 S. Straberry al
Hollins, Edward, drayman, 61 East st
Hollon, Mary F., teacher, 54 N. Sharp st
Holmes, Henry, shoemaker, 246 German st
Holmes, Henry, laborer, 88 Cross st
Holmes, Allen, laborer, 88 Cross st
Hooker, Tobias, 2 Short al
Hooker, Thomas, 68 N. Strawberry al
Hooper, James, laborer, 5 Welcome al
Hooper, Samuel, laborer, 135 Happy al
Hooper, Eliza, washer, 4 L. Water st
Hooper, George, laborer, 113 York st
Hooper, Wm., sawyer, 19 Short al
Hooper, Joshua, laborer, 195 Wolf st
Hopkins, Sarah, washer, 29 Apple al
Hopkins, Samuel, oysterman, 184 Wilk st
Hopkins, Peter, laborer, 93 Pine st
Hopkins, Charles, laborer, 45 S. Howard st
Horsey, Esther, washerwoman, 211 N. Exeter
Horzman, Luke, seaman, 115 Hughes st
Houston, John, borading house, 124 S. Caroline
Houston, Henry, drayman, 4 Peirce st
Howard, Augustus, laborer, 46 Harford av
Howard, John, drayman, 45 Welcome al
Howard, Catharine, 65 Dover st
Howard, Vachel, brickmaker, 234 Raborg st
Howard, George, laborer, 73 French st
Howard, John, oakum picker, 9 Bounty al
Howard, Nathaniel, wagoner, 203 Forrest st
Howard, James, hackman, 68 Centre st
Howard, Wm., laborer, 39 State st
Howard, James, laborer, 91 Pine st
Howard, John, drayman, 45 S. Strawberry al
Howard, Sarah, washerwoman, 61 N. Canal st
Howard, Nace, laborer, 3 Friendship al
Howard, Esther, washerw'n, 119 S. Strawberry al
Howard, Nicholas, drayman, 93 Potter st
Howard, Benjamin, sawyer, 27 Forrest st
Howe, Robert, carter, 132 Potter st
Hubbard, George, storekeeper, 57 Potter st
Hubbard, Henry, laborer, 49 Lewis st
Hubbard, Thomas, laborer, 19 Chestnut al
Hudson, Wm., caulker, 195 Wolf st
Hughes, Arthur, brickmaker, 45 S. Howard st
Hughes, Sarah, cook, 180 Wilk st
Hughes, Simon, laborer, 180 Wilk st
Hull, John, laborer, 51 Salisbury st
Hull, John, seaman, 98 Hughes st
Hull, Jeremiah, sawyer, 166 S. Strawberry al
Hutchings, Julai Ann, 139 Low st
Hutchings, Alexander, drayman, 50 East st
Hutchings, Daniel, baker, 23 Liberty al
Hutchins, Wm., laborer, 3 Salisbury al
Hutchins, John, drayman, 21 Short al
Hutchins, Henry, laborer, 69 N. Strawberry al
Hutton, Wm., 56 Orleans st
Hyde, James, carter, 5 Mott st
Hyde, John, seaman, 66 Potter st
Hyland, Zachariah, laborer, 74 Hampstead st
Hyland, Edward, carter, 6 Hawk st
Hynson, Jacob, laborer, 131 Hughes st
Hynson, Frederick, laborer, 13 Hughes st
Hynson, Martha, washerwoman, 58 Perry st
Hynson, John, carter, 37 Perry st
Hynson, James, sawyer, 19 Argyle al
Hynson, James, drayman, 52 Sugar al
Hynson, Mrs., tailoress & dress maker, 202 Fayette
Hynson, Joseph, waiter, 22 Marion st
Hynson, Amelia, washerwoman, 46 Park st
Hynson, John, laborer, 16 State st
Hynson, Rachel, washerwoman, 108 E. Lombard st
Hynson, James, laborer, 83 S. Strawberry al
Hynson, Joseph, drayman, 51 East st

Inloes, Nathaniel, drayman, 107 Jasper st
Innes, Benjamin, sawyer, 6 Williamson al
Insley, Benjamin, drayman, 51 Hughes st
Ireland, Lydia, 49 Salisbury st
Ireland, Phillis, washerwoman, 182 Park st
