AfriGeneas Sunday Brunch Chat Log - 21 Sep 2003

Sunday September 21 2003
11:00 AM Eastern Time
AfriGeneas Chat Center

Chatters 8

vkn:Any words from CAK?

rcs:not yet

vkn:Last I heard she was on way to a funeral.

rcs:hope to hear from her soon

rcs:but that was a week + ago

vkn:same here. Silence is not like her.


rcs:and they do have computers in GA

vkn:Had a couple of good phone contacts with Trish


vkn:Good moring this Sunday ET

ET:Hello rcs and vkn!

vkn:Good morning this Sunday ET

vkn:Dr Rose was here last evening with lots of good ideas on increasing chat numbers and participation

ET:Sounds interesting.

rcs:it is a challenge


vkn:Watching the military board from a distance

ET:I seems to me that Bennie may be having problems with his system.

vkn:May try and get him to teach a class


ET:Hi, trisha!

vkn:Yes ET he thinks it is the site

trisha:good morning all

ET:I know, vkn...I disagree.

vkn:Trish howdy this Sunday

trisha:thanks, good to be here

vkn:Yes ET it works fine for me (Military) I have bo solution to offer

trisha:vkn, I am going to upgrade to system 10.2 this week

vkn:Trish that is just wobderful

ET:I know, vkn.

vkn:Looking for that Family Group Sheet Trish

ET:The auto industry 'invented' it...."planned obsolesence". (upgrades)

trisha:hmmmmm...ummmmm...yeah. I am working on it, lol. I keep starting and stopping

vkn:Will try and help you come up with a death certificate search plan when I can get an overview of names and time span.

trisha:I waver when I start inputting "fact" versus what I believe to be contradictory to that

trisha:oh that would be wonderful

vkn:Trish it beed that way with genealogy start stop start stop lol

vkn:Trish it bees that way with genealogy start stop start stop lol

rcs:and we always have more "facts" than fit the possibilities

vkn:The starts and stops equal out to keep us sane

vkn:Trish what browser are you using


trisha:but I just use AOL to connect

trisha:i'm on dialup

vkn:ok I use IE for chat and to access my banking. Other wise I use Camino mostly and Safari. Neither acts right in the chat environment


vkn:The chat is all java based


vkn:Safari is the browser from the Apple fokes

vkn:and is really Mozilla/Netscape.

trisha:oh...hmmmmmm....I didn't know that

vkn:IE will not have additional support for Macs

trisha:we are on T1 I think on campus

vkn:Now that is true broadband

vkn:Good people will try and start up a mailing list for Mac Users today

ET:Hi, vicky!


vkn:Hope all is well with vicky


vkn:It will be

vkn:Will also try if yall think there may be interest


trisha:now u know the mac environ is a loyal bunch

trisha:anybody found any gems in the genealogical realm?

vkn:What say you ET, RCS, Vicky Windoze

rcs:not this week

vicky:no gems for me trisha

vkn:No Gems or ghanes Trish lol

trisha:it will all come

trisha:I feel like there are revelations out there just waiting to be found

vkn:Godfrey has reopened access to the NYTimes from 1857 to the now

vicky:i was on a 1870 page by page hunt last night luck. my eyes feel like black lines criss crossed

trisha:I recognize that feeling

vkn:Vicky have you sorted by all of the possibilities?

vkn:and used singular terms

vicky:yep vkn its my mariah obsession lol

trisha:oh boy

vkn:I have a Mariah who is also Moriah

vkn:Maria and Mary as well as Polly

vicky:ev en checked out your tip on Polly

vicky:will check out Nariah

vkn:a search for females in age group only may bring good results but I spec you awreddy knowed dat

vicky:checked that also

vkn:okies back to my corner


vkn:spotlight in middle of ring is hot hot hot

vicky:love ya vkn

vkn:ET any thoughts for Bennie?

vkn:and VKN -> Vicky

ET:Only the same that you usually give folks....clear his 'cache'...or maybe, reload his browser.


ET:Hi, Denise!

vkn:Dear Denise

Denise:was lookin to see where you all where

Denise:Heyyy vkn, ET, Vicky, rcs

vkn:and how is Bill and his goat denise?

Denise:lol - the goats are busy eating poison ivy today :)

vkn:Billy and the udder goat

Denise:her udders are looking full - she may be preggers

vkn:Ouch they will have the itchies

Denise:hehehe - nope vkn - they think of it as a snack and don't get rashes

vkn:Had you planned for that family expansion Denise

Denise:yup vkn - we have extra stalls ready for the birth of twin kids

vkn:Oh well goats will eat anything

Denise:yup they will - including clothes on the line

vkn:They are survivors

Denise:lol - like us

vkn:Capricorns together

Denise:So what's everyone researching/chatting about today?

vkn:Thanx for sharing the story of your Tuskegee airman dad Denise

Denise:yw vkn ;)

vkn:also thanx

vkn:There are so many stories

Denise:heheheh - the post was an excuse to gently discuss the flaming

Denise:though the flamer(s) didn't respond

vkn:I now have a DVD plater and watched the Tuskegee airmen film again with a little broader understanding using your dad as a backdrop

vkn:You did that in true Denise fashion

Denise:hehehhe - learned "gentle" from you vkn

vkn:a two way street -----> <-----

Denise:Daddy also talked about airmen being "set up" to do impossible missions and die

Denise:which they didn't - fooled the brass

Denise:but was a rough period for them all

Denise:surrounded by hostiles around and on the base

vkn:I had two brothers in the talk about hardship!

