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Telling the African American Family’s Story

Too few African American families tell their stories. Once you really get into the research, you will discover amazing stories and lives that your ancestors have led just from finding and interpreting the records. You will not ever put your research aside for that reason and many more. Then there are friends and a community of researchers out here to discover and with whom you can form strong bonds. Welcome to a growing community of committed people, all volunteers, who are retelling our story in the first voice!

You might discover a story through your research that is as dramatic and riveting as Alex Haley’s Roots. If you subscribe to the AfriGeneas e-mail list, you will find people who are descendants of heroes long-since forgotten, but now being resurrected, so to speak. Indeed most of our ancestors were heroes. If you decide to research and tell your own family’s story, you might find the germ of a story like the one Ms. McWillie posted below or news about reunions and many other topics. Examine the samples of posts to AfriGeneas in the last six months.

From Laveda McWillie, Posted January 21, 1999
Esley Ghent-Wells-Bailey, arrived into the United States of America as a slave. She told her children of being shipped from Trinidad to this country. She was sold to the Wells family in Rapides Parish. She remembered the slave auctions in New Orleans. They say that she was around 12 or 13 years old.

Interesting News Articles About Genealogy
The Hollywood Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution held their annual ceremony for new members at the Hollywood Womens Club during their October meeting. Shell Slaton Amegah was the second-known African American on the West Coast to be accepted into the organization. Her mother Dr. Nelle Becker-Slaton was the first one. Her patriotic ancestor was Daniel Perry, member of the tribal council of the Narragansett Indians, enlisted in the Rhode Island regiment in 1780 for 3 years under Lt. Col. Jeremiah Olney. Daniel joined with a group of Narragansett Indians so that they could receive their freedom from indentured service. In 1830, he bought 10 acres of land in Warwick Rhode Island and became a farmer.

Family Reunion Postings
Researchers, I'm looking for the Cloud family reunion which is held yearly in Washington County, Texas. If anyone has any information on where they have their Reunion in Washington County, Texas, I would like to hear from you.

Sharing News About Interesting Websites
Researchers, have you seen all of the photos of WWII African Americans on this site? I have never seen anything like it. These pictures should be shown to everyone in every community across this country. A lot of people, including African Americans, have seen very few pictures that show Black Americans during this period. This large collection shows Black Americans in all branches of the military, both men and women, civilians, Youth programs, celebrities supporting the WWII effort, nurses and a lot more. Truly, truly AWESOME PHOTOS!!

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