Ireland, Jesse, shoemaker, 62 Lewis st
Ireland, Moses, laborer, 177 Happy al
Irvin, David, laborer, 98 E. Madison st
Isaac, Wm., caulker, 119 Happy al

Jack, John, barber, 39 Chestnut al
Jackson, Willie, shoemaker, 19 Hamilton st
Jackson, Harris, coachman, 41 Tyson st
Jackson, Wm., seaman, 22 State st
Jackson, Wm., waiter, 144 N. Eutaw st
Jackson, Willis, laborer, 33 Forrest st
Jackson, Raspbury, laborer, 54 Orchard st
Jackson, Deborah, 501 Saratoga st
Jackson, Samuel, laborer, 10 X al
Jackson, Christopher, seaman, 90 Hughes st
Jackson, Arthur, seaman, 13 Welcome al
Jackson, Asbury, brickmaker, 78 Conway st
Jackson, Hinson, laborer, 43 Wayne st
Jackson, Frances, washerwoman, 54 Potter st
Jackson, Pindar, seaman, 81 Potter st
Jackson, David, laborer, 74 Harford av
Jackson, Wm. H., shoemaker, 23 Lewis st
Jackson, Abraham, sawyer, 52 S. Strawberry al
Jackson, Randal, carter, 54 S. Strawberry al
Jackson, Duke, laborer, 30 Apple al
Jackson, James, waiter, 169 Apple al
Jackson, James, caulker, 154 Happy al
Jackson, James, sawyer, 172 Happy al
Jackson, Joseph M., whitewasher, 6 N. Poppleton
Jackson, Boyd, miller, 135 French st
Jackson, James, laborer, 34 Wayne st
Jackson, Mary Ann, 134 Montgomery st
Jackson, Jeremiah, laborer, 152 S. Eutaw st
Jackson, Henry, shoemaker, 235 German st
Jackson, Nathan, sawyer, 8 N. Strawberry al
Jackson, Agnes, washerwoman, 65 Dover st
Jackson, Wm., hackman, 67 Dover st
Jackson, Shadrack, sawyer, 15 Forrest st
Jacobs, Nathan, porter, 11 Raborg
Jacobs, Catharine, washerwoman, 43 Perry st
Jacobs, Ann, milliner, 60 Mulberry st
Jacobs, Henrietta, washerwoman, 64 Lewis st
Jacobs, Philip, laborer, 63 Sugar al
Jacobs, Wm., stevedore, 11 Comb al
Jakes, Frederick, waiter, 156 Park st
Jakes, Henry, waiter, 134 St. Paul st
Jakes, James, barber, 18 South st, h. 158 Park st
Jakes, Henry, barber, 3 Bank lane
James, Eliza, washerwoman, 25 Henrietta st
Janney, Anthony, laborer, 15 Johnson st
Jarvis, Henny, washerwoman, 26 Peirce st
Javoy, Mary, 134 York st
Jefferson, Wm., laborer, 2 Marion st
Jefferson, Richard, brickmaker, 10 Vine st
Jefferson, Philip, saddler, 111 Jasper st
Jefferson, Isaac, laborer, 139 Hillen st
Jeffrier, Benjamin, laborer, 40 Lewis st
Jenkins, Samuel, stevedore, 212 S Straberry al
Jenkins, Wm. D., brickmaker, 169 Happy al
Jenkins, Henry, brickmaker, 166 Happy al
Jenkins, Joshua, blacksmith, 161 Happy al
Jenkins, George, laborer, 109 Potter st
Jenkins, Frisby, laborer, 8 Guilford alley
Jenkins, Andrew, seaman, 15 Comb alley
Jenkins, Margaret, washerwoman, 89 Salisbury st
Jenkins, James, waiter, 12 Slemmer's alley
Jenkins, John, laborer, 19 Star alley
Jenkins, Wm., laborer, 23 Star alley
Jenkins, George, chairmaker, 113 Potter st
Jenkins, Benjamin, barber, 815 W. Baltimore st
Jennings, Thomas, brickmaker, 1 Elizabeth lane
Jennings, Thomas, carter, 54 St. Mary st
Jerome, Hagar, washerwoman, 119 York st
Jiles, Henry, sawyer, 141 Happy alley
Johns, Wm., laborer, 199 Hapy alley
Johns, Moses, ice cream seller, 36 N. Front st
