AfriGeneas Saturday Night Chat Log - 13 January 2007 

9:PM Eastern Time SatNiteChat Room

rcs -> good evening

losslamb -> Hello

vkn -> Howdy Doody all yall

losslamb -> vkn I'm waiting on the email from you on last sat chat. I don't know how to get

vkn -> I sent it to you @ hotmail I think with an attachment. How much progress are you making losslamb in GA and FL

losslamb -> I went to Jacksonville today and met some new family members. I need help trying to match up other family member

vkn -> Do you use a spread sheet to analyze your findings?

losslamb -> no, I make copies of everything and keep it in a binder

vkn -> I find it helpful to look at a glance and be able to see where the holes are

losslamb -> maybe you can send me an example of one

losslamb -> rcs I have all of my family names but I can't connect one member to confirm it

rcs -> duct tape holds them together

vkn -> take a look as one example

losslamb -> looking at it now

vkn -> losslamb do you have a spread sheet program

losslamb -> yes. I can do one like yours

vkn -> What is going on in sunny burning California Bipsylou ?

Bipsylou -> Sunny Californians are freezing to death !!!

vkn -> Bipsylou you have been away forever

Bipsylou -> I had trouble getting in a few times. Last week I was cleaning. I had 40 people for brunch Sunday

vkn -> wow 40 peeps now that is a lot do toast and eggs lol

Bipsylou -> I made a couple Quiche's. A friend made a big crock pot of grits that were a hit. I had those biscuits you purchase in a can, frozen fruit soaked in wine, honey baked ham and hash browns.

vkn -> losslamb does that spread sheet give you any ideas

losslamb -> Yes, lots thanks

vkn -> That way you can see all of your research at a glance and sort in a zillion different ways to analyze your findings. the column headings are endless

losslamb -> yes, this will help make things easy to find

vkn -> Bipsy and Joseph this is the format we are discussing One I do shows who were homeowners in what census. Helps me know what land records to get. Land Records are the absolute best and are sometimes crammed with genealogical information.

losslamb -> I have some land info not sure if its my family

rcs -> Get thee to the courthouse or microfilm!

vkn -> Yes I agree with rcs and learn to do the genealogy of the land as title searchers do.

Joseph -> How do you get old pictures that date back to about the 1920s on CD?

vkn -> Joseph did you see the response from Cynthia and Geder at ?

Joseph -> vaguely, very vaguely....

vkn -> Not sure if we can top that. They seem to have been quite complete in their responses.

vkn -> Bipsylou what is new in your finding

Bipsylou -> I am still trying to find my mother's sister and her family who were last in Detroit. I question every person who I encounter who has lived in Detroit for the past 50 years or less.

vkn -> Joseph what is new in your finding?

losslamb -> I don't understand what I'm suppose to send you

vkn -> I too have trouble finding fokes in Detroit. I have an uncle. Charles Benham who hides and hides

rcs -> addy = address

vkn -> losslamb your address so I can re mail the log to you from last Saturday mibht.

Joseph -> I have managed to find marriages and births to those relatives in North Carolina, and most of these relatives are still living so it somewhat puts a different taste in your mouth especially when you know something that they never told you.

vkn -> Thanx rcs

losslamb ->

vkn -> Joseph one needs to walk and talk gingerly and with all care when researching the living

Joseph -> vkn, you are right.

vkn -> www ? is the beginning of your e-mail address losslamb?

losslamb -> So sorry..

vkn -> Bipsylou have you designed a search plan for Detroit?

Joseph -> There are really no more finds as of now. Guess my family just did not do as much as I thought.

Bipsylou -> vkn - no I haven't

Joseph -> Need something inspiration or exciting in all of this....perhaps my next step should be the dna testing.

vkn -> RCS my Charles Benham born 1883 is first found in the 1900 census of Bartow County GA lliving in the home of his sister Rosa Cash. We know from correspondence that he had an address in Detroit in 1939 but no can find.

rcs -> ok city directories

vkn -> No death certificate found and no I have not tried directories.

rcs -> could he be white?

vkn -> I find a Charles Benham in Roane (sp) TN in 1920 but the age is off by ten years. No he is non white

rcs -> white charles Benham born 1883 registered for draft in detroit

vkn -> well the designation of wnite could well be a clerical erroe

rcs -> wife Sarah

vkn -> hmmmmim dunno. Was he born GA?

rcs -> Card doesn't give birth place - Charles Whitman Benham

vkn -> hmmmmim will take a look at that

rcs -> Also the one one you mentioned in Roane Co TB

vkn -> what about him?

rcs -> neaarest relative Elva

vkn -> Yes I have not looked at him lately I need to spread sheet him

vkn -> Bipsy what kind of group was that you did brunch for

rcs -> only 2 black Chas Benhaam....Roan Countty TN and one in NY, born in NTY and too young

vkn -> Yes ny Charles is the last known child born to George and harriet Benham in Bartow/Cass County Cartersville GA

rcs -> Did Charles go to Detroit to JOIN some one?

