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AfriGeneas Helpdesk
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What the Internet Can Do To Help You


  • Find sources to help you do your research such as figuring out how to find and order vital records (birth, marriage and death records)

  • Answer queries or questions that you might have through use of e-mail lists and newsletters found on sites like AfriGeneas for African American research

  • Answers to questions about certain kinds of research such as Angela Walton’s home page on African-Native American Genealogy

  • Find additional resources on various genealogy websites like Christine Charity’s

  • Locate an address of a local Black Genealogy society on the home page of the national African American Historical and Genealogical Society

  • Find the descendants of slave owning families who may or may not have posted the family genealogy on a home page

  • Search the indexes of various surname data bases that may or may not contain your ancestors’ names

  • Connect to others who are doing research on the same lines that you are researching

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