Johns, Stanley, whitewasher, 1 Painter's court
Johns, Francis, laborer, c. Marion st & Jew alley
Johnson, Rebecca, 300 S. Charles st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 76 Conway st
Johnson, Jarret, laborer, 45 Biddle alley
Johnson, John, laborer, 59 Biddle alley
Johnson, John, laborer, 12 Biddle alley
Johnson, Isaac, waiter, 52 Biddle alley
Johnson, Phillis, washerwoman, 81 Perry st
Johnson, Severn, drayman, 37 Dover st
Johnson, Edward, waiter, 40 Dover st
Johnson, Richard, waiter, 44 Dover st
Johnson, Cassandra, washerwoman, 8 X alley
Johnson, Alexander, porter, 7 X alley
Johnson, Wm., drayman, 19 Welcome alley
Johnson, Thomas, laborer, 7 Slemmer's al
Johnson, Milchy, washerwoman, 87 Potter st
Johnson, Maria, washerwoman, 11 Welcome alley
Johnson, Wm., porter, 41 Wayne street
Johnson, M., dress maker, 28 Bath st
Johnson, Abbey, washerwoman, 143 Mulberry st
Johnson, Susan, washerwoman, 52 Centre st
Johnson, Henrietta, washerwoman, 64 Centre st
Johnson, Horace, laborer, 43 Chestnut al
Johnson, Wm., drayman, 25 Tyson st
Johnson, Stanley, waiter, 15 Marion st
Johnson, Aaron, wagoner, 13 Park st
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 10 State st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 51 Ross st
Johnson, Clara, washerwoman, 12 Hulls lane
Johnson, Agnes, washerwoman, 18 Short al
Johnson, Philip, shoemaker, 68 St. Mary st
Johnson, Robert, drayman, 2 Peach al
Johnson, Harman, sawyer, 77 Hughes st
Johnson, Aaron, laborer, 30 Sugar al
Johnson, Wm., oakum picker, 34 Sugar al
Johnson, James, carter, 50 Sugar al
Johnson, Joseph, grain measurer, 6 Williamson al
Johnson, Adam, carter, 125 W. Lombard st
Johnson, Moses, laborer, 42 Cross st
Johnson, Eliza, washerwoman, 110 Hughes st
Johnson, David, laborer, 47 Wayne st
Johnson, James H., coachman, 61 Wayne st
Johnson, Frederick, laborer, 4 N. Amity st
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 12 Peirce st
Johnson, Thomas, brickmaker, 53 Raborg st
Johnson, Nathan, whitewasher, 40 Vine st
Johnson, Samuel, drayman, 162 S. Eutaw st
Johnson, Robert, shoemaker, 90 Low st
Johnson, Robert, waiter, 96 Low st
Johnson, Edward, drayman, 115 Low st
Johnson, D., drayman, 110 E. Monument st
Johnson, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 46 Long st
Johnson, John, laborer, 78 Long st
Johnson, Patience, washerwoman, 44 Long st
Johnson, Henry, shoemaker, 3 Hawk st
Johnson, John, carter, 152 N. Exeter st
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 110 N. Canal st
Johnson, John, stevedore, 146 S. Caroline st
Johnson, Humphrey, barber, 172 Wilk st
Johnson, Lydia, cook, 178 Wilk st
Johnson, Charles, laborer, 157 Bank st
Johnson, Wm., drayman, 3 S. Spring st
Johnson, Charles, caulker, 129 S. Spring st
Johnson, Cornelius, laborer, 4 S. Strawberry al
Johnson, Henry, carter, 155 S. Strawberry al
Johnson, Edward, laborer, 170 S. Strawberry al
Johnson, James, sawyer, 174 S. Strawberry al
Johnson, Wm., carter, 176 S. Strawberry al