vkn -> Followed the call of Ford Motors rcs

vkn -> losslamb are you still there lol you are so quiet

losslamb -> Yes, just following along and learning I need help ( without duct tape) matching up one family member

vkn -> what means matching?

losslamb -> I have a Abram Lamb need to see if a James Lamb from Lake city is his brother

rcs -> other family there too? or home folks? We could follow them???? Was James also from GA?

losslamb -> yes

vkn -> Who are the parents losslamb or what makes you think they may be brothers? Are they living or dead? Do you have a death certificate for either?

rcs -> what about obits? which church did they go to?

vkn -> In what census did you find them?

rcs -> Buried in the same cemetery?

losslamb -> Parents are Abram and Rhoda Lamb. They are both dead. No certificate. Abram and Rhoda had 5 sons Frank, Abram, James, Joseph and Shelly

vkn -> What year did they die?

losslamb -> don't know

rcs -> so these are young Abram & JAMes

losslamb -> yes

rcs -> when were they born abt??

vkn -> What year were they born?

rcs -> I beat

vkn -> Lol lol lol okies you can get in front grudge grudge grimp lol

losslamb -> Frank 1866, Abram 1869 James 1872 Joseph 1874. shelly 1879 I found Joseph draft card and list James R. Lamb as his brother

Bipsylou -> Sorry I had to go check my heat.

vkn -> What causes you to question their relationship okies Bipsylou

losslamb -> How do I know if James R. Lamb is my James Lamb

rcs -> A black abraham LAAMB died in Dade 1956

vkn -> Does your known James have a middle on any other document in your findings?

rcs -> What county/counties did they live in?

losslamb -> no, The family I visited today know that Jame R. Lamb and Abram are brothers

vkn -> Losslamb use the spreadsheet approach to analyze your findings.

rcs -> ok oblem draft card ccensus family knowledge

losslamb -> Lake, Columbia, FL. Ok vkn

vkn -> Yassum lol

rcs -> check all black LAMDB death certs for the county.... only three or 4 Were there obituaries? generally speaking?

losslamb -> don't know

rcs -> newspaper on microfilm at library? If the family you visited knew they were brothers did they have pictures? Know where they were buried?

vkn -> There is an online site in Middle FL around Ocala where Black Funeral records are posted and searchable. I cannot recall the funeral home at present.

rcs -> Tombstome could give death dates

losslamb -> Pictures yes, I got copies. didn't ask about buries. Sorry, guys lots of things I don't know how to do. I went to the Library for help they were too busy to hold my hand I guess I'm too inexperienced.

rcs -> everybody is

vkn -> Again losslamb I will be glad to send you this log for reference BUT i do need your e-mail address

rcs -> ck and ask: Do you have newspaper on microfim? Do you have cemetery books

rcs -> go back and ask

losslamb -> my email address is Ok rcs

vkn -> losslamb use the experience we have to build your own. We are more than willing to hold your hand until you are ready to let go.

losslamb -> thanks, you all have helped a lot When I go to the library should they have other county info

rcs -> ask

losslamb -> ok

rcs -> no SHOULD all case by case basis

losslamb -> I did look at the cemetary listing. The cemetary was not listed

rcs -> search for your counties and see what has been mivrofilmed

vkn -> The LDS has a locality catalog which tells you every possible resource in all geographic areas. Get that and study it and then determine which of those resources you want to use.

rcs -> Then pack an apple a peanut butter sandwich and a six pack of bottled water and go walk through it

vkn -> Ancestry has something similat. USGenWeb does a good job using the same approach

rcs -> and write down every LAMB in the black section

vkn -> EV VER REE one lol lol lol

losslamb -> My gggrandfather and some other members were buried in some field. That no one can find now. I go to LDS every Tue night. Will ask again

rcs -> I'm stuck on some MS burials like that

vkn -> Try the Historical society. They likely know where every bone is buried.

losslamb -> ok

vkn -> Join the local genealogy society

rcs -> Did they own land? check land records... if not buried at church cemetery likely buried on their own land

vkn -> The locals know the lay of the land and have probably surveyed every grave.

