AfriGeneas Lunch Bunch Chat Log - 12 Jan 2007

2007-01-12 11:57:44 

vkn -> ChatCenter Lobby: The LunchBunch Room is where we are every weekday at Noon Monday through Friday! Welcome!!!!!!

Topic of the Day: Reconnecting with Family Members and Community Members

vkn -> : Welcome to the Lunch Bunch Lisa Hicks

Lisa Hicks -> : I am in Virginia.. where are you

vkn -> : I am in the Atlanta GA area. Where in VA

Lisa Hicks -> : not too far from Ricmond.. I actually live in Brunswick County

vkn -> : okies I research in Franklin County Boones Mill : My surnames there are BOOKER NELSON KEELING and CALLAWAY

Lisa Hicks -> : I have my great grandmothers birth year as 1895

vkn -> : ohh ok so she is found in the 1900 census?

Lisa Hicks -> : I have a copy of that and I believe I have located her on that 1900 census.
but I'm not really sure.. 

vkn -> : Great start. What gives you doubt?

Lisa Hicks -> : We are not sure of her parents name..

vkn -> : Have you tried to obtain her death certificate? And her record of marriage?

Lisa Hicks -> : yes.. but I haven't been able to locate them any where

vkn -> : What year did she die and in what location and she lived where? Who did she wed and where in what estimated year?

Lisa Hicks -> : no one remembers the year she died when she died she lived in Hopewell, VA.. I think I heard someone say it was about 1938

vkn -> : How many children did they have and are they all living?
We will need to find the most recent possible link to her in any record and then we can work backwards from there.

Lisa Hicks -> : 7 children.. two are still living... twins.. I think she may have had children with more than one man...but I think she was married to a John Stewart

vkn -> : Any thoughts on when John may have died? Do the twins have birth certificates?

Lisa Hicks -> : No.. and no one remembers him at all.. he was the first husband... 

vkn -> : Can you search for death dates and certificates for the five deceased children. Working fron the present ( the most recent) will take us to the past.

Lisa Hicks -> : I was about to find my Uncle's name on he is one of the twins. but no information on him either

vkn -> : What is his name and possible birthdate and location now and at the time of birth. Was uncle married and does he have children? I will do a look up for you when we finish here What is your email addy.

Lisa Hicks -> : his name is Paul J. Stewart... born 1931, living in Hopewell, VA. married to Peal and two sons. Paul Jr. and Gerald. or

vkn -> : Send a family group sheet on each of the twins to

Lisa Hicks -> : I will be happy to.. thanks. Can I do that now

vkn -> : You are mighty welcome. Married to Pearl?

Lisa Hicks -> : yes

vkn -> : Okies. Parents of Paul are whom again?

Lisa Hicks -> : Georgia Stewart mother.. John or Jim 

vkn -> : And who are the other children of Georgia? Were they all born in Hopewell? And do they have a last name other than Stewart? With that info and a summary of your findings I rhink we can together establish a search plan to get the information you are seeking on grandmother.

Lisa Hicks -> : Do you mind if I email what I have so far on my family it is a little long

vkn -> : Well you can send as an attachment to the email if you like

Lisa Hicks -> : actually I would like to go back as far as I can like her parents and their parent and so on. thank you

vkn -> : Lets get these currents in place then backwards we go lol. What do you do when you are not chasing kinfolk? I am retired.

Lisa Hicks -> : Oh, I'm recently seperated

vkn -> : I am a retired social worker.

Lisa Hicks -> : I just work and go to church.. I currently work for the government I like to do research and anything creative

vkn -> : Sorry to hear about the separation. Healing happens and life goes on.

Lisa Hicks -> : I agree... I am great now... did you get my emails...

vkn -> : Reasearch and creative are good partners lol They go well together.
I did not call up the mail as yet.

slackdaddy -> : Hello All

vkn -> : Heyyyyy Slackdaddy
Lisa Hicks -> : Hello

slackdaddy -> : How is everyone today?

vkn -> : Have a quote for you slackdaddy let me see if I can cut and paste it. brb

Lisa Hicks -> : I'm good... It's[b] Friday[/b] and a holiday Monday.. for a long weekend I'm having a friend from Philadelphia come stay with me for the weekend

slackdaddy -> : That always helps I hope you get to relax

vkn -> : "Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievance you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity (Colossians 3: 12-14, NIV)." 

slackdaddy -> : That is a great quote!

vkn -> : Thought about our discussion yesterday when I was reading this morning and decided to start a thread on the main board about reconnecting with kin

Lisa Hicks -> : that's a very good quote

slackdaddy -> : I agree. Forgiveness is VERY important

vkn -> : Hope you get a chance to browse. You too Lisa Hicks

Lisa Hicks -> : thank you

slackdaddy -> : That is a good idea. I have been trying to reconnect and maintain connections. I have been looking into families members long gone and realised that I have many that are still around.

vkn -> : Email is recd Lisa. Will get it read and start mapping an approach toward a solution.

vkn -> : Big MLK plans are going on here in Atlanta. The King Papers will show on the ABC station for Sunday evening. What is happening in yalls towns.Monday is the parade and Volunteer Day

Lisa Hicks -> : I will make sure I watch it...Nothing much where I live

slackdaddy -> : Not sure what is planned for Athens. I doubt too much since ATL is just down 85

Lisa Hicks -> : are you both from Atlanta

slackdaddy -> : I am actually in Athens. East northeast of ATL

vkn -> : I am in Marrietta also NE of Atlanta about 30 minutes from Jackson Hartsfield Airport

Lisa Hicks -> : and I'm just south of Richmond, VA however, I lived in Philadelphia most of my life I'm a country girl now..

slackdaddy -> : Petersburg?

Lisa Hicks -> : hey.. you know Petersburg

slackdaddy -> : I am from Alexandria originally. Moved to Athens 10 years ago

Lisa Hicks -> : I work in Richmond, and actually live south of Petersburg

slackdaddy -> : My wife's family is from Cumberland county

2007-01-12 12:56:57 slackdaddy -> : Here is a link to a song I play with Arlo's daughter called "Dr. King" it was written by Pete Seeger I don't know if I am actually seen but I am playing :p :

vkn -> : wow I will be listening and will post the link on the books forum

slackdaddy -> : That was a fun tour!

vkn -> : I will just bet it was. Thanx so much for sharing.

slackdaddy -> : No problem, thanks for watching

vkn -> : I will see you beautiful people next time.

slackdaddy -> : I am out as well. Have a great weekend with reflection