Johnson, Thomas, caulker, 214 Apple al
Johnson, Rachel, washerwoman, 21 Block st
Johnson, Robert, carter, 41 Argyle al
Johnson, Nathan, laborer, 265 Happy al
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 7 N. Sharp st
Johnson, Madison, brickmaker, 228 Raborg st
Johnson, George G., shoemaker, 2 Mott st
Johnson, Samuel, carter, 95 Stirling st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 130 Aisquith st
Johnson, Christopher, laborer, 108 Potter st
Johnson, Jacob, laborer, 82 East st
Johnson, Eliza, washerwoman, 33 Forrest st
Johnson, James, seaman, 39 Forrest st
Johnson, John, laborer, 43 Forrest st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 70 Forrest st
Johnson, Aaron, laborer, 48 Orchard st
Johnson, Tobias, laborer, 95 West st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 95 West st
Johnson, Rachel, huckster, 15 Necessity al
Johnson, Jesse, laborer, 164 S. Eutaw st
Johnson, Lewis, laborer, 597 W. Baltimore st
Johnson, Henry, laborer, 57 Lewis st
Johnson, Augustus, teacher, 395 Light st
Johnson, Asbury, drayman, 311 Light st
Johnson, John W., laborer, 309 Light st
Johnson, Jefferson, laborer, 8 Ropewalk al
Johnson, Mary, washerwoman, 18 Bounty al
Johnson, Henrietta, washerwoman, 205 N. Exeter st
Johnson, Henry, drayman, 376 S. Charles st
Johnson, Robert D., shoemaker, 56 Davis st
Johnson, Cecelia, washerwoman, 54 Davis st
Johnson, Perry, laborer, 15 Johnson st
Johnson, James, laborer, 21 Johnson st
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 5 Salisbury al
Joins, Uriah, laborer, 147 Happy al
Joins, Isaac, drayman, 232 German al
Jones, Rachel, washerwoman, 14 Williamson al
Jones, Henry, laborer, 137 Hughes st
Jones, Anthony, laborer, 137 Hughes st
Jones, Jenkins, drayman, 109 Montgomery st
Jones, Harriet, washerwoman, 20 Peirce st
Jones, Nicholas, porter, 7 Raborg st
Jones, Jackson, porter, 9 Raborg st
Jones, Philip, laborer, 237 Raborg st
Jones, Nicholas, shoemaker, 114 Jasper st
Jones, Wm., coachman, 84 Jasper st
Jones, Isaac, drayman, 149 S. Howard st
Jones, Levin, laborer, 161 S. Howard st
Jones, John, laborer, 37 State st
Jones, Wm., laborer, 3 State st ct
Jones, Henny, washerwoman, 49 N. Strawberry al
Jones, Violet, 499 Saratoga st
Jones, Anderson, laborer, 533 Saratoga st
Jones, Agnes, washerwoman, 293 S. Charles st
Jones, Wm., laborer, 51 Guilford al
Jones, Sarah, huckster, 67 Potter st
Jones, John A., barber, 44 E. Baltimore st, h, 11 Temple st
Jones, Harriet, washerwoman, 1 Bounty al
Jones, Francis F., laborer, 7 Bounty al
Jones, Benjamin, laborer, 1 Douglass st
Jones, Andrew D., porter, 28 Douglass st
Jones, Esther, washerwoman, 196 E. Monument
Jones, Tobias, caulker, 70 N. Strawberry al
Jones, Susan, washerwoman, 72 N. Strawberry al
Jones, James, laborer, 7 Lewis st
Jones, Richard, caulker, 199 Wolf st
Jones, Elijah, sawyer, 94 Lancaster st
Jones, Isaac, laborer, 244 German st
Jones, Thomas, stevedore, 160 S. Spring st
Jones, James, stevedore, 168 S. Strawberry al
