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Welcome to the AfriGeneas Brick Wall Forum. This forum is a moderated board for advanced researchers only.

A Brick Wall is a genealogical dead-end. It's a problem that you just can't solve no matter how many times you return to it. You know you've hit a Brick wall when you've exhausted every avenue of research and are totally frustrated. But there are tried and true methods used by professional genealogists that can help you smash through Brick Walls. Maybe you've stared at the problem so long that you've overlooked something obvious. Maybe there are records that you missed. Or maybe there's someone researching an ancillary line that can provide the clue that you need to move on.

Our experts are here to help. Describe your Brick Wall in detail along with your documentation. But be forewarned. If we don't think you've done the basic work, we won't even consider your problem and will refer you to another forum for assistance. Remember, this forum is for the advanced researcher. If you're just starting out or you've only done research online or have never visited NARA or your state archives, have never sifted through dusty courthouse records or walked a cemetery or visited a Family History Center, if you don't belong to a genealogical society, if oyu don't know then don't post here. Remember, this forum is for advanced researchers only.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Please read the Terms of Use before you post.

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AfriGeneas Brick Wall Forum

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