Bipsylou -> I must go eat my dinner. NITE everybody

losslamb -> ok, My family gave me the name of the field but they're not sure if thats the real name or if it just a name they called it

rcs -> have them show you on a map Are others thers buried there too, or just LAMBS

losslamb -> not sure and yes they have land

rcs -> If it is not documented as a ccemetery by the historical society....point it long was it used for burying? Blacks only? Lambs only?

losslamb -> they can't show me on a map I do know its blacks only

rcs -> Then get 2 apple, 2 peanut butter sandwiches and more water and drive fred & Martha around in circles until they say this is it

rcs -> Do florida counties have Plat maps?

losslamb -> I live in Orlando they are in Madison I don't know my way around there and they can't remember

vkn -> One last thought for tonight losslamb Do Your Homework. Then you can go to the potential resource armed with a list of what they have. Then with list priority in hand your question is "Please show me where to access____". Remember do one thing at a time. It does not have to be done in one visit. There is no fast foods genealogical research lol and goodnight Yes rcs there are plats. Back tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM Eastern. See yall then in the SundayMorningBrunch Room Bye yall

rcs -> should get an old one and find LAMB land

losslamb -> I have a plat. Lamb still living on the land

rcs -> ok So what exactly is the issue with JAMES and ABRAM? If tehy were named together on a draft card....and on census...

losslamb -> Draft card of Joseph list James R. Lamb as brother not Abram. How do I know if this is my james

rcs -> goodevening parkin24

losslamb -> Maybe I'm saying it wrong.

rcs -> were there any other black james in county? 10?

losslamb -> don't know

rcs -> 1920 or 1920"? I didn't think there were many nlack lambs there

losslamb -> I know Abram and James are brothers I can put them together. I guess I need to make sure their father was Abram Sr.

rcs -> What does census for older Abram saay in 1885....1900

losslamb -> You found out last week that Abram must have died between 1880-1885 Rhoda had remarried to a Hart she was married to Hart in 1885

rcs -> or back to finding when younger Abram and James died, and if tehy had a death cert, or an obit in a church program or newspaper osslamb -> Once the boys moved away I don't know how to make them my family. I found a Abram, wife and family living with Henry Williams I found James R. Lamb in 1910,1920

rcs -> when were they born again....

losslamb -> Abram 1869 James 1872 my Frank 1866

rcs -> Did you check if there was a will or probate record for Abram sr? SO 1880 they were all there together?

losslamb -> Will check on Tue night. I know Abram Sr. Land went to my grandmother in Madison

rcs -> Should have been something legal to transfer ownership...and if tehre was a will may have named otehr children check for wills and probate records.

losslamb -> I have the transfer papers only my grandmother. I was posted in the papers for other lambs to see none showed up until later. These are the ones I visted today. I'm 99% sure we are kin but need proof? (yes)

rcs -> sso laand was transferred before he died;

losslamb -> no years after he died. Papers said he died around 1900 transfer happen around 1993

rcs -> so who was living there in between?

losslamb -> my grandmother who is still living there

rcs -> Who was paying taxes? ok can she tell you about James & Abram? her brothers or uncles?

losslamb -> no she's101 don't remember much. She didn't know therm that well Her uncles

rcs -> I assume you have been through her old pictures etc? he have pictures of them?

losslamb -> I'v been through her pictures, none of them

rcs -> does she have a scrab book of newspaper and or funeral programs/notices etc

losslamb -> The people in Jacksonville have her address and know they had family in Madison they never met her. and she know she have other living lambs. She does not have a book.

rcs -> ok my family has shoe boxes

losslamb -> lucky you, I'll keep looking and asking

rcs -> ask her abt funerals....does she remember doing etc

losslamb -> The lamb in Jacksonville looks just like her father. Lots of Indian in the blood on both sides

rcs -> or african or irish

losslamb -> yes

rcs -> Indian in my family turned out to be English at least according to census etc

losslamb -> The family in Jacksonville said they know their grandmother is half Indian

rcs -> ok

losslamb -> The picture I have of her, she can truly pass for white

rcs -> there WAS considerable intermarriage

losslamb -> Census list her as white. They said no way look white to me

rcs -> she could have been halv indian half white

losslamb -> maybe I see white no Indian

rcs -> we have strereotypes of what "white" "Indian" and "black" should look like Real individuals blur the realities

losslamb -> Yes, guilty. My frank( my ggrandfather ) had a braid down his back. You can really see the Indian high cheek bone

rcs -> and African blacks were a diverse group too....different tribes with different physical characteristics Indians were frequently enslaved too

losslamb -> why? sorry I thought I read they were not

rcs -> because they lost the fight depends on where and what time frame

losslamb -> yes, I'm reading a lot of history now that I'm doing my tree

rcs -> do you think you can connect them with a specific tribe?

losslamb -> don't know how. Will try later

rcs -> maybe he just wore a long braid to show off his "good" hair

losslamb -> ok hopefully I will get this chat emailed to me My aunt said it not him he hated long hair. They think it may be his father no one knows

rcs -> hope so the email

losslamb -> what about it

rcs -> hope yoooou get it

losslamb -> yes, me too. I must go now I had a long day. Thanks again for everything you guys are great

rcs ->

losslamb -> ok

rcs -> good night

losslamb -> good night