Denise:yes - the Navy was the worst offender

Denise:I wonder if it has changed at all in recent years

vkn:I also watch the movie Men of that based on a real story?

Denise:I don't know anyone currently in the Navy

Denise:Haven't seen that one vkn

Denise:was it good?

vkn:My one brother total tour of duty was in Atlanta as nursemaid/nanny to the Admirals kids



vkn:also dooked for the family



Denise:is like the FBI agent whose sole job was to chauffer J Edgar

vkn:The good side of the coin was that he was also enrolled at Clark

Denise:ahhh - good - well at least he got something out of the time in

vkn:in a special arrangement with the then Prez of school


vkn:so he was advantaged by that pre GI bill advantage


vkn:I also have two brothers who refused to serve

Denise:what years was he in Navy vkn?

vkn:Post WW2


vkn:Will have to check for specifics. His lifespan 1926-1978

Denise:k vkn

vkn:hold tight Trish

Denise:trisha you keep runnin in and out of the room

Denise:having a problem?

vkn:Trish you are in rough waters so here is a life boat ()

vkn:ET when I say I am multitasking Art says I am taking a nap

Denise:vicky and Richard quiet too

rcs:a necessary task

ET:Absolutely, but I did awaken early today...for some reason....Hmmmmm....I must be losing it! :?

Denise:hehehehe ET

vicky:I was just sitting here Denise

Denise:okay vicky - jes checkin'


Denise:are you here now?

Denise:speak to us :)

vkn:I was up at three or lets see maybe I was going to bed at three. Hard to tell these days

rcs:I was waiting for nispiration, myself

Denise:lol rcs

Denise:lol vkn

vkn:Trisha is on dial up from Tuscaloosa AL

Denise:give that girl some crazy glue

Denise:must be lagged

vkn:That girls glue is already crazy lol


vkn:Just got to figure out how to make her stick.

vicky:Army Chaplin James Yee looks more AA than Chinese hmmm

vkn:Certainly does

vkn:I went hmmmm

Denise:lol vicky

vicky:those lips and nose but touted as chinese

vkn:BTW I had a long talk with Charity Wood who is seeking her AfriAm father. She is German born

vkn:We will continue her search from the world forum

Denise:Heyyyy lynda

vkn:() Life raft for Trisha

lynda:Hiiiii ya!!

vicky:hello lynda!!!

Denise:Any luck for her vkn?

ET:Hi, lynda!

vkn:Lynda how you be honey chile?

lynda:Ohh can't complain - what's the topic???

vkn:Found a William H King in 1930 census

Denise:ahhh - good - hope it's her dad

Denise:I met several AA children of black GI's when I was in Germany

vkn:and a Robert J King as a 6 year old who is a suspect forher father

Denise:many never met father's

Denise:quite a few are shunned in Germany - not all but it is a problem

vkn:In the olden days we called them "Brown Babies" remember?


Denise:saw a doc on TV about the brown babies in Vietnam

Denise:same problem

vkn:The Pittsburgh Courier always had stories about the Brown Babies in german

Denise:though GI babies what ever the color tend to have a hard way to go

Denise:have good friend who is Japanese Irish GI baby

Denise:she was all messed up as a kid in Japan

vkn:Georfe Schuyler wrote of that often since his Phillipa was sort of one


Denise:sort of?

Denise:lynda - i guess topic is GI babies


vkn:Well her mother was german, remember?

lynda:Oh.. was just looking at that post this morning

lynda:Hi Trisha

vkn:Phillipa Schuyler

lynda:There are 125 listed in one online directory for Alabama

lynda:Seven Robert J's/ Bobby J's


lynda:Roberts, yes

ET:There's a motorcycle trek from Tenn. to ? in memory of the Native American trek to Okla. along the "Trail Of Tears". (just saw this on the news.)

vkn:William H and Edna King = suspect family

lynda:of the seven Robert J's, one in Moody, Empire, Oneonta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Fairhope and Mobile (2)

Denise:cool ET

lynda:Lest we forget?

Denise:trek to Oklahoma included quite a few AA's

ET:The money collected will go to getting scholarships for the Native Americans.

vkn:Yes it is BIG news in my local paper. LOTS of Creek-Muskogee-Seminole from this part of Alabama

Denise:rehi trisha - for the 5th time

trisha:that hurt

Denise:we do see you here

vkn:*******() adding a rope to the life boat Trish

trisha:and i'm exhausted

Denise:lol - okay - well glad you are finally here trisha

vkn:Heave Ho tug tug tug


trisha:hey Denise...rehey everyone


vkn:Just short of shackles Trisha



vkn:Yikes transatlantic flash backs

Denise:Richard - what have you been tracking down recently?

vicky:see ya folks

rcs:not much

rcs:taking a break

vkn:RCS is asleep

ET:me too...'bye y'all

rcs:from the realities

Denise:lol rcs

vkn:Denise that is a real gem of a find you have


trisha:what did I miss?

vkn:about the one with six wives

Denise:ahhhhh k :)

trisha:I read that

Denise:boy was I surprised to read that

trisha:that is awesome!

