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Cherokees violate federal law

Not only are the numbers posted by Marvin shocking, they are very telling about the state of concern for the Nation by the majority of the Cherokee people.

On Friday last, I predicted that the vote would be 75 percent in favor of the amendment and for removing the Freedmen. The majority of voters were either duped by the Chad Smith/John Ketcher campaign that told lies and promoted racism in our Nation or the Cherokee people are put simply, a bunch of racists. Perhaps both are true.

Our people, under the guidance of Principal Chief Chad Smith, have now violated the 1866 Treaty. That Treaty is federal law. It has never been abrogated by Congress and was in full force and effect. This is an historic moment for the Cherokees because it is the FIRST time in our history that we, instead of the United States, have intentionally violated one of our Treaties without having been at war with the U.S.

In furtherance of his racist and politically motivated agenda, Chad Smith has caused the CNO to violate the 1970 Principal Chiefs Act, which provides for the right of the Cherokee people, ALL of the Cherokee people, to popularly select their Principal Chief. Smith must now promulgate some provision for the Freedmen, who remain citizens of the Cherokee Nation despite their expulsion from the CNO, to vote in the next election for Principal Chief. Otherwise, he personally, will be in violation of the 1970 PCA!

Sadly, the Cherokee people have violated a moral code that has sustained our people through all of the tribulations of our tumultuous history. Chad Smith touts it as the foundation of his administration. Wilma Mankiller adopted it as the motto of hers. That is the traditional Cherokee tenet of Ga-du-gi. We Cherokees are suppose to have concern for our fellow man. We pray for the betterment of others, not ourselves. We do what is best for the whole, rather than a few.

I am ashamed of the people who voted yes. The ETHNIC CLEANSING that is taking place in the Cherokee Nation is immoral, unCherokee and illegal. The United States is the guardian of the Freedmen and we look to them for protection of our Black Cherokee brothers and sisters.

Whether you are a citizen of the Cherokee Nation or not, I encourage you to contact your U.S. Congressman and ask him/her to impose economic sanctions against any Nation, foreign or domestic, that practices the heinous crimes of ethnic cleansing and violation of human/civil rights against its own citizens. Contact the members of the Indian Affairs Committee directly and tell them to cut the funding of the Cherokee Nation. Contact your own Congressman and tell him/her to vote NO on any funding bill for the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has now joined the ranks of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Serbia, apartheid South Africa and Sudan among other rogue nations damning their own governments by destroying the lives of innocent minorities. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma cannot punish its citizens for being part black without expecting to be punished for being racist.

Much has been said about the sovereignty and rights of the citizens of the Cherokee Nation to determine who is and who is not a Cherokee. That is a given. But having a right to do something simply because you are the majority does not make it right. Whites are the majority in the United States. They wanted our land and took it. Chad Smith has now justified every evil that has ever been perpetrated against us by the tenet of "might makes right."

In the old South, right up to the 1960s, majority white rule kept the black population poor, uneducated and stifled their natural rights, including voting. Chad Smith has now taught us that what was happening then was right and correct because the majority said so.

In South Africa whites controled the government and all of the resources of that nation. Chad Smith has now taught us that those who control the government and resources have the right to use whatever method necessary to stay in power.

In Nazi Germany, the majority of that nation were ethnic Germans. Others had come to live among them and many had been there for centuries, including Jews and Gypsies. Hitler used the economic problems of the struggling Germans to blame the Jews for poverty. Chad Smith has taught us it is right to accuse the Freedmen of trying to enter the Nation at this late date in an effort to take casino money from the real Cherokees. The Freedmen began this fight to restore their rights in 1983, long before gaming came to Indian country.

Many nations practice ethnic cleansing when they think no one is looking. Minorities exist in nearly every country of this planet. The Cherokee Nation is no different. The Soviet Union, under Stalin, murdered and made to disappear, millions of ethnic minorities to make room for Russian families. Serbia became infamous for bringing the word ethnic cleansing to the ear and mind of the world as the government fomented hatred for muslims, Croatians and Albanians, causing the people to lower themselves to savagry and murder.

Today, the leaders of the rogue Nation of Sudan practice a vicious form of genocide and ethnic cleansing that has cost the Darfur region stability, made refugees of the survivors and ran the sands of the desert red with the blood of the murdered men, women and children.

The history of the Indian people is rife with examples of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the United States. The Cherokees themselves were victims of ethnic cleansing when our ancestors were ripped from their precious homeland and driven to the west. Among our ancestors then were the ancestors of the Freedmen, then slaves, carrying the property of their Cherokee masters on their backs.

Ethnic cleansing has come to the Cherokee Nation. We are now set among the nations of the world who think nothing of destroying the lives of our fellow man so that we can maintain control of money. It has been said that money is the root of all evil. An evil has taken place in the Cherokee Nation, and money is there, but the root of this evil is CHAD SMITH.

18 Dec 2002 :: 14 Nov 2008
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