Jones, Rachel, washerwoman, 168 Happy al
Jones, Israel, caulker, 76 Holland st
Jones, Clemmency, washerwoman, 10 Mott al
Jones, Sylvia, washerwoman, 103 Stirling st
Jones, Joseph, 118 Thames st
Jones, David, brickmaker, 99 Hill st
Jones, James, brickmaker, 130 Hill st
Jones, Michael, laborer, 143 Hill st
Jones, Joseph, whitewasher, 3 Forrest st
Jones, Israel, laborer, 58 Forrest st
Jones, Charles, caulker, 60 Forrest st
Jones, Wm., laborer, 301 Forrest st
Jones, Williamson, oysterman, 12 Salisbury al
Jones, Henry, laborer, 19 Short al
Jones, Thomas B., laborer, 23 Short al
Jones, Nathaniel F., sawyer, 63 St. Mary st
Jones, Lemuel, sawyer, 17 Peach al
Jordan, _____, cabinet mak., 131 Potter st., h. 134 Potter st
Joseph, John, whitewasher, 62 Harrison st
Josephus, laborer, 4 Short al

Kane, James, laborer, 177 Apple al
Kane, Elizabeth, 24 Chestnut al
Keener, James, laborer, 114 Ross st
Keener, Biddy, huckster, 217 Saratoga st
Keith, Daniel, caulker, 28 Argyle al
Keith, Charles, caulker, 48 Argyle alley
Kelly, Moses, laborer, 35 Jasper st
Kelly, Lewinda, washerwoman, 78 Jasper st
Kemp, Ann, washerwoman, 3 Douglass st
Kennard, Wm., laborer, 12 N. Spring st
Kennard, Nicholas, carter, 6 Salisbury al
Kent, Wm., laborer, 264 Light st
Keys, Minta, 44 Low st
Keys, Anna, huckster, 51 Perry st
Keys, Vachel Lombard, 5 Concord st
Keys, James, whip sawyer, 168 Happy alley
Kim, James, sawyer, 5 Hulls lane
King, James, whitewasher, 44 Sugar alley
King, Ruth, washerwoman, 173 Columbia st
King, Thomas, carpenter, 152 Tyson st
King, Dorcas, cook, 180 S. Spring st
Knales, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 130 Stirling st
Knight, Solomon, laborer, 3 Biddle al
Koburn, Daniel, huckster, 230 S. Bond st.

Labar, Eli, hackman, 39 Park st
Landon, Levi, caulker, 175 Happy al
Landy, Thomas, crockery dealer, 20 Hulls lane
Lane, Abraham, coachman, 38 Pleasant st
Lane, Wm., shoemaker, 3 State st court
Lane, Benjamin, carpenter, 8 Biddle al
Lane, Wm., waiter, 49 Salisbury al
LaPratt, John B., barber, 177 Lexington, h. 22 Union st
Lard, Richard, laborer, 37 East st
Larkin, James, drayman, 33 East st
Lawrence, James, laborer, 497 Saratoga st
Lawrence, Hercules, sawyer, 139 Happy al
Lawrence, James, drayman, 24 Union st
Laws, Mary, chambermaid, 232 Raborg st
League, Philip, laborer, 18 Welcome al
Lebrat, Mary, chambermaid, 144 Pitt st
Lecompte, John, stevedore, 48 S. Strawberry al
Lecompte, David, seaman, 58 S. Strawberry al
Lee, Abraham, carter, 174 Wilk st
Lee, Isaac, laborer, 39 S. Strawberry al
Lee, Charles, seaman, 61 Apple al
Lee, James, laborer, 9 N. Spring st
Lee, Edward, laborer, 148 Potter st
Lee, Rev Levin, 34 Short st
Lee, Andrew, porter, 10 Short st
Lee, Jacob, sexton, East st. church, 17 Douglass
Lee, Charles, drayman, 13 Short st
Lee, Samuel, laborer, 8 Painter's court
Lee, Wm. W., barber, 4 N Gay, h. 45 Potter
Lee, Wm., drayman, 5 Peirce st
Lee, Samuel, laborer, 113 Jasper st
Lee, Rev. Philip, 143 S. Howard st