Denise:in my great grandfathers own handwriting

vkn:You are a walking wonder Denise


Denise:old goat ;)

vkn:lol goat is right

Denise:got eamil this morning from cousin - she tracked down one more wife


Denise:so we now have 4 documented

Denise:two more to go

vkn:That is terrific

trisha:wow...I wish I had folks coming out of the closet

Denise:he was born 1790 - died 1871

vkn:could there also ve other liasons as well?

Denise:plenty time for six wives back in those days

Denise:not that we know of ;)

Denise:he seemed to bury one and marry the next after a month or two

vkn:Lynda what is new in your genealogical life?

vkn:He sounds insatiable to me Denise. Gave him a long life



trisha:how amazing was it to find a letter documenting the histories...that gave me chills

vkn:chills and thrills

Denise:well what is even weirder is that the letter was laying around for over 40 years

Denise:Robin says her mom forgot she had it

vkn:Now need to find Wills and Bills


rcs:lots of treaures stuck away in shoeboxes

Denise:so you never know what folks have that is valuable to research buried in a srawer somewhere

trisha:that's for sure


Denise:lol vkn

trisha:that's how I found a picture of my grandfather. A person online had a picture she couldn't identify, and she sent it to me. It was Jed

Denise:wills and bills is right

vkn:Denise you can write a piece on strange filing cabinets

Denise:wow trisha!

Denise:hehheeh vkn

trisha:we were researching same surname and similiar family names...


trisha:she sent me a picture, she didn't recognize, and it looks just like my dad and his twin...hehehehe

trisha:yep vkn


Denise:vkn - we got room to have an "unidentified photo" page?

vkn:We sure do

trisha:hmmmmmmm...that would be very interesting

Denise:might be an interesting thing to do

Denise:I have a bunch of unidentified phots too - my aunt had em - she has no clue who the folks are

Denise:and they are old

vkn:Such page is in the works

Denise:wow - really?



vkn:so send photos with where found


Denise:will send old ones- won't bother with current snapshots

Denise:Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cuz Irita

Irita:Hey Cuz!!!!

trisha:hello Irita :-)

vkn:Irita the homepage kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irita:And hello to all


Denise:yupppers - applause! for da cuz

Irita:thankee, thankee

Denise:she finally dood it

trisha:what homepage?

Irita:and my brothers has been working my hinny off this weekend

Denise:trisha we've been beating up Irita to make a webpage for months

Irita:you know all about those boxes, right Dee

Denise:yup Irita


Denise:Irita has hundreds upon hundreds of ancient photos

Irita:not only I have been helping with the boxes, but furniture and all

Denise:which we have insisted she share with all of us researchers


Denise:she's probably related to half of the folks in the US LOL


lynda:Gotta run all

Irita:speaking of ancient pics - just brought some in the house that are the old oval with rounded glass

vkn:Now that is rich and wild

Denise:thank god for parents who are pack rats

trisha:I wish I had that problem ::smile::

Irita:one is of my great-grandmother Eliza Jane Dalton Stevens

vkn:true dat Denise

Irita:I bee thankful and so very blessed

trisha:any duerrotypes (sps?)

trisha:it would be awesome to see those old tintype pictures

Denise:I have 3 of em trisha

Irita:have just about every kind you can think of

Irita:several tintypes

Denise:but they are getting very dark with age even though sealed away


Irita:true, Denise

Denise:I coped them to preserve


trisha:that's wonderful

vkn:These current scanners are touted as being able to do restorations

Irita:I have been very successful with scanning and reversing (similar to negative)

Irita:pics turn out great

Denise:Irita - our Scan Queen :)


Denise:brb - gotta let doggies out

Irita:don't forget about the burning queen too

trisha:what do you do with negs, pull prints? or is this for placement, like jpeg, or .tifs?

vkn:Vicky you came back

Irita:trisha, my scanner will scan negatives to photos, then print out new photo

trisha:rehey Vicky

vicky:started to late for Sun School

Irita:wb vicky

vicky:hi irita

vicky:will go to reg service

vkn:oops we not wanting to begat sin vicky

Irita:hey folks, my bro is waiting for me to help load more stuff. Catch tomorrow

trisha:what kind of scanner do you have Irita?

Denise:seeya cuz

Irita:HP 3550

vkn:okies Irita enjoy

vicky:naw vkn I just would have been going to fast for these here feet

Denise:lololol vicky

vkn:okies whew I can un guilt then with ease

Denise:I gotta go soon - have to pick apples and pears - the trees are full


Denise:sigh - then canning/preserving


vkn:Okies all it is time for me to go as well. What fun today

Denise:seeyas all

trisha:yeah, I need to run as well. Take care all! ::waving::


vkn:C ya

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