AfriGeneas Sunday Morning Brunch Chat Log - 14 January 2007 

11:30 AM AfriGeneas Meeting Center 

vkn -> : Mawnin'

rcs -> : good morning

vkn -> : Sent you two pieces of mail Not in sequence so I will send #1 last lol did you get?

rcs -> : I got them

vkn -> : Oh ok

rcs -> : who is lisa HICKS?

vkn -> : A member who came in looking for help BUT with no documented facts

rcs -> : ok too many o fthose

vkn -> : I suggested she send me her research and she did.

rcs -> : ok

vkn -> : well mz Vicky we be missing you

vicky -> : morning how u 2 b

vkn -> : b ok in Marietta just a bit sleepy rcs I am attempting to develop a set of standaed for helping

rcs -> : ok needs to include places

vkn -> : yes its not easy People start in 1880 to search

rcs -> : glanced at the pdf attachment----dismissed it since were no pplaces to begin to check it out further

rcs -> : yep and worry about slavery when they can't tell you about 1900

vkn -> : well that was a big hole. Idea is to help develop a search plan

vicky -> : mel was right on target with ms cindi I see:{

rcs -> : Cindi was a bit over-reactivve a tad too sensitive Thinks too much close family involvment

vicky -> : seek first to understand then to be understood if she had read the posts and saw what they posted do you think the response would have been different?

rcs -> : who knows

vicky -> : me kinda think not

rcs -> : her own skeletons in the closet were getting rattled and she lashed out

vicky -> : yep

rcs -> : posts before were innocuous so must have hit a personal nerve to get her response

vicky -> : now Lisa on the slavery forum has skeletons in her closet but I think she is genuine and has posted valuable info

rcs -> : I'd like to see more data and less "sincerity"

vicky -> : I would love to see more data also. It sure is a blessing

vkn -> : lol @ rcs

rcs -> : She sounds as if she has just discovered black folks & history at least she may be willing to share what info she has

vkn -> : well we benefit from her discovery Vicky I notice that the spammers are getting past the filters bur thanc goodness for most recent message thingy they are detectablr eight away

vicky -> : right vkn

rcs -> : of course most people have never discovered history

vicky -> : all of J's posts are held up lol in moderation

vkn -> : true

vicky -> : right rcs only one or two have gone thru. since I started this search, I have learned so much history. Did not realize it was so interesting when I was younger

vkn -> : it is the best having a sleep attack will talk later

vicky -> : then the books had a small piece on GW Carver and BT Washington and thats it

rcs -> : had to seek ooout other books and common sense

vicky -> : learned about Daniel Boone though lol

rcs -> : and he brought his slaves,,,so all the excitement he done they done

vicky -> : never said nothing in those books that he had slaves. learned all this stuff much much later my books said nada about Crispus Attus( spelling) but now granddaughters books have it

rcs -> : They still focus on a few individuals....but then there is very little white history in the history books either just the Walt Disney version of the settling of America

vicky -> : thats why when I went to Dallas to the library I spent the whole day reading the books on Tx. State specific stuff in all libraries. Very few Tx books in the Historical library here. I need to win the lottery so I can travel when I please just to visit these areas lol

rcs -> : History is so much more complex than can be easily presented to 8th graders

vicky -> : I agree

rcs -> : and most people don't study much history beyond that snatches of sterotypes from TV & movies

vicky -> : yes

rcs -> : even ROOTS capturing Kunte Kinte while cutting a tree for a drum or exploring the political war level of capturing slaves in numbers sufficient to feed the slave trade

vicky -> : I hear ya. One at a time did not get it huh

rcs -> : has always happened all over the world that way but that gives a trickle not a flood

vicky -> : Have you always lived in Mo?

rcs -> : Illinois, Taiwan, Minnesota

vicky -> : Taiwan huh! My cousin lives there now and has been for the last 6 yrs

rcs -> : I was there 1976-1979

vicky -> : she just sighed another contract to teach there for another 5 years

rcs -> : ok where does she teach

vicky -> : American School of Taipaii

rcs -> : that could be very nice like me when I applied tehre they did not I was alreaady incountry so was offered 1/2 salary of people they were bringing in

vicky -> : oh wow! thats not nice I applied there as an Enl\glish teacher for all the internationals I was teaching at a Chinese Ubiversity at the time

vicky -> : She loves living there and from what she says the money is great

rcs -> : the money IS probably great when compared to the local living especially

vicky -> : have you ever thought about reapplying lately? Or are you retired

rcs -> : not seriously.....but may retire out of country in 10 years and consider it then

vicky -> : k

rcs -> : haven't taght ESL for 10 years Still work with kids three evenings a week but mostly fractions and algebra and grammar

vicky -> : thats wonderful rcs

rcs -> : and regular school stufff keeps the head fresh only one 8th grade kid now,,,the rest older need to get some little people back in my schedule

vicky -> : my granddaughters school has a tutoring program after school from t-t but half the time the teachers dont show:{ They always call meetings for the teachers and the kids get left out

rcs -> : I work at a private (pay for it) tutoring place one - to - one tutoring

vicky -> : well kiddo I have to run now. I will chat with you later. have a great rest of the day

rcs -> : bye

vicky -> : I always enjoy you bye

rcs -> : I'm going to SAM's

vicky -> : lol cs -> : excitement?!?!

vicky -> : hahahaha bye

rcs -> : bye