Lee, Charles, laborer, 35 Welcome al
Lee, Isaac, carter, 12 Painter's court
Lee, Sampson, whitewasher, 130 N. Spring st
Lee, Stephen, laborer, 145 N. Spring st
Lee, Henry, waiter, 54 Centre st
Lee, Cesar, drayman, 17 Tyson st
Lee, Julia Ann, washerwoman, 43 Star al
Lee, Rachel, washerwoman, 24 Star al
Lee, Joseph, stevedore, 7 Short al
Lemmon, Wm., carter, 72 Holland st
Lemmon, James, drayman, 5 Allen al
Leonard, Robert, laborer, 119 Montgomery st
Lester, John, laborer, 119 York st
Lester, Arthur, laborer, 119 York st
Letter, Ellen, 41 Welcome al
Levi, James, drayman, 86 Orchard st
Lewis, Andrew, waiter, 7 Granby st
Lewis, Mary, washerwoman, 42 S. Strawberry al
Lewis, John, caulker, 203 Apple al
Lewis, Peter, caulker, 6 Argyle al
Lewis, Peter, caulker, 54 Tyson st
Lewis, Matilda, washerwoman, 28 Park st
Lewis, Thomas, laborer, 101 Jasper st
Lewis, John, laborer, 75 Union st
Lewis, Joseph, caulker, 163 Happy al
Lewis, Thomas, brickmaker, 21 Perry st
Lewis, Limas, Charles, waiter, 75 East st
Lindenberger, Hannah, 28 Guilford al
Lineberger, Daniel, brickmaker, 40 Hill st
Linn,. Remus, laborer, 51 Perry st
Linum, Eliza, washerwoman, 67 French st
Lispey, Philip, laborer, 38 Lewis st
Lister, John, sawyer, 106 York st
Lister, Otto, sawyer, 79 Hughes st
Little, Matilda, washerwoman, 45 S. Strawberry al
Livas, Mary, washerwoman, 44 St. Mary st
Lively, John, blacksmith, 108 Potter st
Lively, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 108 Potter st
Lloyd, Mary, washerwoman, 190 Apple al
Lloyd, Wm., caulker, 218 Apple al
Lloyd, George, laborer, 5 Bounty al
Lockerman, Thos., laborer, 150 S. Strawberry al
Lockman, David, laborer, 109 Granby st
Lockman, Thomas, sawyer, 105 S. Spring st
Locks, Perry, caulker, 99 S. Strawberry al
Locks, Stephen, laborer, 165 S. Strawberry al
Locks, Diana, 142 Apple al
Locks, Alexander G., boot black, 48 Tyson st
Logan, Hinson, laborer, 98 Tyson st
Lomax, James, caulker, 37 Argyle al
Lomax, David, laborer, 138 Fleet st
Lomax, Daniel, waiter, 214 S. Strawberry al
Lomax, Edward, stevedore, 133 S. Caroline st
London, James P., waiter, 123 North st
London, Priscilla, washerwoman, 193 S. Spring st
Lorman, ropemaker, 137 Happy al
Louie, John, caulker, 239 Wilk st
Louis, Joseph, barber, 49 Thames st., h. 189 S. Bond st
Loveday, Perry, drayman, 126 S. Eutaw st
Loveday, Henry, segar maker, 9 Potter st
Low, Charles, barber, 25 French st
Low, Susan, washerwoman, 43 Park st
Low, Peter, laborer, 93 Tyson st
Lowry, Wesley, seaman, 97 Potter st
Lucas, Mary Ann, washerwoman, 21 Dover st
Lucas, Joshua, brickmaker, 130 York st
Lucas, Henry, hackman, 114 Dover st
Lybrand, James, waiter, 100 Potter st
Lyles, John, seaman, 83 Salisbury al
Lyles, Mary, washerwoman, 27 Hulls lane
Lynch, Fanny, washerwoman, 197 German st
Lynch, Benjamin, straw cutter, 23 Ensor st
Lynch, John, laborer, 48 Centre st
Lynch, Margaret, 39 Clay st
Lynch, Henry, laborer, 45 Ross st
Lyons, Daniel, tanner, 13 Union

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