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Responce to the makers of dvd Hidden Colors

To the makers of Hidden Colors
The Hague, 22 January 2013.

Mr. Tariq Nasheed,

After carefully watching your DVD of Hidden Colors (2011) my conclusion is that you must be in league with the enemies of Blacks by presenting the unaware public with wrong and unfinished research, and by promoting further division among Blacks by linking Black History to anti- activism, anti-women liberation and anti-gay emancipation efforts. The divide between men and women is the greatest scorch, while all well thinking people understand that women need to be equal to men, that we need to get rid of the patriarchies of old, for Blacks to exist and prosper. By your vulgar gay bashing you have alienated Blacks from at least 20% of their own: parents, children, siblings, and taxpaying, fellow workers.

And showing how the penal system is working against any Black as you did, is really meant to intimidate any Black in trying to overturn the status quo. The Fat Cats and bitter, mean spirited women, and the obviously closeted hateful gay professors, you have presented: utter old fashioned white solutions to the Black Problem and are basically telling Blacks: Do not bother, there is no use, be like us, join the capitalist system, rape women legally (prostitution) and bash your gays (only the men as women sexuality does not count) and all will be well in the world. The problems are shown as so great and so overwhelming, that the whites come off as these immensely powerful creatures who are always ahead, who have always conquered and vanquished Blacks from time immemorial, Blacks should not even THINK of trying to change anything.

The truth and the lies are presented as a mix, so the debunking of your story is made hard, because there is truth is some parts although presented in a terribly wrong context. And you show the dreaded fakes, whitened images that were created to keep us in the dark. You fail to identify whites as albino derived, because this is what whites especially hate to hear, as it shows they did not come first and that they came out of Blacks, and thus could never, ever be superior to Blacks.

I have recognized a few images which I have generally introduced on the web, and they are presented by you without the context of my Blue Blood Is Black Blood (1100-1848 ) Theory, scientific research, which basically says that Europe during this time should be regarded as a Black Civilisation, with brown and black complexioned native Europeans dominating, ruling, civilizing and christianising whites who are Asian, and a foolproof albino derived nation, but late comers. Part of the brown and black complexioned Europeans declared themselves in 1100-1200 a blue blood nobility and self-identified with heraldic Moors as Blacks. They created the Black King Balthasar, the Black Madonna’s and the numerous Black Saints as propaganda for Black Superiority. Together with the bourgeoisie they were the second estate, and both of these Black European ‘tribes’ oppressed the whites who were reduced to lowly serfs, and outcasts of the cast society. The elite even used their skins for shoe leather. The French Revolution brought the nobility down, but they re-emerged with restorations like the one by Napoleon. Your type of research after all these decades remains patchy, spotty and anecdotic when it comes to the presence of Blacks in Europe, for not naming names or showing Black portraits. Just like the enemies of Blacks like to keep it.

The end was in 1848 with the final Revolutions when the third estate, the white serfs, were emancipated and got general suffrage for men. Next, in reverse they set out to ‘restore’ the portraits of the ancient regime to what they claimed was the true intention of the painters, and retouched the hell out of the supposedly ‘darkened’ paint back to white. An old photo of The Syndics by Rembrandt introduced by me on the web shows he made his figures all shades of brown and showed classical African facial traits along with colour. My museum has embarked on a international campaign to make the public aware of the fact that all Old Master portraits in museums are fake, whitened over paint, while the brown faces and brown hands underneath remain highly visible.

In spite of this you showed a whitened, fake image of James I Stuart, the grandfather of Charles II Stuart who you did present as a Black person, somehow suggesting that the Nobility and Kingship was instigated by whites who intermarried with some Blacks, resulting in a few Black or ethnically mixed Kings. This is totally wrong, and this points to your intentionally unfinished and highly misleading research. The image of the Spanish Queen Isabelle shows her with long blond hair, which is totally ridiculous, with the Habsburgs famous for massive prognathism. The rule by Blacks is the cause of racism against Blacks today, as the bourgeois philosophers had invented Racism against the Black-identified nobility as a liberation ideology. Blacks are thus one step above apes, which were presented to the white masses as people who had degenerated because of their immoralness.

There are many genealogies available which show intermarriage between and among nobles and royals, so with finding one or two Black person with those ranks, and comparing images with personal descriptions that say brown or black of complexioned, one can understand the whole elite to have been brown or black and self-identifying as Black. Images of Moors are symbolic and seldom represent real persons. A painter did not need to have a person in front of him to create an image of a Moor. There is no proof of Moorish persons directly from Africa teaching or having any powerful positions at universities or courts. The European Blacks are native, they regarded themselves as from the soil, and claimed senior rights over whites. The Islamic Moors that ruled Spain do not show up beyond the South of France, and there is no sign of any Islam among the ruling, brown and black complexioned European Christian elite, after they were driven from Spain. This misinformation all leads to a dead end, and serves the enemy of Blacks well.

Because your message is no threat to white supremacy teachings of history which omits Blacks as an elite, and because you present so-called scholars who manage to find Black Emperors sitting on China’s thrones, and Black Kings in Mesoamerica, but cannot find extremely well documented and depicted European Emperors like Leopold I Habsburg, or Charles V Habsburg that represent a Black Civilisation: it seems to me they are working AGAINST Blacks Liberation. That’s also why your false prophets of hatred can be so successful, they are part of the oppressing system. They represent how the enemy of Blacks who never sleeps has co-opted Black History and has tried to turn it in an instrument of hatred, derision, division and oppression. Like how slavery was perpetrated with the help of some Blacks to enslave and keep Blacks in slavery. You are not part of the solution, but part of the problem. You are all Fat Cat sell-outs, well ensconced, with a well-feathered nest, but out and out TRAITORS to the Blacks. You bold facedly introduce more and new division between Blacks. Really not better then the Africans who from 1441 sold Africans to the Black Europeans who kept their brethren in slavery.

The only merit from your DVD is that Blacks can come face to face with their direct enemies.

Egmond Codfried
Curator Suriname Blue Blood Is Black Blood Museum

18 Dec 2002 :: 14 Nov 2008
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